How to get Thalassic Tail?

1 : Anonymous2020/07/14 15:27 ID: hr3jjl

I was told by GameFAQ that you get it from the Leviathan.

I've given both the normal and Aberrant Leviathan 50 tries equally, and got ONE.

I was tired by the 25th try, getting my ass wooped, and one-shot by the Aberrant one constantly. I just want a damn Railgun! You only get this grindy, if the game wants you to pay for it!

Is there no other way to farm these rare goddamn items?

2 : Anonymous2020/10/01 21:59 ID: g7c3tis

Side-Quests, or focus on breaking Levi's tail specifically each fight.

ID: g7p0bkh

I checked as many side quests as I could, couldn't find it in the ones I had. And yeah, every single one of my fights with Levi was focused on the tail. Only last month did I finally get my hands on another one, after what was maybe 100 attempts!


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