FFTA Game Mechanic That Always Puzzled Me

1 : Anonymous2021/03/01 02:43 ID: luxwv8

I never understood why the game ends in FFTA if Marche goes to jail. Wouldn’t Montblanc (maybe even Cid during the second half of the game) bail Marche out? The developers could’ve easily made it impossible to start any storyline advancing missions while Marche is in jail, and if law is all powerful not even Mewt or his mom could keep Marche in prison. Maybe someone can drop some knowledge on me.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/01 03:36 ID: gp9h59l

Maybe because Marche canonically angrily calls a Bangaa jailor a "lizard" and ends up shanked for it.

But more likely because of minor mechanical concerns such as not wanting to have to plan end of battle events if Marche is gone.

Also because there's a decent stretch of the game in which, if Marche were jailed, Babus would see to it that he does get shanked.

ID: gpav8oi

I like how the first thing Marche does in a new mysterious world is walk up to the first inhabitant he sees and says a slur. He’s gotta understand you can’t just walk around saying “what’s up my lizards?”

ID: gp9hd6f

Why wouldn’t Babus then shank anyone from Nutsy (stupidest name ever).

The end of battle sequences does make a lot of sense.


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