[OC] My late Mega Man X Final Fantasy illustration to celebrate two (almost) Anniversaries (12/17 and 12/18)

1 : Anonymous2022/01/06 13:46 ID: rxeyl4
[OC] My late Mega Man X Final Fantasy illustration to celebrate two (almost) Anniversaries (12/17 and 12/18)
2 : Anonymous2022/01/06 13:52 ID: hrho557

Not really sure if there’s any MM fans here, but these are, if it’s not obvious already, the original four fiends (Tiamat, Kraken, Marilith, and Lich) adapted to Megaman X’s style.

And then the best coincidence ever because the early incarnations of Megaman were created in-universe by Dr Light, so naturally, the Warrior of (Dr) Light.

EDIT: IG is in my profile, thanks!

EDIT again: Kind of short on time to do replies, but thank you everyone for the kind comments!

3 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:29 ID: hri25l6

Megaman itself is a blue mage class if you think about it. He has blue outfit, able to use enemy skill. Megaman is a final fantasy character.

ID: hrj8ax4

This. Is. 100% accurate.

ID: hrk1qwk

would that make Zero a warrior? hes red and uses swords!

ID: hrjrmkh

Barret is Megaman Legends.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/06 13:50 ID: hrhnxbl

MMX was the shit for SNES. I really like this cross-over illustration

ID: hrimavk

X 1-3 are timeless classics.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/06 14:36 ID: hrhu6w1

This really makes me want a new Mega Man X game.

ID: hrjdjen

Same. We’re they remade for PS4/5?

6 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:16 ID: hri07ut

As a huge fan of Mega Man X and Final Fantasy this is amazing seriously great job. Everything looks so good. And Garland Sigma is a nice touch. Absolutely incredible.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:01 ID: hri72fx

Amazing crossover artwork. Watch out for Garland Man, he'll knock you down!

8 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:49 ID: hri56gg

My two favorite series together. Well done!

9 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:30 ID: hri29v7

Nice work dude! I would play this crossover!

10 : Anonymous2022/01/06 14:48 ID: hrhvy37

this is amazing work, love this! <3

11 : Anonymous2022/01/06 14:53 ID: hrhwpf9

This is freaking awesome! Amazing artwork!!!

12 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:51 ID: hri5hzf

I want to play this! the next FF1 retelling should be a megaman like game.

13 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:03 ID: hri7gyy

Mega Man is my hero… and even more so in this armor!

Would you have to unlock the armor parts as you level up?

14 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:09 ID: hri8ecq

This feels so right. Good job.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:00 ID: hrigop4

This is so good! I hope you do more of these because I love it

16 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:08 ID: hrihzki

This is really awesome!

17 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:12 ID: hriil3l

I'm a Megaman X fanboy. I am also a Warrior of Light (FF1) fanboy, so much that my glamour in FFXIV for the longest time was the original Warrior of Light armor.

That said, this made my day. Exceptionally awesome job, dude.

18 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:27 ID: hril2hq

This would be a fun mashup. I like your highlighting/shading.

19 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:31 ID: hrilom1

That’s really cool

20 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:31 ID: hrilsms

I love this so much! My favorite fan drawing.

21 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:38 ID: hrimvcz

Personally I would love another mega man x rpg. Hell, I would take a new mega man x game in general.

ID: hriw7ja

Command Mission stans rise up!

22 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:48 ID: hriomkh

I, SIGMA, will knock you all down!

23 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:51 ID: hrip0a7

Oh this is two of my major fandoms! Love it ❤️

24 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:53 ID: hriphbl

This is amazing! I would love to see different versions with the other NES/SNES crossovers. Maybe a FF4 and FF6???

ID: hrjucky

I would definitely dabble if I had a great idea for it!

25 : Anonymous2022/01/06 18:37 ID: hriwmhm

I really like Mega Man's fusion with the warrior of Light in particular.

26 : Anonymous2022/01/06 19:45 ID: hrj7v18

Ok now this is pretty cool : D

27 : Anonymous2022/01/06 19:59 ID: hrja3es

Oh my god I absolutely adore this

28 : Anonymous2022/01/06 20:19 ID: hrjdge4

Okay no joke, I want a poster of this. These are my 2 favorite franchises mixed into one and its amazing. I mean hell, these are the 2 other gaming posters I have lol

If you have a place where I can get a good print of this like an online store you have setup or can send me a high res version of it to get it printed I would love that!

ID: hrjihgv

Hi! I don’t quite have a shop or anything set up since I don’t usually do fan art, but I’ve had a few requests so I expect to have something up soon. I will keep you updated! (I assume this is you on Twitter as well? If so, thanks for the shoutout!)

There are some small messy bits I need to clean up to make sure this is print ready too, I didn’t work on this on a super high resolution so I’m hoping it works out..

29 : Anonymous2022/01/06 20:20 ID: hrjdgyl

Really great piece!

30 : Anonymous2022/01/06 21:22 ID: hrjnjp3


31 : Anonymous2022/01/06 22:16 ID: hrjwk64

I really really like this. super great job.

32 : Anonymous2022/01/06 22:53 ID: hrk2hth

Take all of my fucking money! (If it ever happened)

33 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:27 ID: hrk7tdn

I now want to replay as much of the Mega Man X series as possible (I only did the SNES ones). This is glorious.

34 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:30 ID: hrk872p

OP this is so cool! I love the Wol design.


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