A great example of why voice direction is important Cinque has the same voice actor as Velvet but you’d think she’s bad from Type-0

1 : Anonymous2022/01/06 14:11 ID: rxfhch
A great example of why voice direction is important Cinque has the same voice actor as Velvet but you'd think she's bad from Type-0
2 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:21 ID: hri0x8g

.... I thought Cinque was on drugs...

My ears and brain are confused lol

ID: hrikfew

To be fair, she probably is. They probably all are. Crazy medical treatment is part of the story

3 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:31 ID: hri2chk


I liked Type-0 a lot and I enjoyed tales of berseria but damn that side by side lol.

Velvet...maddest girl in gaming history?

ID: hri80ft

Probably and she has the right to be the world did her dirty

4 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:07 ID: hrihv0z

The awkward, seemingly random pauses mid sentence kind of remind me of the FFX voice acting. Kind of unintentionally funny.

It's like the voice actors don't have a script in front of them and are trying to recall everything from memory or they have a script but it's handwritten and some words are barely legible so they read them hesitatingly.

ID: hrio7ik

When they do that it’s because they’re trying to keep tempo with the original JP dialogue, both to match lip syncing as best as possible and so the cutscene time remains the same. I think in the past decade or so they’ve bothered to go in and edit the cutscenes to fit other languages better, but in older games and low budget games they didn’t give a rats ass about doing that.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/06 14:24 ID: hrhshtm

Fucking hell she's good as Velvet! I enjoyed Tales of Berseria a lot, I played it all the way through to chaos, I love that game. Velvet is a great character, the way she switches between human care and demonic rage is just SO well done. The final scene in the final fight is one of the best I've ever seen, I was moving along with Velvet, absolutely awesome.

ID: hrjtbqx

How's the combat in Berseria? I've played Vesperia and now I'm playing Arise but idk if I could go back to stiffer combat

ID: hrisf2u

I couldn't get into Berseria, felt too Weeb/cringe for me, but maybe I'm just too old for that type of game.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:21 ID: hri0uyr

Did she... Oversleeeeep tho?

7 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:14 ID: hrhzx1a

Wtf Type-0 is like that? I bought it but still haven’t played it. Jesus christ what awaits me.

ID: hri5dn9

you can play it with japanese voices if you want, I usually leave them in eng as I hate reading mid battle.

ID: hrjrz59

It was a PSP game, so it's got this sort of handheld feel to it. Easy to compare to KH Birth By Sleep.

If you get invested into the story, it's very deep and replayable

ID: hrihn67

It's a great game. Personally, I think the voice acting has an appropriately awkward charm. These are kids, after all. And that awkwardness just makes the ending that much more devastating...

ID: hrj1rp5


8 : Anonymous2022/01/06 14:24 ID: hrhslax

Type-0 is really fucking weird. The voice direction is downright atrocious, possibly the worst dub I've heard in a mid sized release since the 90s, but all the actors are absolutely fine. They've all done great work outside of the game. Even then, there are still good performances in the game. Ace and Rem here sound good, but like half of the cast of type-0 sound so unbelievably godawful that I have to imagine the voice actors cringed to themselves being told to deliver lines in this way.

9 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:18 ID: hrijn4j

Remember, voice direction is 99% the problem. Not the talent of the VO.

ID: hrjmp7k

This is something I've said many times and will continue to say. Voice actors are giving the performances that their directors ask of them.

ID: hrjbr4b

This was my thought as well. I've done voice acting. People don't realize that the actor only brings 50% to the table. The engineer and director are the ones largely responsible for terrible takes. Honestly, if the engineer is good enough he can save bad actors as long as there are plenty of 'safety' takes.

On the other hand...some studios just want you in and out under 2 hours so they don't have to pay you any more than the 2 hr minimum. This leads to the absolutely atrocious line reads you get from some JRPGS.

When I once had a conversation with Christopher Sabat he said that he doesn't even remember 95% of the characters he played because he was only acting as "them" for about 1 hour. He goes in, reads the lines and is done with the character (save for redubs and ADR if needed). Then we the viewe

are with the characters for hundreds of hours and get WAY more attached to them.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:33 ID: hrim318

It was a rush job, square was hesitant to localize it in the first place.

The other place it really shows is the fact that the multiplayer was cut from the remaster.

This was one of the most anticipated features from the original psp release and they clearly didnt want to spend the time or money on it. (Same thing happened when kh bbs was ported to ps3 and ps4)

11 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:30 ID: hri29qf

I got goosebumps during the second part, that's some good acting/direction.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:27 ID: hrib9zg

Tbh, this game could’ve been better if the mechanics weren’t so clunky and the story focuses on the Agito class and not just on Rem and Machina.

Also, what annoys me was the amount of going back & forth from the “mission room” up to the door where you begin your mission. It would be less hassle if you could just fast travel.

And oh, the most bullshit mechanic of this game was the phoenix down. It needs to be used by a teammate who’s alive and before the dead teammates’s body disappears and their slots will be opened, you need to use it fast.

Idk if ya’ll know but XIII, Versus XIII and Type-0 was supposed to be in the same universe and part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga.

ID: hril1qp

Idk if ya’ll know but XIII, Versus XIII and Type-0 was supposed to be in the same universe and part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga.

They kind of still are, XV as well(Since it was origially versus XIII). I'm fuzzy on the details, since its been a long time. But the gods Pulse and Lindzei are present in Type-0. Its not quite exactly "the same universe" but its alternate universes that are part of the same reality, if that makes any sense. They are connected. Theres more, but I dont want to be too spoilery

ID: hripeqo

If they remade Type-0 today using FFVII:R's battle system...ooohhhh....

13 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:54 ID: hriplm8

Cristina Vee, she also voices Killua in the English dub of Hunter X Hunter.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/06 18:19 ID: hritnl9

I mean, Cinque is directed a specific way, too. All of the kids in Type-0 are. Velvet is meant to be a pained and angry woman, and Cinque is a bubbly airhead.

There are great moments with all the characters, but you're mistaking "bad voice direction" with people playing heavily psychologically damaged and stunted child soldiers, who are also sometimes playing up specific tropes that are common to the Japanese, but might come off weird to English-speakers.

Cinque is also The Weird One™, legit the weirdest of the entire class, she acts the most like a child. It's like your comparing Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind and Ace Ventura.

ID: hrj7qjf

C'mon man. There are ways to voice characters like that and have it still sound good. Just because youre supposed to be an airhead doesn't mean you're supposed to sound like you're on benadryl.

ID: hrivn01

No the voice acting is just terrible that like that yo guy sounds ridiculous too. Doesn't really matter if she's supposed to be like that because the way it comes across just sounds off instead quirky or strange.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:38 ID: hrimwad

I started Berseria twice and never finished it mostly due to other distractions. Damn that scene gave me goosebumps. Need to replay it...again

16 : Anonymous2022/01/06 19:41 ID: hrj7350

Oh because of the edit and not playing either game I didn't know these were two different games. The only jrpgs I played as a youngster were final fantasy games and they've alwaaaaaays had really bad English voice overs. It wasn't until I played games like persona and tales that I realized just how big of a gap there was in quality. There's a reason I only play final fantasy games with Japanese voices these days.

17 : Anonymous2022/01/06 21:09 ID: hrjlk8y

Both are terrible

18 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:25 ID: hriazx7

I wish Japanese games would go for more realistic voice acting instead of anime uwu bullshit

19 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:41 ID: hri409e

The class of Type-0 are all weirdos because they're heavily augmented, damaged and psychologically tortured war puppets

I think they did just fine

ID: hri7cyh

Being augmented damaged andt totured doesnt make you sound like youre half asleep and dont wanna be there

20 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:49 ID: hri55ma

yeah, the thing is that Cinque is suppouse to be a slow airhead, and overall weird girl.

ID: hri8ha5

They could've portrayed it better than that

21 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:18 ID: hri0hd6

Type-0 was the first Final Fantasy game that was so bad I couldn't force my self to beat it.

ID: hri5mo7

Type-0 and II are the only two FFs that hold that distinction for me, and that's including most of the spinoffs too.

22 : Anonymous2022/01/06 18:38 ID: hriws47

Lol I don’t think this scene is that bad. Cinque is supposed to be a weird character so her voice direction is meant to make her sound like a complete ditz.

It’s just one of those out of context comparisons, I’m sure there’s plenty of awkward voice lines in the latter game too. It’s not really a fair comparison since one scene is just a normal conversation and the other is just super dramatic.

ID: hrixr84

I still think the execution is off for Cinque I've heard characters like her done way better.

23 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:01 ID: hri72dg

I unironically think T0 is the worst Final Fantasy game, and I've played and finished the entire numbered series (minus II and XI) and 80% of the spinoffs. It's one of the few games I literally can't think of a single "at least the X is good" upside.

The story peaks on the first cutscene, the world has that distinct PSP "everything is flat" aesthetic, combat is a hot mess because 9/12 of the characters are virtually useless (by virtue of being melee in a game where getting grazed by a stray bullet even once is usually a death), side quests are timed and can only be taken one at a time, the main cast besides Ace, Rem and Machina has all the personality of foot fungus... yeesh.

ID: hri7fth

Yeah probably why I never finished it

ID: hriy6g0

I havent played many (played mostly the main games past 6) but I dont disagree. Its by far my least favorite.

ID: hriuphw

Mans capping so hard I don't even know where to begin

24 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:23 ID: hriamrq

type-0 hd graphics actually look quite decent

25 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:12 ID: hri8vn8

Kind of an apples to oranges comparison.

ID: hri9hnd

Not really considering it's the same actress.They are two completely different characters but Christina Vee does characters like Cinque much better in other media like Miraculous Ladybug.

26 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:36 ID: hricre1

I'd imagine the roughly 10 years between these 2 jobs played some part as well.

ID: hrij1jl

Only about two years between these games. Type 0-HD released March 2015, Tales of Berseria was January 2017.

ID: hrik64x

She’s been in other stuff in between, and even before that. She’s a good voice actress, it’s just that a lot of the times I’ve seen the characters she voiced, they’re either typically emotionless/angry badass, or cutesy airhead, hardly any in-between.

28 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:07 ID: hri85zh

Man they desperately need a new composer...it's just not final fantasy without Nobuo honestly.

29 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:21 ID: hriaauu

Soken's done an amazing job with FFXIV and I believe he's also doing XVI.

30 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:37 ID: hrimrt2

This games composer was the same guy who did crisis core pretty sure he left square before XV released.

Crisis core had some fucking bangers but also a liberal amount of butt rock

31 : Anonymous2022/01/06 16:11 ID: hri8s2b

Yeah that's true. At least Yoko Shimomura did some good work on FF15 but she mainly works on Kingdom Hearts.

32 : Anonymous2022/01/06 17:50 ID: hriovnx

I like Masashi Hamauzu more than Nobuo Uematsu, personally

33 : Anonymous2022/01/06 18:26 ID: hriuwid

This game literally got some of the best songs in the series LMAO

Did you even hear the OST? I can send you 5 songs guaranteed to change your mind.

34 : Anonymous2022/01/06 18:31 ID: hrivq5i

Have you listened to the Type-0 OST? It's one of the best FF soundtracks there's been.

35 : Anonymous2022/01/06 19:04 ID: hrj10uq

Lol Remski

I love Cinque's nicknames. I am glad they joked about it in dffoo

And yeah as much as I love type-0, you have to use the Japanese voices. The English dub is terrible unfortunately

36 : Anonymous2022/01/06 20:12 ID: hrjc9yl

They both sound good to me though?

37 : Anonymous2022/01/06 21:27 ID: hrjoh9g

Did you... ơv͏̡e̷͘͠r̨̀͜s̸le̛͏̧e̽͢͏ȩ̧̑̇͗ͯ́ͬe̢͗̏ȩͪͧ̾ͫ̏ͪe͛́̿̚e̴ͥ̔͐̚ȇ͔̗̳̫͇̊ͯ͘e̛̝ͥ̒͒ͩͧẽ̠̭͓̖͇̘̖̳̂e̴̻̰͈̰̫̬̬̽ͨͯ̐̊ͩ̽̂̚ë̸̡̪̖̜͇͓̩̞̻̓ͅé̦͈͚̝̜̺̹̑͗͐ͣ́̚͡ͅp̟͉̒̀͠

38 : Anonymous2022/01/06 21:39 ID: hrjqcy7

have to consider the release date, she could have improved, and also cinque is supposed to be a slow character.

39 : Anonymous2022/01/06 21:42 ID: hrjqtkj

To be honest just like James Arnold Taylor's Tidus laugh, I believe this portrayal was 100% intentional just playing off the ditzy girl anime character trope, I can think of a lot of examples being the avid anime fan that I am

40 : Anonymous2022/01/06 22:11 ID: hrjvpt3

That doesn't even make sense and the voice doesn't match the lip sync in type zero either it happens all the time with dub.

41 : Anonymous2022/01/06 22:18 ID: hrjwqhc

Ace's voice actor also sounds a lot better in Dissidia than he does in Type 0.

42 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:13 ID: hrk5mt5

She does a more bubbly voice at the beginning of Berseria as well and it sounds just as awful as the cinque clip. I haven't played type 0 in years but the clips were definitely cherry picked lol.

43 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:28 ID: hrk7y83

No it doesn't she actually sounds cute

44 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:18 ID: hrk6bjc

Literally couldn’t play Type-0 in English bc the voice acting was so weird and stiff lmfao.

45 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:20 ID: hrk6pqg

This isn't going to be a popular opinion, but look up a reel of Cristina Vee's dubwork. She hits some, and misses others, and if I'm frank I think it's because she has too much range. At this point it feels like she get's chosen for her name and not her suitability for the role.

46 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:24 ID: hrk7b8c

People play with dubs, huh

47 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:27 ID: hrk7qqs

Yes that's why they exist Mr pretentious

48 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:39 ID: hrk9mjm

Lots of people that aren’t super hardcore watch anime/play games with dubs. Most people don’t want to watch a movie in a language they don’t understand if they don’t absolutely need to, it’s not exactly fun to sit and read subtitles when you’re trying to enjoy a movie

49 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:26 ID: hrk7l6i

Type-0 and Tales of mana illustrates the importance of voice directors and how they can make or break a game. Berseria's dub on the whole is fantastic except that little girl

50 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:42 ID: hrka3ap

But Cinque is supposed to be weird and have a strange thought pattern which leads to others avoiding her. This voice actually sounds spot on

51 : Anonymous2022/01/06 23:46 ID: hrkaos4

Type 0 had awful voice direction all around. It’s a shame because I really love those characters.


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