WE MEET AGAIN! | Final Fantasy VII Remake – Part 6

1 : Anonymous2021/02/28 01:47 ID: lu2k3e
WE MEET AGAIN! | Final Fantasy VII Remake - Part 6
2 : Anonymous2021/03/03 19:33 ID: gpkhfkv

More good stuff, Dudette! Some things I saw:

Unfortunately, when Barret cautions you about leaving before you get the materia, he was referring to the blue one you tried to get at 9:50, before the walkway collapsed. After you activate the sun lamps, I think there's a terminal that operates a vertical walkway, which you can use to make a new path to get it. It's Elemental materia, which is VERY good, and sadly this is the only place in the game where you can get it on your first playthrough. When slotted in your weapon, you pair with a green materia to deal extra damage of that element. When slotted in your armor, it cuts the damage you receive of the paired element by 50%. At Level 2, it prevents ALL damage of that element. At Level 3, taking damage of the paired element heals you! I'm guessing you'd rather not undo a couple hours of progress to get it, but wanted to mention it anyway. At 52:00, uhhhh... yup. "What's with the cowgirl Tifa outfit?", asked my friend who played the Remake with no experience with the original FFVII or Crisis Core. I couldn't answer that one. AIRBUSTER!! I loved that fight, and its one of the most amazing songs on the soundtrack. Alex Moukala did a very entertaining breakdown of the song explaining why it's so great. His enthusiam as a FF nerd and music producer is super infectious! (shoutout to , you are amazing! Love your work with Ro.) 2:02:40..... :O

Really excited for you to experience Chapter 9!

ID: gplv7kt

Oh no way! That's a bummer that I missed that materia... But I've already decided that I am gonna replay it on my own at some point. I'm sure there's tons of stuff I am missing, but during recordings I try my best to keep things entertaining and move the story along - so I'm bound to miss a few things.
All of FF soundtrack is a gem in my book!

Chapter 9, you say?? Chapter 8 looks like it will be a long one, but I'm excited to get things moving!


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