New Threat 2.0 – Gi Nattak boss fight advice

1 : Anonymous2021/02/24 23:56 ID: lrqvvp

Hi folks!

I began playing through the game again using the latest (2.0) version of the New Threat mod. It's been quite enjoyable so far, with some tough boss fights requiring a few tries, tactical thinking and efficient ATB management to get through - definitely a challenge I can get behind after finishing the original game several times.

However, I find myself stuck battling Gi Nattak. I manage to defeat the two adds (using physical attacks so I don't have to worry about Reflect) but can never survive Nattak itself long enough to defeat it. At the end of my last attempt, where I was able to take it down to around 1500 HP (by reluctantly switching the ATB mode to "Wait"), I witnessed to my horror that it revived its two adds and somehow regained all of its original health.

My party is level 17-18 and roughly set up as follows: - Cloud: primary damage dealer, has the largest HP (880-ish) so also uses cover and command counter + deathblow - Aerith: primary healer, I always keep her on hold until I need someone healed, which is pretty much every turn - Nanaki: secondary damage dealer and backup healer, also casts MBarrier while the adds are alive and DeBarrier for Nattak's Reflect once it's alone

Any advice? Anything I'm missing? Thanks in advance!

2 : Anonymous2021/02/25 00:37 ID: gonco2n

Does New Threat 2.0 prevent you from killing him by chucking an X-Potion at him?

ID: gootzpz

Yeah, that was nerfed!

3 : Anonymous2021/02/25 02:55 ID: gonui1b

I've been playing through this as well recently - I'm a little ahead of you and also enjoying they new challenge. I can't remember my level for Gi Nattak but I switched to ATB Wait after the second boss and left it on from there out.

Can't remember exactly what I ignored the minions and focused on the boss.

You can try deathblow+added cut on your physical damage dealer (if you have it) to get more damage and maybe elemental + fire/ifrit on your armour for your healer (he does fire damage from memory)

It may also be worth looking at using Red as a healer and bringing barrett or Yuffie for ranged damage or using Aeries for offensive magic.

You can also put fury on your party to try either doing more damage faster (with limits) or take less damage with sadness instead.

There's also a Wait Trick you can do to maximise the your party's ATB filling and minimize the enemies. I've never quite understood it but if you google it (or look at some low level guides) that may help.

Good luck 🙂

ID: gooucjj

Thanks for the suggestions! Another team might be the way to go.

Do you happen to remember how you dealt with petrification? Unfortunately I only have 2 remedies and I usually end up losing from my characters being petrified rather than dying, forgot to mention that.

Edit: switching Aerith with Yuffie, leaving main healing duties to Nanaki, and ignoring the adds did the trick in one single try without switching the ATB, thanks again!


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