Jupiter sigil help

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 11:25 ID: lzote5

I am trying to unlock this as a league prize. I am currently doing a league to get status reels. Yet I have read to get the sigil I need aroch reels too. Also I have to unlock the techquice auroch spirit first. Now my issue is wakka is level 3 all the other oppenets are level 15 and higher yet wakka has to learn 3 key abilities but he needs to be at least same level as those he learming from but as I play more games to increase wakkas level as too will the oppantants which means wakka will never catch up. So how can I get the techquies to learn to then unlock what is needed for jupiter sigil

2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 12:03 ID: gq39g7d

I don’t think you need to learn any blitzball abilities before you get the sigil. It should just show up as a prize after you win a few leagues and tournaments.

ID: gq3al99


ID: gq3oscs

I can confirm this. I got all of Wakka's reels and the jupiter sigil and didn't even have Wakka on my blitzball team lol.


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