I Believe I Am Stuck

1 : Anonymous2017/06/02 08:48 ID: 6et6vg

Well, it would seem I somehow magically floated through to here despite my airship not being able to magically float OUT of here (Not to my knowledge) not a lot of progress to lose I guess but it's irritating and I don't want to save only to find out I can't save the game. Help?

2 : Anonymous2017/06/02 09:43 ID: dicv5hc

Well, you're not being very descriptive, but if you're using the Invincible, you can press the A button to lift yourself over small mountains. If you're legitimately stuck, I'm not sure how to help you.

ID: didy99x

Still driving the first airship (name has slipped my mind) which I don't believe is the "Invincible" but I'll try it, think I might just be screwed though.

3 : Anonymous2017/06/03 16:56 ID: diet1y9

Yeah, you're going to need a new save. What platform are you on?


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