1 : Anonymous2020/04/18 22:02 ID: g3vzos

How will final fantasy 7 remark parts work will they be like once a knew part come out you have to buy it or will you be like you get it for free once it come out.

2 : Anonymous2020/04/19 00:17 ID: fnu6eb1

They’re all separate games with the large overarching story of final fantasy 7 so yes you’ll have to buy any new part that releases. It’s just like now that the Last of us pet 2 is coming out you have to buy that because it’s it’s own game. I hope this comment makes sense, I’m not great at formatting my thoughts but I hope I helped.

3 : Anonymous2020/04/19 00:46 ID: fnu9bl4

It did thx

ID: fnxhsbp

sadly they will most likely be released on next gen consoles so We're all gonna have to but PS5

4 : Anonymous2020/04/20 01:26 ID: fnxtgm6

I don't think so it will be a bad business move


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