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2 : Anonymous2020/03/22 01:59 ID: fl5pecj


My Way of the Flea focuses on flipping a few select items from traders and selling them on the flea market. That combined with a fully upgraded hideout is how I make my money.

Use hideout profit calculator frequently

I also have a big spreadsheet where I track ingredient prices and sale prices of items to calculate my profits for each sale. Spreadsheet Example. I update the ingredient and sale prices myself as I am trading. Some items net hundred's of thousands per sale.

3 : Anonymous2020/03/22 03:06 ID: fl5uxgu

How much profit are you making pr. reset? What's netting you more income? Hideout or traders?

Also that spreadsheet is amazing. I have made my own but it's very very terribly made compared to yours lol.

ID: fl5v3ik

traders net me more, but i also hoard my bit coins to bulk sell.

per reset depends per trader

the basis of my spreadsheet was from a post on this reddit.

4 : Anonymous2020/03/22 14:09 ID: fl6wyd0

is this sub about flexing? literally 0 info on what items where traded.

ID: fl7wugz

pretty much at this point. sub has no direction as the owner just promotes his youtube channel and its not private so nobody has incentive to share their secrets in fear of people stealing them.

ID: flgb16p

Because nobody wants more competition

ID: fl8ge1p

read the top comment

i describe how i make my money

5 : Anonymous2020/03/22 03:29 ID: fl5ws8y

would you be willing to share the spreadsheet?

ID: fl5x34r

I got the base spreadsheet from this subreddit

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7 : Anonymous2020/03/25 02:41 ID: flfdv9g

Sick flex brah


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