Is Sephiroth able to control only those with S Cells?

1 : Anonymous2020/04/18 21:18 ID: g3v9qt

Just been doing some thinking and have come to realize that we only really see Sephiroth in control of cloud and the clones (since they are not strong enough to resist the cells, thus becoming susceptible to sephiroth's will).

However, since sephiroth can control Jenova (using her to shapeshift and whatnot), couldnt he be able to control someone with just J- cells if they are to succumb to them? (Like cloud and the S cells)

I may be thinking to much into this but any thoughts?

2 : Anonymous2020/04/18 21:26 ID: fntnhx4

Yeah I think it's mentioned in the game. The J cells want to recombine and Sephiroth is mostly J cells. Something I think too much about is Jenova actually. I would love a spin off based on the backstory of it coming to the planet in the first place

ID: fntnyjp

So if that's the case, what's the point of using sephiroth's genetic material also when hojo was making them clones? (If that makes sense)

And yeah I'm hoping in the remake they actually give us some sort of backstory to Jenova also. That'd be real interesting

ID: fnu87z4

My favourite fan theory is that the Knights of the round were the ones who originally beat Jenova 2000 years ago, 13 Cetra warrior's who fought and trapped her in the northern cave.

After the Knights died they were given their own shrine as a tribute on an inaccessible island, where we eventually come across them and use their materia to summon them in our own fight against her.

ID: fnv821l

Sounds quite good actually, a seriously bleak FF entry where at the end they manage to seal the big bad but everyone dies lol


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