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1 : Anonymous2020/04/18 06:01 ID: g3in6d

I really tried to not like Aerith. I know what we all know from the original game and thought “f*** that I’m going to like Tifa instead”.

I’m in chapter 13 and guys I totally get it now. She is one of my favorite companions in any game ever, and I truly think it all started with that goddamn high five. She knew what she was doing.

I’m not ready for this heartbreak, but damnit it I’ll give it my best shot to wear it like a champ.

2 : Anonymous2020/04/18 07:40 ID: fnrod84

To me, the biggest improvement to get character development vs. the original was acknowling her weirdness in a more relatable way. The first time I replayed the original as an adult, I remember cringing at some of her dialogue and behavior (which could partially be the result of the shoddy translation). But the depth of her character really comes through in the remake, and acknowledging her geekiness, for lack of a better word, really helps with that.

That being said-- I haven't heard the Japanese audio, but I really wasn't much of a fan of her English voice actor. I think she hit the right notes, but took it a little too far, if that makes any sense. I don't mean to be negative about the actual person and her performance, but it just didn't click for me.

ID: fo1x5mn

She's also WAY more fun to play in fights in the remake.

3 : Anonymous2020/04/21 04:32 ID: fo1x1hv

My first playthrough I was running red13 and Aerith. I was devastated emotionally and it also messed my lineup.

Ff7 remake made me solidify that, if she was around she would be best girl. Aerith is what Cloud needs and wants!

I stopped playing ff7 remake because I didn't want it to end, so I bought ff7 on PS4 again and am replaying the game because I can't remember too much specifics of the story. Have been avoiding Aerith and not using her because you-know-what, but it sucks and feels like I'm missing out. She still became Cloud's date at the Gold Saucer though.

ID: fo208op

The wall monster in the temple of the ancients is a bitch if she's not buffed a little. I always grind 3-5 levels on my mains with arris usually gaining 5-7 before going into the temple if the ancients


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