FF7 Remake DLC

1 : Anonymous2020/04/20 22:44 ID: g534ol

I heard there this campaing about buttlefinger.. But for what ive seen this is only available to US residents...

Does anyone have this DLC ? Is it itens? Is it a play story? My google researchs were fruitless...

Edit : And will this be eventually available for other people outside US?

2 : Anonymous2020/04/21 00:57 ID: fo1d1jz

It’s pretty much a Tifa Theme for the ps4 (where she is looking at the stars) and I believe different bangles.

I sent in my info to get it.

Here is the website so you can see it.

Is it a good DLC.... IMO no, but I’m a hardcore fan and I want everything FF7 related.

ID: fo3ykvh

Oh ok. Thanks for your response.. Im happier then.. Didnt want to miss real content. But if its just a theme I can live with that ahahah

ID: foeb3w9

They also give an item in game. The Midgar bangle.


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