Why in the holly is Cloud so strong?

1 : Anonymous2020/04/20 21:41 ID: g51ysz

He's never been an actual SOLDIER, he just has Zack's memories. How then is he so strong? He used to be a common soldier. Could someone please help me understand where the hell does his strenght comes from.

2 : Anonymous2020/04/20 22:12 ID: fo0vv4o

Did you miss the part where Cloud is kept captive for years in Hojo's lab while he is genetically altered with Sephiroth's DNA and infused with Mako energy?

ID: fo15qkq

The people new to FF7 don’t know that yet. Pretty sure the gsme doesnt tell you anything besides Hojo saying Cloud isn’t Soldier.

ID: fo1hoh7

OK so how did he kill Sephiroth, the most amazingest koolest and Chaddest SOLDIER ever, before he had any of that?

3 : Anonymous2020/04/28 15:24 ID: founw6n

It doesn't really get explained in the remake other than Hojo dropping a comment of "Oh, I know you, you're no common SOLDIER ho ho!". And the original game it was... kind of confusing unless you found all the hidden cutscenes and put it together. I didn't really get it until I played Crisis Core years later, which goes into a lot more detail from Zack's point of view.

So first Cloud wanted to be in SOLDIER. He only made it to being a common gunner, but I would wager he was training harder than most given his ambitions. He befriended Zack and looked upto him, so he likely picked up some training tips from Zack as well.

Then the whole nibleheim incident happened. Zack tried to stop Sephiroths crazy rampage but failed. Cloud then finished the job. How Cloud managed it was mostly luck, really. He attacked immediately after Zack had been defeated, meaning Sephiroth had just been fighting a 1st class soldier and likely wasn't at peak. His attack was unexpected, and Sephiroth at that point was so caught up in his "I am a god" mentality that he would certainly have dismissed Cloud as not possibly being a threat.

Personally I like the animated version they released, where the fight goes about as well as expected with Sephiroth stabbing Cloud through the chest and lifting him up on the sword to taunt him - only Cloud is so damn strong willed he pulls the blade deeper into his own body until he has enough leverage to throw Sephiroth off the side of the ledge and into the lifestream.

Either way, after Shinra shows up to clean up the mess, Hojo comes along and discovers the bodies of Zack and Cloud, both almost dead, and concludes they are the ones who killed Sephiroth. Hojo being Hojo has them transported into his secret labratory and spends the next five years experimenting on them.

Those experiments involve mako infusions and Jenova Cell infusions. If I recall correctly, the treatment does nothing to Zack since he's already a genetically altered SOLDIER, but since Cloud was just vanilla human, the infusions are successful except for causing severe mako poisoning and leaving Cloud is a catatonic state. That caused Hojo to declare him a failed experiment if I recall, and just abandoned him and Zack in their mako tanks.

That's when Zack breaks them out, and eventually Clouds mind puts itself back together using his memories of Zack, who he idolized, to stitch together the pieces. By the time Cloud walks into Midgar at the start of the game, he doesn't remember Zack at all, believes all his memories of Zack are actually his own memories, and believes all the physical abilities he has from Hojo's experiments to be because he's an ex-SOLDIER.

So in short, he helped defeat Sephiroth, which lead Hojo to believe he must have some special property about him, which lead to Hojo experimenting on him, which both gave Cloud his superhuman abilities AND lead to his broken identity. He then has all of his memories of Zack, which he thinks are his own, informing his skills and knowledge (i.e. he recalls Zack talking about how to use materia, so he knows how to use materia, he recalls seeing Zack fight, so he adopts a similar style.)

It would actually be a fair argument to say that he's being severely handicapped early in the game by lack of muscle memory with the buster sword. He's using an unfamiliar weapon based on memories of watching someone else use it (under the belief their his own memories). Having better reflexes, speed and strength compared to even a SOLDIER could allow him to compensate for lack of muscle memory and practical training, without even realizing that's what he's doing. So where a normal human with an unfamiliar weapon would be reduced to barely competent, Cloud is reduced to "merely" SOLDIER levels of ability.

ID: fp1c2q8

Thank you for what you put into this.

Even if it was a self search/copy/paste.

ID: fr8mimy

Wow, that's a nice explanation. So he had a mental outbreak that in the end lead him to be as strong as his friend Zack. Thanks for the effort man

4 : Anonymous2020/04/21 01:43 ID: fo1hij8

Actually, Cloud was never even SOLDIER

ID: fo1if35

Nope, but hes even more dope now. A failed Sephiorth experiment.

ID: fo1kjg9

Indeeed. So hows he strong !??

5 : Anonymous2020/04/22 06:28 ID: fo5vd1d

The placebo effect

6 : Anonymous2020/04/30 07:56 ID: fp1f3mo

Cloud has been Mako infused, so basically is a Soldier once he's saved by Zack he's just recovering from Mako poisoning and once recovered has been through a more intense version of the Soldier experiments.

7 : Anonymous2020/05/09 00:44 ID: fpxlws5

You might wanna consider putting a spoiler warning on this post

8 : Anonymous2020/10/16 19:17 ID: g9154mm

He wasn't strong. He starts the game at level 6


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