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1 : Anonymous2021/01/28 08:51 ID: l6s4be

Hello Scavs, Rats, and Chads!

Today I'd like to discuss a certain topic: Media posts

As you all probably well know by now, our subreddit has been steadily growing in members, albeit somewhat slowly, which is fantastic and great stuff to see! However as you might have also noticed, there is less easily accessible content than usual. What is easily accessible content you may ask?

Accessible content is content that can be viewed instantaneously through the reddit app or reddit app substitutes on mobile devices. Things like imgur links, or reddit embedded videos. Content that is not easily accessible typically seems to be met with rather negative ratings here as we can see by the fact that most 8min+ videos on our subreddit don't really make the front page, and tend to die off immediately. This is because domain links like YouTube force your device to open an instance of the YouTube app to accommodate the YouTube video player that the video is hosted on, which turns off a lot of viewers, and leads to the post being ignored by most. (At least that's how I feel when I browse here on my phone)

If you'd like your post to do better, I'd like to introduce a few guidelines and a checklist that you may follow to see if the post will be enjoyed by most of users on here:

Keep your post's length to a minimum
When people browse reddit on mobile devices, it can often be during their daily commute or when they do boring tasks like wait on food at a restaurant, therefore it is important that your post both catches their eye and that you get straight to the point. If you upload an 8 minute gameplay video and post it here, I can almost guarantee you it will get glossed over by nearly everybody, and therefore it'll go nowhere. Instead, try to post a funny snippet from the whole video, and embed that into reddit's own video player, and provide the source of the video in the comments! If people like the post, they'll be more likely to go and leave a comment where they'll see that there's more where that came from!

Have a good title
Essentially what I mean by that is; we've all seen those video posts where people just copy paste their YouTube video titles and call it a day. Be creative! Try to crack a joke, or maybe intrigue the user, I'm not saying clickbait the shit out of your post, but clickbait the shit out of your post. Trust me, a minute of thought behind a title can make a world of difference!

Keep active in the comments
Once comments start to come in, people will try to join in on discussions, which is extremely healthy for both our community and the status of post, when somebody comments on your post either giving critique or making a reference to it, if you respond and somebody else sees it, they're more likely to also engage, as they see that the op is interacting with them. Who doesn't enjoy talking to something else than a wall, am I right?

So in essence, the things you might want to look for in a good post are:

Does my post catch the eye? Is my content interesting from a new viewers standpoint? Is my post relevant to the community?

If the answer is yes to all of those, then you're all set my friend! I am mainly writing this post as I've really been enjoying some of the memes and clips on this subreddit, however I believe we could have a lot more great content if we all collectively put in the effort! That's all from me today, thank you for reading my dull post, and hope to see some fresh great innovative content from you all!


2 : Anonymous2021/01/28 12:09 ID: gl2tj65

Oh I'd just like to mention, We're not enforcing any formatting rules, these are just some tips&tricks I wanted to share with you guys just to bring up the standard of this subreddit! Take care now!


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