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1 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:00 ID: mfu1yb
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2 : Anonymous2021/03/30 11:04 ID: gssdlav

So I just finished FF7 (original) for the first time, as my first FF game. I'm mostly ignorant of the whole series outside of what I just played. Relating to FF7, I know there's the Advent Children movie, which I'll probably watch this week, but aside from that are there any other games, or other sort of media that tie into the FF7 world that I should directly jump into next? Aside from the remake.

If not I'm just going to start from FF 1 and play the main line in order. But if there was something else tying to FF7, then I wanted to continue with that world before starting on something else.

ID: gsx84u0

There's a lot of media around Final Fantasy VII, so it depends on how much you want to go down that rabbit hole.


You already know about the original game and its remake, so I'm not going to say any more about them. Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII - This is a third-person shooter that takes place after Advent Children. It's divisive and doesn't have great reviews, but personally, I kind of liked it. It was only released for the PS2. There was also an additional chapter to the game that was released on mobile phones. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - A prequel that features Zack. It's more of an action RPG. I strongly recommend it if you can get your hands on it, but it only came out for the PSP. Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII - This is a cell phone game that was never released outside of Japan, but a U.S. fan made their own version using RPG Maker. I wasn't particularly impressed by it, but it's out there. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier - An upcoming battle royale game for cell phones. We don't know much about it yet. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis - A upcoming cell phone game that is supposed to adapt the entire story of the series. We don't know much about it yet except that it's scheduled for next year. There are also mobile phone adaptations of the snowboarding and G-Bike mini-games, but there's not much to them.


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - A direct sequel to the original game. This should probably be the next thing to do. Make sure you get the blu-ray version (called Advent Children Complete) since it has some extra scenes. Last Order: Final Fantasy VII - An animated adaptation of the Nibelheim Incident. Not that great and possibly not canon, but it might be interesting. You can find it on YouTube. On the Way to a Smile - Episode: Denzel - An animated adaptation of one short story from On the Way to a Smile. It's pretty interesting and worth watching. It's a special feature on the blu-ray of Advent Children Complete, but it's also on YouTube.


"The Maiden Who Travelled the Planet" - A short story that takes place shortly after the original game. It was never officially released in English, but there are multiple fan translations online. It is no longer considered canon. On the Way to a Smile - A collection of short stores that takes place between Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children. Some of them are quite interesting. You can find it in bookstores. The Kids are Alright: A Turks Side Story - A novel that takes place shortly before Advent Children. Not really necessary, but I thought it was pretty good. It's also in bookstores.
ID: gssf0dt

Crisis Core On PSP is highly rated. And if you like the Turks, there's a RPG Maker version of Before Crisis you can download for free online with some googling.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/29 19:30 ID: gspyydh

For the FF7R dlc intergrade. Will the dlc be purchasable by itself? Because I do not want to buy the whole game again. Just curious cause I don’t see that option in store and instead only full game with dlc which I don’t see the justification of prices if ima be honest

ID: gsqscuy

They said there would be a free upgrade and then a DLC on release. I’m expecting more details the week of, especially how the save data transfers over to the new version so I can plan ahead.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/30 17:29 ID: gstm306

Similar to the other comment, I recently beat FF7 Remake as MY first Final Fantasy game, and don't know much about the series. What other Final Fantasy games should I play? Should I go back and play the original FF7?

I have FF15 for free on PS5 Collection, and I'm pretty sure 8, 10, and 14 are other popular games. Any help would be appreciated!

ID: gstv6ri

15 is good. It's more action-y like 7R. A lot of the older games are slower paced.

I usually reccomend people start with 10 because it's my favorite, but also because it is completely turn based so you have time to think about your actions. It's more methodical and slower than 15 or 7R for this reason. I don't know if you've played other JRPGs or not but 10 is a great way to get into the genre. It's a great bridge between classic and new games because it is new enough that it has things like voice acting but old enough that it has the same methodical pace of the older games.

For those older games I'd reccomend 6, 7, or 8. The games that are older than this are a little lacking in the story department except for 4. 4 is where the storytelling took off and you can give that a shot but it's also a lot harder than the others so if you're new to the genre it might not be the best place. 6 is 2D and has a great storyline. It also has a great mix between the characters having their own roles and you being able to customize them. 7 and 8 you have more customization options regarding how your character grows, if that's something that interests you. 7 also has the added bonus of you seeing the original.

5 isn't a bad choice. It has a job system where you can change what everyone does which is a lot of fun. It's not really hard to figure out necessarily but it can be a bit daunting if you're unfamiliar with JRPGs in general. The story also isn't quite as strong as the other games, IMO, but that can be somewhat of a strength because it doesn't take itself seriously at all.

A lot of people are going to reccomend 9 to you but I don't think that should be your next one. It's fantastic, don't get me wrong, but it's slow as mollases. The story pacing, the battle pacing, everything is just slow, and I think it would be jarring going from 7R to 9 with no other experience in the series. Plus part of 9's appeal is it was kind of a love letter to the old games, so I think it would be more enjoyable if you played at least one of those old games.

14 and 11 are both MMOs. They're both a lot of fun but very, very different. 14 is more like WoW where a big part of learning the fights is figuring out the mechanics and positioning and making sure you hit your rotation as best you can. 11 is an old MMO and has a lot of old design philosophies. You don't get quest markers or anything to really guide you in game and the combat is more about timing attacks with other people and having the right combination of jobs. But both are fun for their own reasons and if you're interested I would look into the reddit that are specific to those games because you'll get better information.

So that leaves 1, 2, 3, 12, and 13. 1 and 3 have the same problem as 5 where they use jobs, except 1 you have to pick at the beginning so you can't experiment and 3 has some redundant jobs that are only useful in a couple fights so it's harder to figure out. Plus they were NES games so the stories aren't as well told. 2 is weird because you gain stats after battle directly and it can be hard to make your characters level up the way you want them to. 12 is fantastic but is also weird because you control your characters using gambits which are basically like programming your own AI for them. It's still fun but it's atypical. 13 is devisive because it's very straightforward for most of the game and is rather corridor-ey in map design. But some people really like it because the battle system IS a lot of fun once the game let's you play around with it which doesn't happen until you're a ways in.

ID: gsu1pe3

we usually recommend to anyone who only played the remake to play the original for two reasons:

to avoid spoiler, the reason well the remake only cover 15% of the original and FF7 is 20+ years old game and spoiler are going to be everywhere, for a better perspective look at 4:10:35 and you will undestant how little you know of FF7 while waiting further parts: you will get use to the turn base combat FF originally had, 1 to 10 are turn base, 12 and 13 are... different, 11 and 14 MMO, FF15, FF7R and FF16 are the only action game (no counting a few side games)

For FF15, first thing first unlike FF7R, FF15 game does not force you to play a certain way, (staggering or exploting weakness) so it's easy to fall into the trap of "smashing basic attack + healing items" if you don't take your time to learn how to chain different attacks you will make the game dull and boring, these are good example of how the combat looks if you actually try: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4. (advice go to settings and change the camera distance and auto correct, that's something I wish I did)

Since you will be playing the Royal Edition you will be making yourself a great favor, FF15 is a game that has a troubled history and the original realase was lacking, we do recommend to play the game plus all DLCs episodes that the Royal Edition has (Episode of Ardyn is the only one missing DO NOT skip it watch a walkthough if you have to).

last if you don't wanna go blind into FF15 finding a way to watch the prologue movie Kingsglaive (<- fist 12 minutes) is recommended since it will make easier to understand some concepts early. if you decided to play FF15 first I ask you to reply me since there is a recommended order to play the DLC episodes. Extra: 5 anime episodes free on youtube

5 : Anonymous2021/04/02 04:56 ID: gt41zdx

Started playing XIII today, on chapter 4 now. Are there characters generally considered better in combat than others? Is there anything in particular I should avoid in terms of the Crystarium?

Also, I know the game opens up a lot at the end, but are you able to freely set who's in your party much before that, or is it picked for you for most of the game like it has been so far?

ID: gt5egsj

Each character has a primary paradigm and two secondary paradigms that they excel in. These will be the first three paradigms that they learn. Eventually, every character will get access to all six paradigms, but they'll be better off if they focus on the ones that they're best at. Here are the primary and secondary paradigms for each character (primary listed first):

Lightning - Ravager, Commando, Medic Snow - Sentinel, Commando, Ravager Vanille - Saboteur, Ravager, Medic Sazh - Synergist, Ravager, Commando Hope - Medic, Synergist, Ravager Fang - Commando, Sentinel, Saboteur

The most well-rounded party is Lightning, Hope, and Fang. This combination has characters who excel at every paradigm, giving you the most flexibility. However, every character has unique abilities that give them an advantage in certain situations, so you have to gauge what you need most for the scenario you're in.

ID: gt616yu

Everyone has their strengths. Sazh for example is the offensively-geared Synergist, but also has the second highest HP, learns some of the best curative spells as a Medic, learns Steelguard as a Sentinel, and has the best Blitz as a Commando, but he can't launch enemies. Though Lightning does not excel as a Saboteur, she learns the single-cast Poison, which is very useful against superbosses in this game due to the way Poison works in FFXIII. Though Vanille and Fang do not major in Synergist, they are the ones who learn the strongest versions of some of the buffs. Any party combination you can make work! Lightning-Hope-Fang is popular, but I find sticking Sazh in many formations works very well since he learns the top-tier versions of many paradigm roles: single-target Saboteur spells (the multi-targets are bad), Steelguard, Curasa. He can't learn Raise as a Medic though.

Snow, Lightning and Fang have the best casting speed, so some consider them the top-tier Ravagers in endgame, as even though Hope and Vanille start as the most powerful magic-users, their casting speeds are the slowest.

ID: gt4xlod

I believe there is a pretty significant plot point about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way through, at which point you're able to change your party configuration. Up until that point though, it's mostly on-rails, yes.

Some characters are better at certain roles than others - Lightning, Snow and Fang, for example, are generally better at the physical based jobs like Sentinel and Commando - but by end game most of them can handle three or four roles good to great.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/29 23:29 ID: gsqsg25

With the PS3/PSP shop closing down anything Final Fantasy related that’s worth jumping on?

ID: gstvr45

If you enjoyed FFXIII-2 there are optional super bosses and maybe some missions that are worthwhile. XIII was the mainline entry for that console so it severely limits these concerns.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/31 15:20 ID: gsx8rjz

Unrelated to the games themselves, but does anybody know what version of FF7: Advent Children is available on iTunes (original and/or Complete)?

See iTunes screenshot:

The main artwork, and the run time (1:41) points towards it being the original cut of the movie (Complete is 2:06), but the artwork under the "iTunes Extras" section seem to be the cover art of the Complete edition, if I remember correctly?

So, does anyone know if the digital version available on iTunes includes only the original cut? Or both the original and Complete cut, as an extra feature?

8 : Anonymous2021/03/31 18:29 ID: gsxxykk

I have a problem with FF12. I like its world, story and characters a lot, but I've never been able to complete it because I don't get along with the gambits and especially license systems. I could more or less get the hang on gambits on my last attempt, and I started to enjoy it, but I can't help but feel like having to unlock license panels to be able to use gear and magic forces you to grind too much. Could you please help me find the correct approach to these systems? I want to be able to finish this game at last.

ID: gsy67ei

Racking up LP is pretty easy just by going through the game normally, fighting the enemies that come across when you explore. You can save it until you have 50–100 or so, and then allot them. If you have some equipment and spells you would like to use, then unlock those (and no need to touch the other nodes), and use the rest for HP boosts and augments. Travel towards the Quickenings on the board if you just want a direction. You will most likely have completed the license board(s) just by playing normally without grinding maybe 70% into the game. You can ignore most technicks licenses and any equipment you don't have or don't use; just go for the augments.

There is also an accessory that doubles LP yield, called the golden amulet, so you could look up how to get one the earliest. It works only on the wearer but you can swap it around. It is great on reserve party members!

9 : Anonymous2021/03/31 20:41 ID: gsyf6pg

How are your guys opinions with the junction system in ff8? I just started ff8 and honestly im stuck between understanding it and not understanding it. I think the more i play ill get used to menuing junctions and understanding it. Is it really as awful as some people say or is it not as bad as people would say cuz i see a lot of differing opinions about it.

ID: gsyvrcy

The biggest thing early on is just making sure you cover all the stats. Meaning - Make sure you can junction magic to characters' Magic, Strength, Vitality and Spirit. (If you need to prioritize one, I'd go with Magic, because that effects how many spells you can Draw from enemies. Higher Magic = Drawing 9 casts of a spell more often than just 3 or 4.)

You can honestly get through three discs of the game even without understanding the junction system - I did as a teenager. And once you get a handle on the ways to exploit it, it's pretty easy to overpower enemies in a variety of ways by disc two.

One thing to keep in mind as you play - ALWAYS use the Draw command to check enemy's Magic, especially bosses. Some bosses - the first one being at a Radio / TV Tower - have GFs that you can Draw, and if you miss them, you don't get another shot until the game's final dungeon. Also, enemies gain levels with you, and sometimes their spells morph after 10 levels. (i.e. A monster that casts Fire at Level 10 might have Fira at Level 20.)

ID: gsyj76i

if you need a guide to understand the junction system, this video will help you a lot:

ID: gsyg7l7


/comments/m6ni94/final_fantasy_viii_correct_way_to_enjoy_it/gr78r0s/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/m6ni94/final_fantasy_viii_correct_way_to_enjoy_it/gr78r0s/

10 : Anonymous2021/03/31 20:59 ID: gsyhkil

Which games can you beat with no grinding whatsoever? I'm planning to play through the whole main series from 1-15 (not counting MMOs), but I despise forced grinding and I'm planning to skip all the games that require it.

I've beaten 1(Dawn of Souls), 5 and 6 only, and I never needed to grind in any of them. I tried FF1 on NES before the Dawn of Souls version and I found it needed grinding. To my understanding all games after 6 don't need grinding; is this accurate? How about 2, 3, and 4? Can they be completed without grinding as long as you have good strategy? Are there any particular versions of these games I should pick to avoid the grind?

ID: gsyjb7a

Which games can you beat with no grinding whatsoever?

All modern ports can be beaten without grinding if you focus more on your equipment / magic / ability setups and good strategy. The most grindy or overstayed-welcome games I can recall is 2 mainly depending on your play style, 3's final dungeon and boss, and 4TAY's final dungeon.

For versions, see the link on the OP.

ID: gsyxfsw

As someone who's played through 4 a lot, you do have to grind a small amount, unless you really know the game inside and out. However, it's really only at the end of the game. As long as you're not actively running from combat during the game, I'm talking about maybe 30 to 60 minutes in the final dungeon. You can beat the final boss without doing that, but you're more at the mercy of bad luck / RNG.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/01 04:37 ID: gszw7xh

Just downloaded FFVII on PS4. I have the original on my tablet but never got too far into it. Should I finish the original before playing the remake to better appreciate it? Or just go all out on the PS4 asap? Thanks.

ID: gt01n9m

well the remake only covers 15% of the original game, you can easily pass the part where the remake ends in 5-7 hours, it's usually recommended to give the orignial a chance to avoid spoiler while waiting for further parts of the remake.

the remake do change a lot of things and has a lot of foreshadow that will likely confuse some players, I think the best course of action is: give the orignial a chance, if you don't feel it then go for the the remake, and after finishing it decided you if are intrigued or confused enough to give the original another chance and believe me the remake's ending is confusing.

trying to explain the difference of the remake and the original is a mess, just yesterday someone asked if the remake and the orignal, it was... interesting.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/01 14:50 ID: gt1bhzc

1) Considering playing through FFVIII for the first time in a long time, but I always do the same thing: Refine or draw 300 of every spell I can, junction for the highest stats, and never cast a single spell. I don't really mind how much time it takes, but I can only have the exact same playthrough of a game so many times. But I'm having a hard time thinking of another way I'd like to play it. Can anyone give me some ideas?

2) Also considering trying FFXV again (my least favorite in the series). I really want to like it. This is a very open-ended question, but... what are some things I can do differently/focus on more to find more enjoyment in the combat and story? If it helps, the first time I played on normal, and I played all the DLC and watched the movie and anime, but skipped pretty much all the side quests because it seemed like they were all pointless busywork.

ID: gt1j00k

For question 1, you can get a lot spells with some GF abilities from items, and items you can get from refining cards with the GF ability.

For question 2, I am in the same boat as you, so if you find something let me know!

ID: gt1q92e

Maybe do a low level challenge or a no-draw challenge for #1, to force you out of your comfort zone? haha.

I definitely have "ticks" myself when playing FF games - like end game, I'll ALWAYS have too many healing items, because they're too awesome to use. And whether we're talking Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy, I have a tendency to play too conservative and to hoard my magic for dangers that never come. It's really only been in the past five years, now that I'm in mid-30s and don't have as much time to play games, that I feel "comfortable" just using stuff, to get through games faster.

ID: gt2ch63

Maybe try focusing on casting spells instead? That way it's still a challenge, since spells aren't as good, but it's not radically different from your usual style either. Plus I'm assuming you usually use a party of Squall, Zell, and Irvine. Forcing a more magic oriented group would kind of force your hand to using Selphie and Quistis and Rinoa instead since they'd have the stronger limit breaks.

ID: gt2tyqp

I am playing to go back to FF15 after I finish FF Type-0, playing Type-0 and watching some comparations about FF7R and FF15 mechanics made me relaise what I did wrong. so I gonna do these:

- no healing items, something I've realised is that FF15 made the terrible mistake to allow me to use of potions without any risk, other action games don't allow you to heal so freely, they usually give you limited healing items or they leave you defenseless for a few seconds, this way i'll be forced to learn to dodge, block or whatever, my enjoyment of FF type-0 certanly increased after I learned how to properly dodge, counter and use defensive skills and only use potions when I don't wanna go back to the beginning of the mission.

- Wrap strike, the wrap system in this game should be the highlight of this game but I certanly misused and overuse it, this video makes relase how much fun warping can be something I never properly did, all I ever did was warp in and out the fight, I never properly thought how I could use warping to enhance my combat style, like if I am surrounded use a quick one to get in a better position or to dodge large attacks, the same goes for the magic I need to learn when can or can't use them to avoid friendly fire, I mean the magic works like a grenade you don't throw a grenade at your feet or friends.

- the allies technique and link strikes, after FF7R it was obvious for me that the technique bar is nothing more than this game's ATB bar system (but far more simple) and the link strikes are techinques that are triggred by parryng attacks, and watching some videos made me realise that I almost never did any link strike or technique, takes this video for example.

- the camera, something I hated the first time I played the game was how far or how close the camera was, I learned that in settings you can change its distance and how it moves with auto-correct, I hated how far the camera was when fighting small enemies or too ro too close for big ones, so gonna experiment and see what works for me or if I have to change it based on the enemy size and battlefield.

- the training room something I have come to love are training areas in video games, I am gonna try and use FF15 training room to test weapons and learn their attacks so can switch weapons far better, I don't know if I will be able to pull this kind of combos but learning the control always help alot.

and last perhaps watch some tutorials, I saw one tutorial which gave me a good advice once: to hold down the dodge button after a link strike ends to avoid taking damage from any nearby enemie as soon as the the animation ends.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/01 17:04 ID: gt1tea3

Why isn't there a summoners academy where they train summoners to beat sin for years? Then just spawn kill it as soon as it gets its armor back.

ID: gt1ziwp

Major game spoilers below.

IIRC, the temples themselves are academies used to train summoners. Only a few graduate into becoming a full summoner. Also, Sin spawns once every ~150 years. Present day is 1000 years after the Machina War and there has only been five successful summoners since then and we play as the 6th iteration with Yuna. So kinda hard to train a whole academy of summoners and guardians if they're rare and their finished training coincides with the ~150 year timing. And this Sin appeared much earlier given how it was about 12-14 years since Sin was last defeated by Lord Braska.

Also, the whole subject is taboo. Adult and elderly Spirans know that summoners and their guardians die fighting Sin. That's why part of the Yevon religion was to brainwash the masses to revere them and their legacy so it encourages ignorant children to pursue the same path. The pilgrimage is necessary to strengthen the summoner's mentality to summon the last aeon and therefore arguably necessary. The fayth / aeons were placed at those temples intentionally for the purposes of the pilgrimage.

Most of the naive summoners and guardians who reach Zanarkand only then learn the real truth from Yunalesca about how both the summoner and guardian's sacrifice is only a temporary period of peace. Permanently killing Yevon is impossible and there will be another iteration of summoner and their guardians to continue the miserable cycle. This suggests most Spirans believe permanently killing Sin was possible, but the previous 5 summoners failed in doing so.

This is also what we see with Seymour and Dona. Seymour, a 10 year-old child, gets cold feet after his mom becomes the aeon and doesn't want her to become the next Sin. Dona also quits her journey after the Al Bhed inform her of the summoner's true journey if you support her quitting. So we can say most summoners going to Zanarkand don't realize the full truth. It is only with Yuna that she puts her foot down and rejects the cycle that enables the ending we see in the game.


EDIT: added Yuna's role.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/02 05:07 ID: gt42va2

Anyone have a lack of audio during the mission Collapsed Expressway? This is on the remake of FFVII picked it up during the ps plus monthly (it’s still available as of April 2nd)

15 : Anonymous2021/04/02 17:39 ID: gt5tiei


ID: gt6x5u7

As far as I know Zanmato works on anything. But I haven't tested it or anything.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/03 16:09 ID: gt98u1h

In FFX Will, is the Sin that was beckoned still Jecht, another incarnation of it, or just the shell/monster itself?

Might be interesting if the one that was beckoned was the one with Zaon at its core

17 : Anonymous2021/04/03 19:36 ID: gt9xewi

Not sure if anyone’s gonna see this now, but I’ve not long since finished Final Fantasy VII Remake, absolutely loved every second of it and can’t wait for the future instalments, besides FF7 Remake the only other Final Fantasy games I’ve played are the XIII trilogy so I really wanna branch out and try more of them, I noticed the original FF7 is only £12.99 on the PS4, is it worth buying the original? I know the Remake has some differences and plans on switching things up in the next game so I kinda want to play the original anyway, wanted some opinions first. Is it worth playing the original FF7 as I’m already somewhat familiar with it or should I try something else first?

ID: gta1jg1

The original, at face value has a lot of issues, especially around the translation. You might want to consider looking into the PC version and the modding community for QoL updates instead.


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