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1 : Anonymous2021/06/28 17:00 ID: o9ohm7
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2 : Anonymous2021/06/29 00:47 ID: h3dxml6

Is there a quicker way to farm Flan Princesses than the b5 cave in the Lunar Subterranean on FF4 3D? I’m trying to find the pink tail and the slay count is currently (at the very least since the count maxes out at 999) 1593

ID: h3edhx0

Nope. It could be worse - I believe the drop rate is slightly better for the non-SNES versions.

ID: h3gz5er


3 : Anonymous2021/06/29 15:27 ID: h3g5rjy

I bought FFIX during on Steam yesterday and I'm trying to download the Moguri Mod but the setup wizard is confusing the heck out of me. I was expecting it to ask me where I want to send the files to but instead, it’s asking me to modify, repair, or remove the installation. I've never seen this kind of setup wizard before and I couldn’t find a download tutorial on YouTube that had that same setup wizard. If anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/29 19:11 ID: h3h14wc

Was considering buying the current version of FF6 on Steam and using the Atma Weapon mod to restore the original graphics. What script does this version use, and as someone with no real experience of either Steam or modding, would I be likely to find this process very difficult?

ID: h3h9o76

I’d hold out for the pixel collection to come out. Or download an emulator and play the GBA, SNES, or even PS1 version but for the love of everything do not play the Steam/Mobile port.

ID: h3m9yzr

Not sure what you're referring to with "script", but here is the download page for the mod. Just unzip anywhere and run the exe, during installation you'll be able to customize settings like sprites, portraits, music, battle backgrounds and world textures, image examples are shown throughout the prosses so you'll know exactly what it is you're changing. The installer will then download all the needed files and apply them to your steam installation of FF6.

In reference to what HeyMyNameIsBlake were saying. I've heard rumors that the pixel remaster will not include content from the GBA version (which the current steam version does), and while playing on emulator is probably the safest option I would still say that the Atma Weapon mod does seem to make enough improvements on the current steam version to be considered almost as good as the console versions, though that's just my opinion.

Each version has its pros and cons so you'll have to decide which option you prefer, good luck!

5 : Anonymous2021/06/29 06:34 ID: h3ew1nf

I know It's a little bit soon to ask and maybe we don't have any information on it yet, but do we know if the Pixel Remaster is gonna include extra dungeons like the Labyrinth of Time in FF I ?

ID: h3h9yva

I have heard it’s going to keep to the originals as close as possible so I think things like PSP dungeons or the FFIV GBA dungeons won’t be on there.

ID: h3knkhf

no official word yet

6 : Anonymous2021/06/28 19:51 ID: h3cvxeu

Anybody know of any deep dive analysis of FFX in video or article form?
I love the game but I feel like I’ve never seen much of that compared to other games.
I read something recently criticising the way it depicts Tidus and Jecht’s relationship and it just had me wondering what else people think.

ID: h3dj415

Here's a retrospective you might like. It was written when the HD remaster was released on Steam:

7 : Anonymous2021/06/28 23:42 ID: h3dq1zf

I'm playing FFX HD for the first time and i'm wondering if i'm underleveled. I'm at the part where you fight Sin's head on the Airship, where he does the one overdrive move and gives you game over if you don't beat him in time. My party members don't seem to do nearly enough damage to do this (aside from Auron, who's doing almost 9999), even with magic and armor break.

So I looked up some strategies and I saw people mentioning using skills that i'm not even anywhere close to. Such as Lulu's doublecast. I'm literally not even within the vicinity of that, which is weird because i'm pretty sure this almost the end of the game. The only person who's at the end of their path is Auron, and some of them, like Lulu, aren't even close (she doesn't even have the level 3 elemental spells yet). Now i'm on the expert grid, but I really didn't make THAT many detours for most of them, and they still aren't even close. Is this normal or did I somehow manage to fall way behind? I even made sure to switch to each party member during battles so they all got experience, so I did use them all.

For the exact location of where everyone is:

Yuna: Between Dispel and Curaga

Tidus: Just got Hastega

Lulu: A few nodes away from the level 3 elementals

Auron: On Sentinel at the end of his path

As for Kimahri, Wakka, and Rikku I detoured a lot so I expect them to not be towards the end.

ID: h3eym8p

Yeah Auron is appropriately leveled, the other ones are behind, especially Lulu. You don't really need stuff like Doublecast to beat Sin. The strat for him is rather simple. At the beginning when he's far away I get Haste on the main damage dealers and attack with Wakk

and throw Elemental Gems with Rikku, if I've stolen any. Then get the Breaks on him and he should fall pretty fast.

If your damage is low you can use Chee

up to 5 times to boost physical/magical damage or as a last reserve use Aeon Overdrives, especially Bahamut since he breaks the damage cap naturally.

ID: h3ewzgp

Well, if your Lulu still doesn’t know the Lvl. 3 spells then she’s heavily underleveled, yes. I usually obtain these around Bevelle or in the Calm Lands the latest. Also Tidus only learning Hastega just now seems a little underleveled too.

Why don’t you go do some optional quests? Those become available right after you get access to all locations. You could do some monster hunting, get some of the ultimate weapons, or explore some of the optional areas and grind at the same time.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/29 11:52 ID: h3fhblx

Hi everyone! I have checked the useful links section but I'm afraid it doesn't asnwer my question.

I'm a small retro-gaming streamer and I'd like to show my subscribers the original Final Fantasy 1 version. Is there any option to buy it officialy except buying the NES and original cartridge? Your wiki says there is Final Fantasy 1 on Wii Shop, but the Wii Shop is closed now.

I know that there are a lot or remakes and version for Android in Google Play, but it's ugly. Waiting for the Pixel Remaster is not an option too because it's differ from the original FF

ID: h3fwdou

Well, it's on the NES Classic as well. 🙂 But otherwise, yeah, you need to get an NES, or explore some emulation options. Even the oldest ports - Wonderswan, GBA and PS1 - add quality of life functions, and change the graphics.

According to Price Charting, the NES cart is $25, and that's not a particularly expensive cart as far as retrogaming goes. So, if are after showing off completely "original" versions of games, it's going to be an expensive proposition in the future, especially for things like Dragon Warrior, and the SNES and Genesis RPGs.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/29 20:27 ID: h3hbi1i

Hi! I've been playing the NES version of FF3 and have been enjoying it so far. I really enjoy the job system and trying out different parties. However, knowing the difficulty of the final dungeon and boss, a lot of people say that you'll need to use 2 Ninjas and 2 Sages to win. Is this really true? Has anyone beaten the game with other setups?

ID: h3i3ylb

Without question the most difficult final dungeon in the entire FF series. And yea on the NES version 2 Ninjas + 2 Sages is the recommended setup. Without them, there's a very small chance that you'll be able to make it to the final boss but essentially zero chance of winning. Ninjas throw shurikens which are purchased at the end of Eureka for a steep price, and Sages to keep everyone alive.

Another way is to level up your Onion Knights to 99 and use 4 of them instead. Full set of Onion equipment is necessary as well. There are a few types of dragons which are rarely encountered in the crystal tower near the end of the game, and each of them have a small chance of dropping various pieces of Onion gear. Alternatively you can use this item upgrade trick to give yourself 4x full sets of Onion gear in a fraction of the time - video tutorial here. Getting the equipment before you level up the Onion Knights will also make the grind much more bearable.

Fully equipped Lv 99 Onion Knights are basically god mode. You'd be in for a truly massive amount of grinding but the payoff is soooooo satisfying. Also: respect for playing the original NES version.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/30 04:21 ID: h3iwo1q

Right now I'm playing FF7 and so far I'm loving it, I was wondering what game I should play after I finish it as I have both 8 remastered and 10/10-2 hd remaster. What do you guys think?

ID: h3jn7nz

What do you love about VII? Setting, story, characters, gameplay, etc.? That'll help when recommending something.

ID: h3knb7m

8 is more similar to 7 than 10/10-2, but 10/10-2 are closer to the current gen of FF titles in terms of its overall cinematic/gaming feel. both are good choices tbh

11 : Anonymous2021/06/30 14:57 ID: h3kf2fe

So I have only FF VII, but I m honestly interested in more games. They are also retiring FFV and FVI in favor of pixelization. Which games you recommend to play after VII? Any point in getting the old V/VI or better wait?

ID: h3kn538

if you liked FF7's 3d style, then FF8 and FF9 are the natural next steps.

The current V and VI version on mobile and steam are (visually) terrible from a purist perspective and don't do any justice to the original games. wait for pixel remaster for those

ID: h3loop2

If you really liked VII and want something similar, VIII and IX are the way to go. Outside of those 3 PS1 games, the franchise is known for shaking things up, sometimes quite drastically. If you really liked VII and want of that world and those characters, then check out Crisis Core, which serves as a prequel to VII, or VII Remake.

If you thought VII was good, but maybe had issues with the graphics, lack of voice acting, or the ATB combat system, then X is probably the next game to play. It has a pure turn-based combat system and the X/X-2 HD remaster looks great for a 20 year-old game (and comes with the divisive, but imo quite fun, sequel). This was also the first entry with voice acting, though it's certainly a bit rough at times.

The later games (XI-XV) are where the franchise really started to shake things up, and the gameplay will be quite different in each of those games. I don't know much about XI and XIV other than them being MMOs and generally being quite well-regarded, and I haven't played XV, though the general consensus is that the Royal Edition fixed many of the issues it had at launch and that it's a solid action FF experience now. As for XII, it's got a somewhat open world (enemy levels will prevent you from outright exploring the entire world immediately, though) and the combat system is focused around "programming" your characters (i.e. if hp<50 cast cure, else if ally is silenced cast esuna, else cast thundara) and letting them fight on their own, though you can manually select abilities if you'd like, at least for whichever party member you're controlling. XIII revolves around switching your party members roles (or jobs) continuously throughout battle while trying to stagger your enemies. The combat can get quite deep and is a lot of fun, imo, though it is worth mentioning that you will only control the party leader in battle. The game gets a lot of hate, but very little of it is deserved. It is very linear for the vast majority of the game, though it has two sequels that allow for much more exploration, if the world and characters appealed to you.

Now for the older games. Personally, I really like all 6 of these games, but they are definitely from a different time and won't appeal to everybody. V and VI will offer the best gameplay and IV and VI have some of the best stories, but I, II, and III are probably only for those that really love the franchise and want to see it's roots. Typically I would recommend the PSP versions of I, II, III (same as the Steam version for this one), and IV, plus the GBA versions of V and VI, as they all have added content and some QoL features. That being said, if you want to keep closer to the original games in terms of looks and mechanics, while retaining some modern QoL features, then the upcoming pixel remasters may be a better choice. That being said, it looks like they will not have the added content from the other remakes I mentioned (not technically confirmed yet), and we also don't know for certain whether certain bugs or other issues from the originals have been fixed for the pixel remasters. Definitely don't get the current steam versions of V and VI though, unless you really like the way they look.

With all of that being said, I actually recommend just checking each entry out and playing whichever one piques your interest the most. None of the games are bad, and somebody else's least favorite game may end up being your favorite.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/30 23:16 ID: h3marac

Currently playing FF: 0 HD, on my first playthrough. How do I get Emina to spawn on the terrace to give her gifts. Done 2 so far.

ID: h3mje0t

she appears each day when there is 6–2 hours left.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/30 23:19 ID: h3mb4jj

I need an overworld materia guide that shows all materia locations chronologically that I can pick up off the ground

14 : Anonymous2021/06/30 23:45 ID: h3me4eq

Hi, so I only played XV and I would like to play more games of the franchise. I don’t have much experience with turn based games (I only played Pokemon lol) but I would really like to try them. So I have a 3ds with VI Advance and a PSP with VII, VIII and IX. Which of this four is easer to get into for a newcomer? Should I start with VI and then go chronologically? Thanks for the advice 🙂

ID: h3mj26q

from easier to harder for turn base newcommers I say:

FF6 > FF9 > FF7 > FF8.

FF6 and FF9 are almost on equal terms but FF7 and FF8 require more experimentation specially FF8.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/01 00:06 ID: h3mgn10

Not sure which FF game to buy from the new pixel remasters. Since they are releasing 1-3 first, which one of them do you recommend getting if i only had to pick one?

ID: h3nrmkz

III is probably the most advanced gameplay-wise, so choose that if you want more interesting gameplay. III is where the job system was first introduced. I is an option if you want to see where the series came from, but it's not an amazing game otherwise. II is quite grindy from what I hear, and is not that liked either.

This is not to say you couldn't enjoy any of these, just that III is probably the safest bet.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/01 01:47 ID: h3msfuu

I am interested in buying Final Fantasy V and VI, but I would like to know if the GBA bonus content is important or not? Because if it is, then I will try to rush and buy the "Old version" on Steam

ID: h3o3rp4

Yea the bonus contents is worth it as there are very long dungeons to test your endgame team. The bosses there are no jokes.

Edit: The FF5 GBA added more jobs too.

ID: h3p9oeu

Personally, I strongly disliked the "extra" content of the GBA / DS versions of FF6 and Chrono Trigger. Both add long, difficult dungeons, and don't really expand plot or develop characters. They're strictly challenge dungeons. When I'm replaying 6, I just stick with the SNES.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/01 10:31 ID: h3o1s47

I currently own FF 1,2,3,4 for the PSP. Should I bother with the pixel remasters?

ID: h3o3wec

In my opinion, I think FF3 is the most promising looking so far as that remaster is based on the NES, not the DS version. Best to wait and see for more info.

18 : Anonymous2021/07/01 15:39 ID: h3oyw7e

I got the dumb idea to stream all the games once the pixel remaster comes out. Should I play them in the order of their numbers or is there another playmaker I should do? I know some of the games are connected and some take place in the same world which is why I'm asking

ID: h3p9fp0

Actually, for the first six, they don't take place in the same world. If you expand past the remasters, the first direct sequel doesn't come until 10, depending on how you classify the remake of 7. Even the "connections" between games are more things like most of them having summon magic and a character named Cid, and less strong lore connections. (Like even the games that allegedly take place on the same world, you're not going to the same towns and locations that the heroes of game's past did.)

With that in mind, I'd recommend you just go from 1 to 6 in the remasters, and then 7 to 10, 10-2, 12, 13 and its two sequels, and 15 and its DLC. Might as well go full chronological! If you want, you could even throw in Mystic Quest and Tactics. (FF Adventure and Legend, I think they're less necessary to include, since they're just renamed versions of other game series.)

19 : Anonymous2021/07/01 18:34 ID: h3pnf1b

I'm considering getting 6 and 7 on Steam. Do I get the old version of 6 while I can, or get the Pixel Remaster on a later date?

Something I think is worth noting is that the old 6 isn't on sale (unlike 7, which is half off).

20 : Anonymous2021/07/02 00:55 ID: h3r0ltw

So I played FF III, IV, X, X-2, XII, and just started on XV. I was thinking of getting a game or two from the XIII trilogy. Do you recommend playing the whole trilogy or is it not worth?

ID: h3r9hok

I personally liked the sequels better than XIII itself, but opinions on this vary a lot, so I wouldn't buy the sequels unless you end up liking XIII

21 : Anonymous2021/07/02 03:09 ID: h3rfqlg

Slight subreddit meta question: Why has the community calendar not been updated in over a year and a half?

22 : Anonymous2021/07/02 09:53 ID: h3sctx7

How much info regarding the FFV Pixel Remaster content is there? I read the GBA version has extra dungeons and jobs, and am looking forward to replaying but want to make sure I get the superior content-wise version.

23 : Anonymous2021/07/02 11:13 ID: h3sirrj

For final fantasy 1 to 6 which versions are the best to play? Should i stick to the original versions or other releases? I dont plan on getting the pixel remasters since i dont game on my pc or phone.

ID: h3tvjtx

I think the GBA versions of I, II, V, and VI are the best. I would play those if you have access to it. If not the SNES version is the way to go for IV and VI (called II and III).

24 : Anonymous2021/07/02 18:03 ID: h3tz758

Need Peoples Opinion~

I've been gaming for a long time (38 years old), but I've never given FF a lot of love but I now want to go back and play some of the games I never got around to play. All that being said I'm debating between FF15 and yes I know that's not everyone's cup of tea but it's the newest one or FF 12 HD which I haven't played either. I'm asking which one would people recommend more.

Notes: Playing on the X Box OneFF12-HD seems a little over pricedFF15 looks better and its cheaper but the reviews have been mixed.

ID: h3ub8tf

Play 15 it’s a good entry for new people into the series imo, although you should remember it’s not your typical FF and the story doesn’t exactly reach the high bar set by fans.

25 : Anonymous2021/07/02 19:27 ID: h3uaxwg

My main gaming platforms are pc, switch PS, for final fantasy 2-6, which versions are the best to buy? Are the new pixel remasters the best version or do we not have enough information? For more info i’ve already bought 7/10 and 10-2/12 ZA on PS 8,9 on switch and 13/13-2/LR on PC so i have those ready for when i get there. I’ve also already completed 1 on a vita so i don’t have to buy it but i’d like to. I’m just wondering what’s the best version for 2-6.

26 : Anonymous2021/07/02 23:46 ID: h3v7q6h

Has there been any update on a Final Fantasy Type-0 sequel? Or is it never happening


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