Temporary rule change

1 : Anonymous2021/07/21 00:32 ID: ooeycb

Due to a recent influx of sales spamming. All links or directing users to a page to purchase any merchandise are temporarily banned. This includes requests for PMs.

We are still in discussion on the best way to move forward and will amend this rule at a later date.

2 : Anonymous2021/07/21 03:01 ID: h5ygcwe

While we're on the subject, could you also make a rule that says you can't promote instagram pages on any of the Tifa cosplay / thirst trap posts? Just seems like that Rick and Morty slaverywithextrasteps.jpg meme could easily be applied to social media ad revenue farming vs sales spamming.

ID: h612jr6

I'll be honest, the excessive Tifa content is pretty off-putting to me. I like Tifa (who doesn't?) but when I come to this sub and every other post is Tifa I just kinda check out and I wish there was some official moderator moratorium or maybe fans should just spend more time on


ID: h5zt3o6

This would already be counted under Rule 3.

ID: h6hbzda

Kill cosplay posts altogether. They bring down the quality of the subreddit and are 98% of the time the same Cindy and Tifa cosplays we've seen a thousand times before.

ID: h6dk0ti

For that matter, OF pages too.

That's apparently been an abused enough ploy that we're already apparently at the point where women apparently don't get to cosplay anything less heavily clothed than Tali from Mass Effect anymore without some cynic automatically insisting they're trying to sell people on their OF.

Which is just plain sad. 🙁

(Also I'd presume covered by Rule 3, though.)

ID: h6xprk7

We have meme mondays. Maybe we can make Tifa Tuesdays?

3 : Anonymous2021/07/25 04:39 ID: h6fxo30

If or when allowing users to post merch they've bought comes back, can you please add a rule that the poster has to at least try to find the original artist before giving people links to a random site they bought the shirt at? A lot of artists have their own etsy store, but their designs get stolen by other sites and sold for cheaper and then thread posters direct others to buy from that site. It's really unfair to the artists.


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