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1 : Anonymous2021/08/23 17:00 ID: pa3zev
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2 : Anonymous2021/08/26 17:09 ID: hag3gei

Tattoo ideas?

I'm playing through the entire main series from start to finish, focusing on the mainlune games except the MMOs. I've thought about getting a tattoo to commemorate each one as I complete it, but I was wondering if I should do an individual tattoo for each, or if I should do a larger cumulative piece that adds a new piece for each game?

ID: haj12s7

I don't know anything about tattoos but I wonder if a combined one would be difficult to make look good due to the different art styles throughout the series, particularly thinking of the earlier 2D games. Feels like it could be a bit jarring if you didn't want to force them all into a similar art style. But like I said, I don't know about tattoos!

3 : Anonymous2021/08/28 18:16 ID: hapkpt6

Playing ff9 and doing the swordfight minigame. I hear everyone say that the only way to impress queen brahne is if you impress all 100 nobles, but i only got 96 nobles and she was impressed. Does this give me the 10k gil and the moonstone?

ID: haq3dp3

Nah think the queen is impressed once you go over 80 or 90. It's possible the rewards are separate and impressing her with high enough nobles will get you the moonstone but the 10k comes from the nobles themselves

4 : Anonymous2021/08/24 03:52 ID: ha4dzq9

HELP!! which is worst final fantasy Xiii-2 or final fantasy lightning returns, i really wanna play one and i own both copies. i know they have a bad history

ID: ha4frbk

I like both. You should play XIII-2 first as Lightning Returns picks up where it leaves off(kinda)

ID: ha51ov1

Have you played XIII? I'd recommend playing them in order. The others are a bit confusing if you haven't played the ones before.

ID: ha4zo4j

IMO XIII-2 is way better.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/23 18:58 ID: ha2e56r

I was wondering which game I should try out next.

I have played FFXV, the original Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core, and the Remake, and then most recently FFX.

I would have to say that out of all of them, the 7 series was my favorite although I REALLY enjoyed the story of Final Fantasy X, and the combat system was fun, However, when I started X-2, I was quickly discouraged by the combat system and the fact that there are multiple endings? That are apparently difficult to get? Is it worth giving X-2 another go? I was content where the original left off, and feel like I could leave the story at that.

ID: ha31npy

X-2 was kind of meant as a lighthearted game in some ways, but it feels super "of its time." Like, I'm almost positive that a remake of Charlie's Angels came out around the same time, and in my head the two pieces of media are forever linked. X-2 is Yuna and the gang going out and having "fun" being bounty hunters.

So, I wouldn't really say that you "need" to give it another shot, if it didn't really hook you initially. It has two endings, I think, but the "golden" ending is a lot of work and really only adds one more scene, IIRC. That's not really a reason to shy away. But the gameplay and presentation is mostly the same throughout, even if it gets a bit more serious and a bit less bubble gum.

If you really liked 7 and 10, then the games from the surrounding areas might be for you. 8 is a bit of an odd duck as far as the series goes, but its plot has a lot of drama. And 12 also has an odd combat system, but people *love* the plot and story. Also, frankly - They're all in the $5 to $15 range, depending on what format you're getting. It's hard to go wrong at that price point.

ID: ha2t46h

How far in X-2 did you get? I think a couple of hours in would be enough to tell if the combat is just not your thing. I believe you can turn off the cutscene that plays everytime you switch dresses if that's what was turning you off.

I would say that FF8 or 9 are generally people's next game of choice after finishing 7, do either of those interest you?

ID: hahh38l

Final Fantasy X-2 imo has one of the most enjoyable job systems in all of Final Fantasy.

And seeing how Final Fantasy has done many good job system games already... so that's saying a lot.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/26 01:32 ID: hadbwah

In your opinions do you guys think I should be ashamed,am I pervert or am I perverted loser that Shiva is 1 of my favorite summons even though I do have other favorite summons too as well other than Shiva herself :)?

ID: hadxwn4

No, Shiva's cool. Nothing wrong with liking her

ID: haee67r

FF8 Shiva, my first true love.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/29 20:47 ID: haujcy2

What would be a good FF game for a newcomer?

I've only ever touched two of them, FF14 and FFX. I consider FF14 to be one of my favorite stories in gaming and was recommended FFX by friends in game. I did not care for it. Not a fan of turn based combat so the story/characters really need to carry it for me and the voice acting was...not good, especially after how amazing the VA is in 14. Except Wakka. Gave it about 11 hours before I stopped. Was thinking of either XV or one of the older games with no VA at all like 6 or 7. I had the 7 Remake but my PS4 died...

8 : Anonymous2021/08/23 17:01 ID: ha1wudv

I just wanna know when the first soldier comes out

ID: ha2s4da

Did you get to play the beta? I'm interested in the game but I'd have to upgrade to a new phone as mine is pretty old.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/24 00:03 ID: ha3kz1m

I'm playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. So far all the times I have used ninjitsu skills they don't cause an status effect. Like if I use wood veil which causes damage and immobilize only causes meager damage.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/24 04:42 ID: ha4j0xe

FF6 Advance

I seem to be having issues with re-recruiting Cyan, and I'm not sure what exactly I'm missing. As I understand it, the process to getting him back is 1. send out the pigeon from Maranda to Zozo, 2. talk to the pigeon in Zozo in order to trigger the merchant selling the Rust-Rid, and then 3. go to Mt. Zozo via the locked door, but I'm currently stuck in a limbo on Step 2. While I have sent the pigeon out, I can't find it again in Zozo, and the merchant by the inn simply has generic dialogue and won't sell me the Rust-Rid. Is there a step that I missed that I'm leaving out, or a way to restart the event altogether?

ID: ha4lkjj

There shouldn't be any other step. Assuming you talked to Lola, attached the letter to the pigeon, and watched the pigeon fly from Maranda to Zozo, the pigeon should just be visible at the entrance of Zozo. It's to the upper left of your character the moment you enter the town.

ID: ha5gcf8

Are you sure you're talking to the right guy for the Rust Rid? I think it's a guy in the northwest portion of town, but I can't remember if he's walking around outside a building, or if he's inside that building. If you sent the bird over to Zozo, and saw the bird fly up to the mountain, you should be able to buy the Rust Rid.

I'd also agree with Starry's advice. If you didn't see the pigeon flying to the mountain when you first got to Zozo, maybe you still need to attach the letter in Miranda.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/24 10:45 ID: ha5a1le


This year, Square released FF2 Pixel Remaster, delisting, then, the old FF2 PSP port from App Store.

The problem is: I have the FF2 PSP App on my phone, with an incomplete save file that took 40 hours so far. What will happen to this game? Will I lose my file once I buy a new phone (or reboot this one)? Is there a way to salvage the save file to the Pixel Remaster, or to a computer version of FF2?

ID: ha5fnba

You should be able to transfer all of your data from the old phone to the new phone. I just got a new phone, and my progress in various games is all saved. My phone was a Galaxy S6 - pretty old - and most modern phones are somewhat configured to allow for easy transfer overs.

The pixel remaster has substantial differences, so I doubt a conversion is possible.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/24 19:36 ID: ha78bbv

Is the FF IV pixel remaster of the harder Japanese version or the English version that was easier with cut content?

Wondering if I should wait for the pixel remaster release of FF IV or emulate a rom of FF IV ultima edition.

ID: ha8f9u2

I don't think we know yet, but FWIW, the difficulty difference between the versions is vastly overstated. FF4j has a bunch of "special" attacks that you wouldn't use in most circumstances (Darkness, Recall), and a bunch of items and two spells (Protect and Shell equivalents) that would actually make things easier. People think that FF2e is FF4 easytype, which is actually a completely different game that was a Japan-only release. The bigger, more legitimate complaint with the original FF2e is that the translation is really bad.

ID: hahg66b

Seeing as FFIV for GBA has more balanced difficulty, and FFIV for DS is an absolute BEAST

I feel that it's safe to say that the difficulty will be fine. But "still" at the same time, no-one can guarantee anything yet.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/24 20:17 ID: ha7eim1

Do the Pixel Remasters have achievements on mobile?

ID: ha86e5v

I've gotten achievements in FF1:PR.

ID: hai153v

All three I've played on android so far have achievements.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/24 21:39 ID: ha7qhhs


Does Beserk increase power higher the more you level it up? Struggling with the final boss and wondering whether it's worth grinding to level 16. Thanks

ID: hab3dkz

The higher the level the more the damage increase is, yes. I'm pretty sure it also stacks though so you could alternatively just cast it over and over. That might not be the case in the pixel remaster so you might want to test that on some trash mobs first

15 : Anonymous2021/08/25 07:27 ID: ha9l5vr

Is the Intermission DLC for FF7:Remake on PS5 included on the disk or is it a code? Basically, if I get a used copy of FF7:R on PS5, will I be able to play the DLC too, or will I have to buy it separately?

Also, without any spoilers, does the PS5 release + DLC add anything at all to the base game, or is all new content in the DLC?

ID: hab3zej

It's a download code so sadly you'd have to buy it separate, and as far as I know the PS5 version of FF7R is just gameplay and graphical updates.

ID: hac3fwv

I haven't played it yet, but I have watched a video, and Intergrade added a new (and very important) final cutscene to the base game.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/25 22:07 ID: hacki95

Please educated me as this is my first FF game (FF9)

I just fought the guy that looks like Vivi in Ice Cavern, and I was wondering what can I do about Garnet's level. Garnet is level 2 and Vivi is level 4 but Zidane and Steiner are level 5. Even though Vivi is my favourite party member, I don't care that he's 1 level less. However, I am wondering if I should be concerned about Garnet's level and if future party members will start off at level 1? Where can I also see what level I should be at what point in the game?

Edit: Also, why can't I equip any armour or weapons?

ID: hacvr86

There isn't one right level you can beat the game, it all depends on your strategy. You could beat the game at level 1 if you really wantes to, or you could grind all the way to 99 if you really wanted to. I would however recommend just progressing the game as usual and having at least a few save slots, and if you hit a fight you can't win, you can go back and grind a bit or try to come up with a different strategy.

Some of the characters will be unevenly leveled, but it shouldn't matter much. Try not to get bothered by it too much, as it will happen several times during the game.

You should definitely be able to equip armor and weapons normally. What exactly is stopping you from doing it?

17 : Anonymous2021/08/26 00:55 ID: had6w70

FF6 Advance

For the Cursed Shield, do I need to win 255 battles with a specific character in order to break the curse, or can it simply be 255 battles with the shield in total across various characters?

ID: hadae04

It can be with any of the characters except for Gogo. So yeah, you can switch the shield around and the battle count will continue going up.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/26 01:46 ID: haddpzr

Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster

I don’t know if I’m just stupid and totally missed it somewhere, but I’m at the Ancient Ruins and I still haven’t been able to find any armor or weapons for the Dark Knight class. Does anyone know where you can get some?

ID: hadnzgz

Honestly, you can't. Your best bet to get through ancient ruins is magic or a double boosted black belt

19 : Anonymous2021/08/26 03:23 ID: hadpwcv

In final fantasy 14 do you guys have any suggestions on how to decide a favorite or a main class/job when I have more than 1 favorite classes/jobs?

To explain all I will say for now is that I have more than 1 favorite classes/jobs & yes I admit sometimes I do switch classes & jobs sometimes depending on the situations I'm in & depending on the situation I'm in currently. & depending on what I need & depending on what abilities do I needed currently :).

ID: hag0wzo

The only negative to playing multiple jobs is the time investment for getting gear. And even then that's only really relevant if you want to have the best possible gear all the time because lockouts will keep you from gearing everything. But those lockouts are only on the highest level stuff and will eventually be removed.

As for HOW to pick your favorite...well just play what you like. I know that sounds simple but there isn't much more too it than that. The different jobs are all really well balanced so any differences between them are going to be minimal.

ID: hag2vzc

That depends on your overall goals in terms of leveling classes. If you're planning on choose one and sticking with it, then go with a tank or healer if you have either among your favorites as that will help with queue times. That said, if you're planning on eventually leveling other classes, I'd go with a DPS class while doing main story as it's easier to level tanks and healers with roulettes. As for which class in each category, I'd just trust your gut on which one you enjoy most.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/27 06:45 ID: haizomj

Do buffs expire in ffx-2? And what is the max stacks?

21 : Anonymous2021/08/28 13:50 ID: haok6pn

Got the FFIII pixel remaster, and it's my first time through FFIII. I typically like to rotate all my characters through all the various jobs -- leveling each up a bit along the way. But it seems like maybe the best approach may be to just pick one job (or one class of jobs) and stick with it the whole time?

For instance, I was using one character as a white mage for a while, taught them cure and poisana and other low-level spells, and then I switched them to a black mage and now there are no slots for low-level black magic.

Should I abandon my usual approach of leveling everyone on all the things as I go?

ID: haoo3cz

FF3 has job levels so the more you use a job the more effective it will be, it won't change your stats but it will affect stuff like spell slots, damage done, damage healed, etc. The change isn't so massive that you need to grind up a new job if you need to use a specific one for a dungeon or whatever, but you'll definitely be more powerful if you stick with one the whole game.

In earlier releases there were even mechanics to discourage you from switching jobs too often so I think the intended way to play is to pick a main job or two for each character.

22 : Anonymous2021/08/28 22:46 ID: haqk7g5

What is the game balance like in the pixel remasters of the NES games? I've heard the originals can be unfair, but Dawn of Souls which I did play seemed to balance things a little too far in the opposite direction

24 : Anonymous2021/08/29 11:19 ID: hashlp3

I'm planning to get the platinum trophy for FF7. Can anyone suggest the best walkthrough out there? 100% completion rate including stuff outside the trophies such as missable items or events would be better.


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