PSN store is having a PlayStation VR sale this week

1 : Anonymous2021/08/25 16:52 ID: pbf9fu
PSN store is having a PlayStation VR sale this week
2 : Anonymous2021/08/25 17:00 ID: habayth

I would dive in if I had a VR headset, but I really do not and I haven't even experienced it... 🙁

ID: habbng6

Just wait for VR2, I'm definitely investing if Sony prove they have a plan to support the technology

ID: habcfu2

That's the plan mate! 🙂

I definitely want to play Blood & Truth, as I like "The Getaway" vibes!

On another note, how do I wish for a remaster of the PS2 classics or a new game on that!

3 : Anonymous2021/08/25 17:08 ID: habc5nu

Is it confirmed if PSVR 2 will be backwards compatible with PSVR games?

ID: habha0f

Digital Foundry said they think it’s unlikely, developers would have to go back and do some significant work to make it work.

The lack of camera integration and a completely different controller would be some of the reasons (for example, you currently can’t play some PSVR titles with the Dualsense because it has no lightbar). Maybe it will work but you’ll still need the Move controllers, DualShock, and the camera.

ID: habj1e2

I disagree, for the 'bigger' indie devs especially. The game is already built and it would be crazy for them not to update it at the possibility of the market being in a frenzy again at the psvr2 launch. Some devs have already confirmed that there will be a 2nd updated version as well like Synth Riders and a popular fps game (forgot the title). It's also not confirmed but it would be extremely stupid on the devs if Beat Saber isn't carried over as well since it's one of the most popular games and they are relying on DLC to keep the train going. Plus its rumored that Sony is really pushing for devs to update their games as well.

ID: habk34u

Aren't there several separate VR platforms already, where most of the big hits are all present? Means it's probably not really that hard to port. And even if it was costly, I doubt the devs would say no to a massive new market. PSVR2 will likely beat all the VR kit ownership records.

ID: hac2jyz

I don't understand DF's claim. Sony would be shooting themselves in the foot by not making PSVR2 backwards compatible.

Switching from outside in tracking to inside out has been done by the other market leaders (Oculus, Valve and partners).

The API just tells the software to translate positional data - whether the cameras are on the inside or outside. Think of it as a translational layer. This doesn't currently (and won't in future) require any 'additional' work from game devs to implement.

As far as controllers are concerned - if the devs don't update the software, then the incorrect controller models will likely be shown in-game. They will, however, be fully functional.

So long as the new controller has the same amount of configurable buttons (which the PSVR2 controllers seemingly do), then they will bind accordingly.

ID: habi8yb

I don't think natively, but according to the leaks a bit back Sony is pushing for devs to make their games updated for it. You can also bet most devs will since their games will get second chances once the new market opens up again for psvr2 launch. Pretty much guaranteed that all the big games will be working on psvr2 like Beat Saber and such.

ID: habfwr2

Not yet. But they better think of something. It would be such a waste to dump the entire library of the first Headset

ID: hacb7iw

Confirmed not to be backwards compatible would need to port the game.

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4 : Anonymous2021/08/25 17:46 ID: habhrnm

Anyone here played Gun Club VR? Is it fun? Thinking of picking it up,

ID: habonzv

Gun Club is awesome! Tons of guns and customization available, the only downside imo is it doesn’t use the aim controller at all. Kind of makes sense since it needs to track both hands in order to reload and things like that though

ID: habpsx8

Awesome, thanks! Guess I'll pick it up after work then.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/25 17:48 ID: habi24w

I'm in there like a dirty shirt

6 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:18 ID: hac4ma9

I'd really love to use my PSVR with my PS5, but each of the four conversations I have had with a Sony rep to get me the adapter dongle shipped to my house has ended with them assuring me that it's sent, me getting the confirmation email, and then waiting the "several weeks" for it to ship and nothing ever comes. I've given up at this point lol

7 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:46 ID: hac8utc

Want to dive in, but not unto psvr2 is confirmed backwards compatibility.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:56 ID: hacad8o

The Persona dancing collection (3, 4 and 5) are also on sale for around 17 USD. Just a warning though, they are not PS VR games. The only thing you can do with PS VR in them is looking at character models and their rooms.

ID: hacamd3

This bundle is also the only way of getting P4Dancing on PS4/PS5

9 : Anonymous2021/08/25 23:14 ID: hactnfz

Honestly, as someone with a VR set, I'm not touching anymore VR games until the next-gen version comes out. Most of the games feel like tech demos more than actual games, one that I really liked was Trover saves the Universe and I remember there was even a joke in there joking about the limits of the VR and how things look bad from a medium distance.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/25 18:44 ID: habqhgy

Racket Fury is $7. Get that shit!


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