r/marvelstudios, already hot about the ending of the “WandaVision”, sees a snarky article posted about fans who ruined their enjoyment of the climax of the show based on their groundless fan theories that didn’t happen. Drama about subverted expectations and gender identification ensues.

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 12:58 ID: lzq74p

... one thing I can’t agree is the Quicksilver mishap. That’s not something fans cooked out of nowhere Marvel literally teased all that. I’m saying all this after seeing my younger sibling getting really disappointed after seeing that it was not the Quicksilver we all thought it would be.... This is not done. You can disagree with me, it’s okay but I think Marvel did us bad by this.

This hack editor at collider is just the fun police. Are we not allowed to speculate and have fun and try to predict things? It is marvels fault if the stupid fan theories make more sense their tv show

If you liked 100% of WV then you're a man. If you didn't like it 100% (even if it was 95%) you're a boy. You can not be a girl, a woman or non-binary if you've seen the show, so I'm sorry, but you're all men and boys now. Please pick up your freshly assigned gender cards at your earliest convenience.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:59 ID: gq3nvsp

'Wandavision failed to deliver things that were never promised to me' is an excellent ragebait headline and a perfect summation of so many fandoms.

ID: gq3qj2l

It's times like these I'd be fascinated to see what these people would create instead.

We need to encourage fans to write their own alternative scripts when they're unhappy with a show's direction, just to truly see what sort of dumpster fires we'd end up with if fans were actually given what they wanted.

ID: gq4axyq

'Wandavision failed to deliver things that were never promised to me'

This was Mephisto all along.

ID: gq3u5av

One would think people would've learned their lesson from Game of Thrones or the Star Wars sequels.

ID: gq4u4xu

This is what happens when modern media franchises spend millions upon millions of dollars to hype up their products. Reddit goes crazy over the announcement of trailers, then goes insane for the trailers themselves which puts false ideas into their heads. Trailers are great because the amount of hype generated is unlimited, people see awesome trailers that build unrealistic quality expectations, when in reality it’s just easier to take a bunch of cool bits from a movie and splice them together with some cool sound effects and music and people act like it’s the second coming of christ

ID: gq4d2mv

Reminds me of that Lilo and Stitch thread.

ID: gq4ruwv

I read the article before I saw this, and I thought it was great. Like or dislike the show on its own merits, not on what you'd wished was in the show.

ID: gq5be6t

I'm so anxious over the ending of Attack on Titan because of this.

ID: gq79u0p

I think the only thing that was “promised” was Evan Peters as Quicksilver. That combined with the new multiverse focus of the MCU was basically an intentional hype machine.

ID: gq47mil

"Just accept what you got"

Really is a perfect summation of the reaction to these fandoms.

It's so annoying how people are putting down people who wanted more from this show and stating that what we got sans fan theory is great as if it is a foregone conclusion.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:51 ID: gq3n3tc

It was a solid show, did i really enjoy the finale? Not really. Will i move on almost immediately? Yes i will

ID: gq3yw92

Psh, if you aren't building your whole life around it then you're clearly not enjoying the show properly

ID: gq5f49z

I loved the premise and the early episodes where they actually did the TV show thing. Then in the latter half it just becomes, well, a superhero show, which it is after all, so I wasn't really disappointed, it's just that what dragged me into the show really was the sitcom-style presentation.

... though I was tremendously won over by it having been Agatha all alooooong!

ID: gq49joq

Can you spoil me? I don't care enough to pirate the show but I don't like when people talk about something I don't know.

ID: gq5a4lb

This is all news to me. I thought it was pretty good. I somehow missed all of the drama.

ID: gq6e6iw

Everything was fine except ralph f bohner might as well be boner

ID: gq45i59

Will i move on almost immediately? Yes i will

Fuck the people who have any sory of attachment to this show I guess.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 13:10 ID: gq3e5m7

Reddit is just millions of excuses to keep arguing over The Last Jedi.

You think you have options. You think you have free will. What you really have is an obligation to read about blue milk over and over and over.

ID: gq3ufw5

It's this wild notion called "trusting the story". Sure, after it's all over, we might have liked the story or not. But this per-episode micromanaging of every single plot point is insane. It ruins the experience for everyone involved.

ID: gq3nobh

When I read the article it reminded me of what happened with the last Jedi

ID: gq4khrx

I saw The Last Jedi the day after it came out. I was so excited for the movie, I’d spent months coming through fan theories and speculation, and on the day I was going to see it my buddy, who’d seen it opening night, said “It blows the theory crafting wide open.” That was it.

And do you know what happened when I saw the movie? I was blown away. Not a single thing anyone had predicted came true, and it was marvellous. I’d sat through The Force Awakens constantly going “This is cool, but it’s A New Hope”, so when The Last Jedi subverted my expectations it was a great experience.

Cue my fucking surprised when on get on Reddit and see everyone hating it.

ID: gq5mhxq

Everyone turned into a screenwriting expert when TLJ came out.

ID: gq4743l

I can sympathize with this regarding The Last Jedi.

Game of Thrones on the other hand? Still mad.

ID: gq70hua

Reddit is just millions of excuses to keep arguing over The Last Jedi.

lmao can we add this to the bot

ID: gq3hsmj

I get what you're saying and I agree: it's just way too much and it's everywhere. And it's not like the arguments ever settle anything either, it's just the same things rehashed over and over again.

In fairness though, Luke Skywalker was described in multiple big name extended universe books as having the capability to destroy big walkers like we see in TLJ. That's just a fact. JJ know it, Johnson didn't seem to. We see in the Clone Wars episode "Prince of Ja'ardoon" (S8E13) that Luke's projections can physicality impact the world just as his real body can (19:36 timestamp) when he causes the rocks in the canyon to fall and block the Sith on the speeders. Those are big rocks, heavy as hell, so you're saying that his projection can't tip over a First Order walker? Maybe if he just got out of noob academy like Mary Sue, oops I mean Rey. But no, this is post-Blood Crisis Luke, the same Luke who kept the Star Destroyer from leaving the dock in the Disney approved book "Raiders of Mar-Lux Station."

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:02 ID: gq3o6md

It blows my mind

All the fan theories was just this crazy mess with each episode

And when Marvel ends the show in a very marvel fashion they all get butt hurt

Like bro comon, if Marvel makes money doing Marvel formula style content, why in the f would you think they would change that

Plus it connected to the MCU, which is alot of fun but it isnt any sort of master piece in cinema

ID: gq3vdbt

People went in thinking we would get another Endgame. The MCU as a whole is practically at Phase 1 again, so it’s gonna be inherently slow at the start. Some MCU fans are just brain dead so you can’t expect much from them.

ID: gq3xeqp

This was pretty good at what it was meant to be, a bridge to the next phase and introducing Wanda as not just a product of the mind stone but a strong magic user. This is like a better version of Thor 2, it wasn't good, but it was a universe building bridge.

ID: gq4uilu

Counterpoint: their Quicksilver casting choice was a specific choice that they knew would create a specific conversation. I can get people being annoyed when the result was dick joke lol.

ID: gq51yn7

My disappointment is that it was a unique and interesting story that at the end just devolved back into the standard marvel sky lasers. I want more quirky and inventive story telling damn it.

ID: gq4447l

Like bro comon, if Marvel makes money doing Marvel formula style content, why in the f would you think they would change that

Because the show actually started out unique and not fully in line with the Marvel formula.

Plus it connected to the MCU, which is alot of fun but it isnt any sort of master piece in cinema

You're talking to different people now. It's the people who didn't care or are ok with the fan theories not panning out that think it's a masterpiece.

ID: gq4o25i

I was kind of hoping they'd change up the formula at all, based on the earlier episodes where they did

ID: gq5fey4

This reminds me of that RLM sketch where one of the guys goes don't ask questions, just consume product and then get excited for next product!

Like, Marvel totally works like this right now, but the fandom don't seem to think it's enough. They don't actually care about the stuff they're watching right now, they just want the next stuff to be teased and when that stuff comes they'll be worrying about the next stuff and so on. It's like an ad that's advertising an ad that's advertising and ad that's advertising an ad...

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:41 ID: gq3m78s

Like the whole outrage is so overblown, it was a nice show, its whole purpose was to set things right on the character of Wanda and open up new possibilities, not to explore those possibilities in 2 episodes. I still think the Evan Peters’ cast isn’t coincidental tho, we know Marvel gradually expands on the story

ID: gq3p6ob

People just expected movie-level reveals when Marvel is likely saving those for, well, their movies. Like the new Doctor Strange movie that this was meant to lead into. Exploring the multiverse is a pretty convenient place to drop some huge characters/reveals.

I'm really happy with what they did here, though. Exploring characters like this is great, and I want more.

ID: gq3q5ex

I thought the finale was a disappointment. Pretty strong tonal shift that wasn't really necessary in a show that had established its own tone prior to that. Especially with a pow!bang!biff! type show coming out after it in Falcon & Winter Soldier, maybe we could have skipped the punchy part in this show.

But I had no fan theories I was holding on to. I was just enjoying the show and the strong performances from the leads.

ID: gq478ld

not to explore those possibilities in 2 episodes

People thought the possibilities were already being explored in the past 7 episodes and the payoff would be in the final 2.

ID: gq777ia

The only thing that didn’t land for me was that Wanda is basically a monster that tortured people for months, including children and they resolve all that with monica going, lol whatevs.

ID: gq3vqce

Braindead MCU fans wanted lots of punching and one liners, they instead got an emotionally driven story with an emotional ending.

ID: gq4h4o8

I kinda think Disney had people astroturfing and doing damage control everywhere to cushion the blow from the weak finale. It was a relatively small number of people theorycrafting like that but we got the director talking about how people would find it disappointing, immediately followed up by PR articles talking about the faux outrage. The whole drama seems manufactured to drown out legitimate criticism and group it with crybabies, effectively getting people invested into picking sides for no reason.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:24 ID: gq3qh12

You know what I do when I try to watch a popular show? Ignore everything, don't read anything, and just stay focused on the show. Don't blame the fans for making theories because it's literally just fake spoilers. Just ignore them.

ID: gq3qxdg

This is good advice.

I think the only show I've not followed this advice for recently has been Mandalorian, and that's only because I didn't watch any of the SW cartoons, so I had absolutely no context for some people. I knew Ahsoka existed, but that was it. I didn't even know she'd been Anakin's Padawan.

ID: gq4yqeo

Same here.

I love watching The Walking Dead. Post apocalypse is one of my favorite genres. The moment I search anything about it, some crybaby shit from some random jackass basement dweller seething on his blog comes up.

After a while I went back to completely ignoring the Internet's opinions on it, stopped searching it, and simply enjoyed the show on stream.

ID: gq52h2x

Critical analysis detox. A few YouTube videos and we all became junkies. I had to do the same.

ID: gq5hdqh

Yeah I made the mistake of watching screen crush breakdowns of every episode afterwards and they trotted out a million fan theories that were pretty major reaches. I’ll prob end up doing with for the Falcon show too though

8 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:12 ID: gq3p773

When Quicksilver first showed up (and after the initial shock wore off) I had two ideas. He got pulled into the MCU by either Wanda or Agatha. Or it was Marvel fucking with us by meta-casting Evan Peters as some random dude that was forced into the role of Pietro. I was good either way because "cool, X-Men are here" or "cool, the MCU isn't stuck with the shit FoX-Men continuity that makes no sense."

Expert level fuckery on Kevin Feige's part and I applaud them for it.

ID: gq3qaan

Or it was Marvel fucking with us by meta-casting Evan Peters as some random dude that was forced into the role of Pietro.

I believe this is the answer. The astrophysicist chick even announces “She recast Pietro”, which I think is a clear indication we’re meant to assume he’s a random dude Wanda’s mind-warping into pretending to be her brother. This is further confirmed when you later find out Agatha’s house is actually his, Agatha took it over and forced him to stay in the attic.

ID: gq3w65k

That was my far away wishlist item, that this would be the reverse house of m, where at the end mutants would be magic'd into the MCU when Wanda broke down.

ID: gq4a793

I can't be mad at all. It's too funny.

ID: gq4t1ys

I was one of the people hoping for the latter. Which seems like it’s what we got.

I’m surprised how upset it made a lot of people. But actually did get what I wanted out of my theories. For now anyway.

ID: gq4662h

Expert level fuckery on Kevin Feige's part and I applaud them for it.

Why? He could've cast Evan Peters as a different character. But no, they made him Quicksilver to troll us. Annoying as fuck.

ID: gq5tdsj

I mean, he can be from another part of the multiverse and just not have powers.

The fact is by showing him in this part of the mcu, they've branched off those other movies regardless how it ended up.

I don't really see why everyone's throwing a big fit about it. It's pretty much still exactly what they wanted, it just turned out slightly different.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:55 ID: gq40vkp

I feel weird about this whole supposed controversy because I was one of those people who REALLY got into making theories about WandaVision, and I also absolutely loved the finale that didn't do 90% of the things I theorized it might do. The finale was well-done and emotionally impactful, it gave a satisfying conclusion to Wanda and Vision's arcs in the show and set up some interssting plot points for future stories to explore. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was fake Pietro being some random dude named Ralph Bohner, and that's mostly because that's a boring conclusion to that mystery. But I enjoyed the finale so much that I don't think about that one issue much.

So I don't get the people who hated the finale, and I also don't get people who are now acting rabidly anti-theory. It's a mystery show that ends most episodes on a cliffhanger, trying to guess what's going on and what will happen is half of the fun. Sure, don't get pissed off when your theory turns out to be inaccurate, but you can't seriously expect people to not have fun with fan theories.

ID: gq426rh

I was disappointed about the pietro/quicksilver story line too, but I read an article just night that mentioned agent woo had shown up to Westview to check in on someone, and it renewed my hope that maybe there is an unexplained witness protection story or something with him.

I'm hopeful it will be hashed out in multiverse of madness. If it's not, at least I have time to move away from the silliness if it.

ID: gq4ddfm

I blame those "leaked episode 9 that shows Magneto" video on YouTube that messes with everyone perception of the show

ID: gq4dl1y

Boner, lol

ID: gq5980s

I also don't get people who are now acting rabidly anti-theory.

Yeah I don't get why people are acting like thinking up theories is stupid. Part of the fun of discussing a series is trying to figure out what's going to happen next.

ID: gq4kax2

I'm still on the Quicksilver == FBI Witness Protection person Jimmy was looking for in episode one. That's why he laughs at his own name because it's still new to him.

ID: gq4od11

So I don't get the people who hated the finale,

I didn't hate it but it kind of made my eyes glaze over. It just was such a boring way to end such a up to then good show

10 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:45 ID: gq3zs7x

Its wild to me that the biggest complaints with Age of Ultron were that it was 90% sequel bait, and now people are mad WandaVision does not have enough sequel bait

ID: gq68vw7

Which is weird because it was pretty much made to expand the plot for the new Dr.Strange movie.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:23 ID: gq3x5qa

Lol and somehow the last jedi is dragged into this. For pete's sake, people need to let that go

12 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:20 ID: gq4c0uo

Wait it's just setting up Wanda for Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness?

Always has been

13 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:41 ID: gq4o0gn

I hate what marvel has done for more casual cinephiles/whatever the term is for TV. I went to the wandavision sub to check out the discussion thread on the finale since I like reading people's impressions and whatnot. And there was no space for someone like me. The discussion was almost entirely around the theories and the connections to other marvel stuff like no one could possibly talk about the show for its own merits or as a standalone.

ID: gq5lq47

I mean, what is there to talk about?

Halfway through the show it had pivoted to a by-the-book Agents of Shield spin-off. If you sat down before watching the finale and chose the most generic way to wrap up every thread, you’d get 80% of the episode except maybe Vision/White Vision).

Aside from those first few episodes, the show was clearly designed to exist to set up Phase 4, and almost every part of the finale plays into that. White Vision leaves and will pop up later, Agatha has been saved for future films, Monica is going to meet Fury, presumably for Captain Marvel 2, and even all of the character development Wanda goes through is out the window with the twins existing in the multiverse and White Vision being a potential romantic interest. The only thing we’re definitively done with is Westview and probably Ralph.

I’m not even really salty about the way it wrapped up, but after episode 3, the show stopped pretending to be anything but a tie in to other Marvel stuff, so I’m not really sure why you’d expect much discussion beyond that.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/07 13:58 ID: gq3i7kl

this is

level of crying about TV

ID: gq3sgg7

This may be my disappointed inner fan but, game of thrones maybe didn't promise a lot, but they did allude to a large amount of events and lore that just didn't matter. The only thing I can fault WandaVision on is how little the plot moved in the first two episodes. Do I think that the last episode could have been longer? Yeah, but it was a satisfying end.

ID: gq4hehd

I'm fairly sure wandavision is not one the biggest TV dramas to ever exist.

GoT was quite the phenomenon, wandavision can't really compare

ID: gq5ajld

Great comparison

ID: gq47czm

I'm still mad about GoT, but Wandavision wasn't nearly as bad.

ID: gq3tf0a

is very self aware and actually a lot of fun

15 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:37 ID: gq4nbyf

I'm not really sure I understand what this is supposed to mean

If you liked 100% of WV then you're a man.

If you didn't like it 100% (even if it was 95%) you're a boy.

You can not be a girl, a woman or non-binary if you've seen the show, so I'm sorry, but you're all men and boys now. Please pick up your freshly assigned gender cards at your earliest convenience.

ID: gq4nrkm

After a few comments, they said it was a sarcastic remark. I think it’s inclusive snark but I’m not sure.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:28 ID: gq4uuac

Find it funny early on I compared Wandavision to Lost (I love lost).. and it followed the formula to the point of some fans getting mad there pet theories not being true and turning on the show lol

17 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:53 ID: gq3tr0m

This show was just a start for the next arc after Infinity War.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:33 ID: gq5jiqx

Oh god if you like this remember to check /

in about one month

Attack on Titan is ending (the manga) next month and while most people there are chill there are some people are absolutely like this

ID: gq6769k

I’m actually loving the ending so far. I’m just ignoring the complaints!

19 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:29 ID: gq3xu1i

Reminds me of the direction attack on Titan is going, it’s pretty much the same situation there lol

ID: gq4dhh4

Huh, care to elaborate? I'm not familiar with AOT drama

20 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:01 ID: gq3upfj

Look, even if I mostly agree with the article, it’s obnoxiously written.

ID: gq3x9ym


21 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:03 ID: gq49jh7

Reminds me of wrestling fans getting excited in 2018 when Impact Wrestling teased a NY-born wrestler debuting at a show they held in the city.

People claimed it was Chris Jericho, since he was born there when his dad played for the Islanders, then got mad when it wasn't him and lashed out like it was Impact's fault that their plan never involved Jericho.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/08 04:14 ID: gq6dl7d

The headline is clearly bait.

That said. Nothing wrong with “I expected more but still enjoyed it.” it got me hyped for the next phase of the MCU. Mission accomplished.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/07 17:40 ID: gq46dp6

Dammit. I can't read this yet.

24 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:09 ID: gq4j9a9

Heh, boner

25 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:30 ID: gq4mbwk

Uhm that third comment is incredibly strange.

26 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:27 ID: gq538rm

lmao this is the same shit that happened with Game of Thrones when their white savior dragon lady didn't win.

Next up they'll harass the actors, harass the writers, harass the show runners, harass anyone who didn't mind/like/didn't blow a gasket at the ending as they did. Guaran fucking teed.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/07 23:26 ID: gq5ir2v

My friend said something similar about her relative expecting more from the show because of fan theories. I avoided the show up until last week and binged 8 episodes and waited a few days for the finale. It was really good.

After the GoT S8 fiasco I learned that fan theories are not worth reading. Either they're right and you've spoiled yourself or they're wrong and what you get doesn't live up to the show you wrote in your head.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:04 ID: gq4zwb1

Existence of fandoms is one of the worst thing to ever happen to the internet.

Almost all of them were dumb as a sack of bricks, but pathetic manchildren frothing in sheer rabid rage, just because random personal theories they cooked up in random chat boards didn't (obviously) come true, is a new low lol.

ID: gq5adcc

tbf "fandoms" kind of existed before the internet. Fans were so upset about Sherlock Holmes death that they cancelled their subscriptions to the paper that published the Sherlock Holmes stories and wrote angry letters to Arthur Conan Doyle for years until he finally caved and wrote another book that brought Sherlock back to life.

29 : Anonymous2021/03/07 17:10 ID: gq42pdo

Oh shit it’s over? As someone who hasn’t watched it yet, based on the response I know they’re kicking themselves for making it just a miniseries. Everybody and their mom is talking about this show

ID: gq43v4t

It wouldn’t work as a full show. It’s meant to be like an elongated movie

30 : Anonymous2021/03/07 13:17 ID: gq3epee

It just stroke me now that those who are 19 and younger flat out don't remember a world in which there wasn't multiple Marvel movies on theaters every single year. It kinda explains their obsession with the brand. It's all their life.

Edit: thank you for all the downvotes, /

. This comment clearly deserved it.

ID: gq3i2w5

Edit: thank you for all the downvotes

I think you're getting downvoted because you're talking about people younger than 19 stroking you, which is a big no no

ID: gq3ipui

With your edit, your comment absolutely does deserve downvotes.

ID: gq3gdjp

the whole identifying with a brand thing is just odd to me. When a saw all those Amd / Nvidia memes about how much better they are for purchasing Amd it really weirded me out. Same with Movies where people use box office sales as an argument for why a certain movie was good or not.

ID: gq3iibu

millenials and GoT was the same. muh season 8.

i makes me happy when i think about the people who named their kids arya or khaleesi. now their kids are named after something they hate

31 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:55 ID: gq40zap

Ah yes, the Lost/GoT way. Some things never change.

32 : Anonymous2021/03/08 00:34 ID: gq5q88m

See. Here’s my problem with WV and I posted it there back when the thread was new.

People saying Tobey Maguire appearing in the last spiderman movie may just be getting their hopes up.

But if spiderman 2 ended with Tobeys spiderman appearing to MCU spidey on his doorstep then you can’t blame the fans for getting excited. Especially when the multiverse has been teased.

And then all of the excitement is just for a fart joke.

Fans are right to be disappointed.

Love the show. 9/10 but people can be upset about some parts too.

33 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:53 ID: gq4h1gi

Only the disneysphere would seriously scold people for criticizing media.

34 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:13 ID: gq3w376

Honestly, I wish I could care about Wandavision. I don't even mean that in a "MARVEL SUCKS IT'S AWFUL" way. I''m just tired of it all. Awful Spidey characterisation on top of generally not having any of the characters I'm interested in, on top of fatigue, means I'm pretty much struggling to maintain any interest in it. I almost kinda envy the people up in arms over the ending.

ID: gq43y5v

Wanda vision is the best thing they’ve made in a while. It’s worth a shot more than their other properties

ID: gq3x91w

If I were you, I'd stop watching and do something with my time that's more energizing than draining

ID: gq471n2

Eh I mean I watched two episodes and didn't care enough to watch more. Can't stand the "parodied" sitcom with the laugh track, and the show constantly going "SOMETHING IS GOING ON HERE LOOK IT'S SO MYSTERIOUS" and slowrolling it by having the characters act stupid is just as annoying. The writers also really seem to think annoying = funny.

35 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:56 ID: gq5fegb

So let me get this strait since I'm not a marvel fan at all. People are pissed because a show had an actual ending rather than sequel baiting/fan servicing whatever head canon they had for a finale?

ID: gq68il8

That's about the size of it, yes.

They had their pet theories that some specific character would show up or that some multiverse-bending event would happen, and when their fan theories didn't come true they whined and bitched and said they're taking their ball and going home. But then they stuck around and bitched some more.


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