Any fellow ents do VR?

1 : Anonymous2020/05/18 15:26 ID: gm3idy

Just figured I’d ask

2 : Anonymous2020/05/18 22:32 ID: fr2oweu

VTOL VR, feel like a pilot.

3 : Anonymous2020/05/18 15:39 ID: fr1ampy

Yes! Got my PlayStation VR setup but all I have right now is beatsaber and a few shorter games. I'd like to get something a bit more epic.

ID: fr1b5v1

Heck yeah!

4 : Anonymous2020/05/18 17:04 ID: fr1ksmd

Oculus Rift s. Enjoyed robo recall a lot

5 : Anonymous2020/05/18 20:21 ID: fr2962n

Yeah we have two Vives, but only use em for Beat Saber these days. You playing any good games?

ID: fr2rfke

Let’s see, OrbusVR (it’s a vrmmo), Vrchat, Stand Out, and a few other games

6 : Anonymous2020/05/18 22:28 ID: fr2ogpx

Firewall can be fun, depending on how lit you are.

ID: fr2rc40

Never heard of it! I know VRChat is an experience while lit

7 : Anonymous2020/05/19 13:45 ID: fr4sfpj

Tilt brush is a lot of fun! Being able to draw on the air around you hits differently after a few bowls. It also "plays" through drawings when you load them up so you can watch the process of your own or other's work.

ID: fr57117

Bruh I know right! Haha

8 : Anonymous2020/05/19 13:53 ID: fr4t7cp

Oh yeah. PSVR here.


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