Phasmophobia – Update: Bug fixes, balance changes and new features!

1 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:11 ID: lz8qgw
Phasmophobia - Update: Bug fixes, balance changes and new features!
2 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:01 ID: gq08xj0

This one basically ported over most of the changes from the beta, and the game is definitely a lot tougher for it. You can fuck around during a hunt in the bigger buildings like normal, but they are way better at tracking especially in the homes and farmhouses. The game's difficulty definitely took a bit of a jump with this patch.

ID: gq0i0fc

A much needed jump, IMO. In 26 hours of play before this patch, I hadn't been killed by the ghost even once, and my group reached a point where we'd almost always finish levels before it ever started a hunt. Now I feel like Professional difficulty is in a much better place. You can still speedrun maps with some luck and skill, but the temperature changes make it much more likely that it goes long enough for a hunt, and the ghost changes make those hunts more dangerous.

ID: gq2fdzs

I had one ghost go all the way downstairs, through one room, and into a bathroom to get me. It spawned upstairs and I was already downstairs. It was not a Banshee.

They aren’t fucking around anymore, lol.

ID: gq1z8j4

Might be an unpopular opinion but I'd much rather the developer work on steam workshop integration and mods before finishing the game at this pace. The mechanical tweaks can only last my gaming group so long when there's no new content, and we already feel like we've exhausted what the game had to offer after 30 hours (it was a great first 10 hours and that's fine for the price of the game).

I would argue this would at least keep the player base engaged before it hits 1.0, especially that the dev is just a one man team. Mount & Blade must have been in development for more than a decade with a husband and wife team and for those who were there in its early days would be able to tell you just how insanely different the mods back then are compared to the ones for the full release (some I'd even say are far more creative and fun than the mods now).

I guess I just want to say I want shrek chasing me around Chuck E' cheese.

ID: gq2qob9

The difficulty was a love hate thing for me, the more dangerous ghosts had some semblance of danger to them but even still we all had 0 sanity on pro highschool against a mare and all of us but one made it out alive, which was fun, much like how risking your own life can be quite fun as well.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:04 ID: gq1lpdr

The ghost will now open doors, closets and lockers during hunts. This can be stopped by holding the door however the ghost can still walk through room doors like usual.

As if hiding in the closet didn't make me pee my pants, now I have to actively prevent the ghost from coming in and eating my face. Fuck me.

ID: gq21fbf

Also remember that most closets have two doors. Better hold the correct one!

ID: gq2ls0i

Just close your eyes

ID: gq3bj14

Watch the closet doors (tested in Tanglewood). You definitely have enough time to pull it shut once you see it opening. Makes it where you dont have to hold one the whole time.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:00 ID: gq08scu

Played the beta of these, there are some great changes which make the game less predictable which increases the horror.

Defo worth another little dive in with your boys/gals.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:47 ID: gq0igef

Is this game good without VR? It's a good price and I love scary games.

ID: gq0meu3

I've only played it without VR and I've really enjoyed it so far. Only ever played it with friends over Discord though, so I cant say how that would change when playing it solo or with a public lobby.

ID: gq1i937

It's a lot of fun without vr, but the vr really adds to the horror

ID: gq1k0rx

It's moderately spooky in non VR. It's PANTS SHITTINGLY TERRIFYING in VR. The game has a lot of scary stuff, but the ability to turn on lights and have distance from the monitor helps the game not be ABSOLUTELY FUCKING TERRIFYING unlike VR. I can't play this game in VR anymore because of it.

ID: gq0qyub

I play on non VR, I enjoy it very much.

ID: gq1szaa

Yes. Its better in vr, but the non-vr experience is still spooky as hell, and not significantly worse. I'm the only one of my friends with a headset, everyone else is still having a ton of fun. Only advantage vr has is two hands, so they can hold one more item (but can't operate doors while hands are full).

ID: gq2dz3f

I played it in VR once. It’s okay. It definitely adds to the creepiness. You can hold stuff in both hands which is nice. But I didn’t like it as much

ID: gq1kaka

You probably want to remap the vr controls, as the ones that It started with suck a lot, at least for the index.

ID: gq1jdd6

Hell ya. I’ve played this game a good amount with friends. It’s wonky, and doesn’t look like a polished game but it is so much fun

ID: gq2lul1

I have VR, but I've been too scared to try play it that way.

It is excellent even without it.

ID: gq1qtev

I had to stop playing it because it was giving me bad dreams. It’s that scary and I love horror games.

ID: gq29ws9

imo it's basically a different game without VR. It will feel a lot more like you're playing a game rather than actually being there. The atmosphere is very different in non-vr, but isn't a bad experience overall.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:53 ID: gq0jvna

Love to see all these updates. I plan to mostly just play it around September and October so I'm excited to see how much the game has improved in a year.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:29 ID: gq1f8v5

The ghost became pretty easy on professional. My friends and me ran games with no lights except flashlights to spice it up. This Sounds like a good update.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:01 ID: gq1l6ab

Can you still outrun all ghosts other than revenants? I used to watch a lot of Phasmophobia but having people going in circles because they know most ghosts can't reach them was kind of lame.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:03 ID: gq097qj

Is this game exclusively designed for multiplayer, or is it still fun to play solo?

ID: gq09otw

I love playing solo, but it can be a scary experience.

ID: gq0heb6

You can play both, although the larger levels are definitely not meant for solo play, because being able to split up makes it a LOT faster than when going in solo. For the smaller levels like the street houses or farmhouses, they're definitely very soloable

ID: gq0ca9k

It's really fun solo, the game gets much scarier.

ID: gq1gm0i

It’s best with 1-2 players in my opinion.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/06 22:45 ID: gq16ggh

How about an increase to walk speed. Instead of crawling and 5% faster crawling.

It's not scary. It's annoying. I get that they don't want people to be juking the ghosts. But playing this game pisses me off because I can't walk faster than a three year old. I'd like to be able to go back to the van to get an item without it taking ten minutes.

Makes the VR experience just that much more exhausting. At least on desktop you can look at your phone or something while you're walking. In VR you just stare ahead, bored to tears, getting a headache.

ID: gq1o6ay

From what I remember, the slow movement speed is because during testing the dev got complaints of VR players experiencing nausea, so they lowered the speed to combat that.

ID: gq29qj5

Even if they want to keep it slow, don't make me hold down a button. Just make it one speed!

ID: gq24y1p


It's the number 1 reason why I had to drop it, I move faster by walking IRL than ingame, they need a speed slider, fast

ID: gq4q3wm

Does cardio actually kill my gains?

ID: gq2s6y8

As long as they dont add sprinting. But they should definately make the faster walk normal, and then have slow walk with shift.

ID: gq2ox9t

Part of why I don't like this game and don't get why people are into it. It's the slowest walk speed I've ever experienced, and I played through Dear Esther. Too bad "co-op horror" is a dead genre and it's either this game or

ID: gq3k4mh

Stopped playing because of that

11 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:21 ID: gq21way

These sound nice, but this doesn't take away from the biggest problem I had with the game: the ghosts don't move fast enough.

All you have to do is hold down shift + W and you will escape the ghost, they cannot catch up to you. Knowing that I would be perfectly safe if I just stayed in a hallway really made the game far less scary than it could be.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:20 ID: gq0craq

Nothing on the spirit box :/ It could be so long to get it working, we never knew if it was simply not an hint or if it was broken. Same with voice. Do we have to push the button to talk to the ghosts or can they always hear us? Cursing or saying their name often did nothing. Conflicting information on the forum...

The ghost will now open doors, closets and lockers during hunts. This can be stopped by holding the door however the ghost can still walk through room doors like usual.

So what does this actually do if they can still pass through?

In general it's a fun concept but it's in the really early stages. Being unlucky and getting a hunt at the wrong time is basically a death sentence since there isn't much you can do especially with two broken legs.

ID: gq0qqgr

Spirit Box; you'll know the game has registered and understood your question if it says Nothing Detected. But also, the room lights have to be off, and some ghosts (not type, just from game to game) you have to be the only one in the room. And if it's not a ghost who has Spirit Box as evidence, you'll never get a response. Further, only certain questions will prompt a response. Easiest question to ask are "Where are you" and What do you want". Yes on using a push to talk for spirit Box. No need for push to talk if the ghost can hear you otherwise (ie during hunts).

Opening doors; basically, when the ghost is hunting, and it doesn't or hasn't had sight on anyone, it'll go into a patrol mode, it picks a way point on the map and goes there, looking for targets. As it's moving through, it just passes through doors, so for instance if it way points to a dead end bathroom, you're just doomed. But like the hallway side closets, you can hide in them and it's very rare it way points into one of them. Now though, it'll crack open doors on its way, which may give it line of sight on you. So now it's recommended you hold the closet doors closed. Doing so doesn't seem to have any effect on the ghost ai, besides keeping you a bit safer.

ID: gq1h2z4

For spirit box you have to hold down your push to talk (local voice, not radio) and ask specific questions. Asking things like “how old are you”, “where are you”, and oddly enough “are you French” works almost every time.

ID: gq0zrck

So what does this actually do if they can still pass through?

Scare you. It's a horror game.

ID: gq1hjxc

You know those closets on most of the town house maps? They open those now ( not really all the way) when they pass by during a hunt. Doors themselves are kinda tricky, you cant really hold them closed like you'd think, if the ghost wants to walk in its going to.

ID: gq1qzfy

Push the button if you have push to talk on for local voice chat. If you don’t have push to talk on, you can talk normally. Sometimes it doesn’t work and is bugged out, though- but usually will work

13 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:09 ID: gq1uolc

The "new additions/features" aren't really new additions/features. They should just be in the QoL section.

That being said, the changes look nice. I'm still waiting for about double the content before I ever come back and so far all they added was the prison.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:20 ID: gq0crlm

I've been watching a YouTuber (Nuzzgard) who does videos on the beta updates demonstrating the changes. All good changes imo, but I noticed from the YouTuber's videos that all you need to do is get in a closet or a locker, and the ghost can't touch you. It kind of took all the suspense and fear out of it when all you had to do was step into a closet and close the door. Even with the new changes to the ghost's hunting behavior, once that closet door was closed, there was literally no danger. He could sing at the top of his lungs and the ghost would hang around, but still couldn't get the player. I hope that's addressed at some point. Give the ghost some kind of check on people hiding in closets. Make it so if they make detectible noises or move around while in the closet 3 times, it triggers the ghost to actually look inside the closet/locker. That would put at least some tension back in.

ID: gq0k5v7

You should read the "ghost AI improvements" part of the post.

ID: gq1uy1u

Sure but you'd need to be near a closet when the hunt begins. It's not over powered because you still need to move about the building and you aren't always near a closet. I do think making noise inside the closet should trigger the ghost to go inside though.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/06 22:10 ID: gq0z3p7

Always glad to see updates but this game feels very shallow. It gets gamey very quickly, and I don't see it ever really expanding significantly or losing its jank.

ID: gq1tw4m

Yeah I feel like there's a lot of stuff here that a sequel made by a larger team with a decent sized budget could really run with. The game as is? Much less so.

ID: gq1b85o

It doesn't help how the dev insists on having a separate beta build for an early access game? Just update the main build? I don't get it.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:29 ID: gq0rbg2

I still love how the fix is, hold doors so the ghost can't come in, half the time the ghost decides you are close enough, on the other side of the door and kills you.

ID: gq1qv5w

I mean that does suck but you need to remember there is literally one person making this game.

Give them time to work shit out.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:24 ID: gq1w8oq

I always have the beta enabled for phasmophobia. You get the patches way early (and so frequently! pretty much a patch every other day) and i didnt really have any problems with bugs.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:18 ID: gq21mcd

Wow this is a great patch, gives me a reason to actually go back with my friends! Sounds like the game will be more challenging

19 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:41 ID: gq23zls

Okay I will go back and play this game. Looks like it's gonna be a lot harder. Haven't plaeyd in weeks so this should be fun.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/07 06:53 ID: gq2qnv6

Fixed a bug where VR players could not speak after a game has finished.

This was singlehandedly keeping my friends and I from playing the game lately. Looks like it's time to reinstall, because this game is absolutely incredible in VR.

ID: gq4cgag

im tempted to pick up a vr headset just for this game

21 : Anonymous2021/03/07 09:20 ID: gq2zznv

You can now enter the room invite code with the keyboard numpad.

There’s a lot of fun gameplay tweaks in the patch notes but I’m strangely most satisfied by this change. Finally.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:05 ID: gq3isp0

I haven’t heard of this game till now, and I’m pleased to see there’s a following.

I hope someone can give me a synopsis on it!

ID: gq4cbls

You pretty much part of a investigation team sent in to identify which ghost you are dealing with,you are equip from everything from a flashlight to a EMF reader,but you the kicker is that you can talk to the ghost using voice recognition, but it can hear you too, any word you say[using local chat] can trigger a haunt which the ghost goes out to kill a player

23 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:02 ID: gq6r8rv

“Fixed a bug where the ghost couldn't knock on the windows.”

The ghost could do that???

24 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:33 ID: gq1fvv8

There were significant server connection issues last time I checked in on this (a couple of months ago). Have those been resolved?

25 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:10 ID: gq1usuu

I loved this game when it first came out, but as much as I still want to love it, it's just way too shallow and easy. All you have to do is walk around with the thermometer until you find a room with colder temperatures, drop/use all the items in that room and you find out what the spirit is. I have literally never died and not guessed the correct spirit. I'm not sure how to make it any harder

EDIT why are people in this sub so angry and defensive all the time? Attack mode on anyone that has a differing opinion. I like the game. I just feel the update didn't make it any more difficult, I still can win every game without any trouble

ID: gq2651g

Maybe actually READ shit before posting?

ID: gq20jf4

This new change fixes literally that. The thermometer is now much less OP, because the buildings typically start cold anyway.

ID: gq2de5b

You say "all you do is find the room with the thermometer then use the other tools to identify the ghost" like that's not the literal point of the game

26 : Anonymous2021/03/07 03:20 ID: gq27pht


ID: gq2exc9



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