DBZ Kakarot Trunks Warrior of Hope (DLC 3) coming Summer 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 13:32 ID: lzqqpf
DBZ Kakarot Trunks Warrior of Hope (DLC 3) coming Summer 2021
2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 17:11 ID: gq42u63

Finally. I’ve been waiting for a good story DLC for this game. The previous DLC were a bit underwhelming unfortunately.

It would be cool if they did more movie DLC, such as Cooler, Broly, etc

ID: gq4bg97

Have they done Tournament of Power yet? Because I would love a playable version of the DBS Broly movie

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 13:45 ID: gq3h0ay

Not what I expected for an original story but also welcome since they haven’t really done much game wise with that arc.

ID: gq5af9n

Isn't this just the story of Future Trunks? If so that's not really original. They've told that story like twice before.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:35 ID: gq3ropv

Not that I’m complaining, but when is Bandai Namco FINALLY going to allow Future Gohan to be shown without an arm, since it adds to the authentic drama of the original side-story. While I understand Japan’s restrictions about on-screen dismemberment, I feel not having enough amputee characters is very limited in character variety, compared to America’s inclusion of any and all groups of people.

Apologies if this distracts from the trailer, but I’m just saying it makes the recap feel authentic, and I’m always for including human variety in videogames.

It’s also noted that throughout many games he’s featured in, the animation of Future Gohan’s moves are shown performed without the use of his free left arm that the developers kept in for censorship reasons (there are mods out there that remove his left arm, and the attacks are still performed with nary a difference).

ID: gq3shwu

Naruto fans needed to see Naruto and Sasuke with a frickin BLACK ARM instead of not having one as it happened in the end...

This is a CC2 and Bandai game so it won't happen

ID: gq3scvw

Legends added a one-handed Gohan recently.

ID: gq40xoz

Funny enough Dragon ball legends on mobile allowed Gohan to have one arm in the game. Don't get why a mobile game got away with it yet the console ones can't.

ID: gq49888

I wonder if this is some how related to Japan not liking decapitations in video games? Would this fall under that same thing? Would it change the rating or just be kind of a frowned upon thing over in that culture of stuff?

ID: gq4bmk4

He lost his arm pretty late into his life. From what I could tell- it was way after the sit down he’s having with Trunks in the promo

ID: gq4g6e0

It's interesting because in America characters with missing limbs are becoming more common as they are used for positive representations of the differently abled. In Japan due to a series of murders that happened a long time ago Japan just pretends those people don't exist. I'd hate to see the kind of reactions an amputee gets in Japan since the culture has a stigma against it.

ID: gq4udv9

Maybe they don’t want to spoil it?

ID: gq54nc0

I remember how in BT3, Gohan had two arms but only fought with one...

ID: gq5zie8

Well, it doesn't actually happen until about halfway through the special so maybe it's a mission that we'll experience as players? Keep in mind that I know nothing about this expansion apart from the fact that it exists so I don't know if there has been footage proving otherwise.

ID: gq6viz2

When is Bandai Namco going to make a game that has Super content in it for the get go, and not charge me extra for it every time.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:59 ID: gq41da7

Interesting I wonder how this will go. If it is going to be a full retelling then I guess we could see Trunks fight Babidi and Dabura like it was mentioned in Super. And even get up to Goku black depending how long the story is going to last.

Or maybe they will just go nuts and change everything and let Future Gohan live like how you could save him in Xenoverse 2. But I doubt that given Kakarot has been faithful to the original story for the whole game for DLC to change stuff would be strange to say the least.

ID: gq5amvq

I'm really hoping it goes past just the Androids, seeing him deal with Babidi and Dabura would be nice. Even Black Goku too considering we get SSGod and Blue.

ID: gq6zygm

I mean, Kakarot had Towa and Mira (seemingly actually taking place between Xenoverse 1 and 2) as the hidden boss and the first DLC was a complete reimagining of BoGs, so they're definitely willing to take liberties.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:52 ID: gq4pm6a


Dream Theater starts playing in the background

ID: gq76ypo

When it comes to unexpected threats, you’d think they’d keep Piccolo benched, since he’s indirectly linked to the Dragon Balls.

Or they could have sent SSJ Vegeta in to test their mettle, then after he got owned, Piccolo could have fused with Kami and shitstomped the androids.

The future Z Fighters were not too smart.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/07 17:46 ID: gq4733l

I'm confused I thought this game went up to end of buu saga and then had dlc for dragon ball super which was up to the frieza. At first i thought this was going to be the dragon ball super future trunks not the dragon ball z one.

ID: gq48xrp

Like some one else said, possible that this does go into the Super Arc. How trunks handles Buu in his time, then jumps to Super?

ID: gq5aqbu

It's Dragon Ball Z the DLC is for the movies which are technically Z.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:45 ID: gq3mly6

Whew I need it.

Does this game support proper ultrawide yet with no mods?

9 : Anonymous2021/03/07 17:00 ID: gq41iim

I keep looking at this game on the PlayStation store and looking for a reason to buy it. It just looks like every other DBZ game before it. Is there anything interesting about it if you already own Xenoverse 2 and DBZF?

ID: gq43qdb

This game has by far the most accurate retelling of DBZ's history compared to any other DB game (in which most games tell the story through battles only ignoring most of the events that happen during the story). It is a semi open world RPG with exploration and freedom, so in this sense it is different from DBX2 (which focuses on customization and an original story) and DB FighterZ (focused on combat and online). It's up to you to decide if this game fits your style, I particularly like it and it's definitely different from DBX and DBFZ

ID: gq48uwl

For me the gameplay is just okay but it’s 100% worth it to experience the story from dragon ball Z in full and see some sights from the show. If that appeals to you it’s totally worth it. The art is fantastic.

ID: gq4n9ia

I really enjoyed the combat system, even though like other people have said, the fights were pretty easy. Playing through the main DBZ story was fun as well, big nostalgia bombs. Maybe the best part is that you can change the music that plays while you traverse the world and when you get into battles to music from the tv shows (opening/ending songs to dbz and the original db, as well as dbz kai). The world, while cool to fly around in at first, you quickly realize that it is largely empty with nothing to do in it, which is probably my biggest disappointment. I recommend getting it on sale for $20-30, then it's worth it.

ID: gq44hr4

I wouldn't recommend. It's just another generic DBZ game. This game has nothing interesting or unique about it. If it didn't have the DBZ name slapped on it would've never gotten any attention.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:07 ID: gq58x41

This game has one of the worst implementations of an open-world I've ever seen. It is so glaringly bad. It feels completely tacked on.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:44 ID: gq4x4km

Interesting, we don't really get to see this side of the tale, so I wonder what they'll do here. I hope it's an eventual setup for a sequel starting with the Goku Black arc, because that would be fucking awesome!

12 : Anonymous2021/03/08 05:12 ID: gq6iwk3

Why do they keep making DLC for DBZ Kakarot?

Is it super popular or something?

13 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:07 ID: gq3vcft

Too bad this game was such a cash grab. I'm still regretting getting it on release at full price. This was at best a 20$ title.

I just wish they would finally make a proper Legacy of Goku successor with modern 3D technology, in an open world that's also not completely hamstrung by having to retell the DBZ saga for the n-teenth fucking time.

ID: gq42etf

Cash grab? This game is one of the most beautiful love letters to DB I’ve ever seen. Yes, they had to cut corners in some parts, and some make little sense. But that’s what you get when you have a budget, and what this game tried to do is super ambitious.

ID: gq482m4

I just wish they would finally make a proper Legacy of Goku successor with modern 3D technology

That's pretty much what this game is. . Like, what?

Unless you want the story of Goku with a entire original story.

I'll agree that it's not worth 60 bucks if you've played DBZ or heard the story a thousand times before. But its hardly a cash grab. Compared to the games before, this one does a far better job at retelling the story with beautiful cut scenes.

Besides Xenoverse series what other DBZ game has come out in the past decade that told the same ol' story? Since this is likely a game for the really, really big fans and for the people who weren't around during the various amount of DBZ games that came out during PS2/PS3 era. Take away that era of games, and you haven't had many DBZ games release since DBZ was done at that point.

ID: gq4410h

This game is literally the successor to The Legacy of Goku series and is an evolution in almost every aspect, from history to gameplay. And that's the point of the game, retell the DBZ story

14 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:17 ID: gq4t4au

I’m not really happy with this. They should be doing the rest of super. Isn’t this the final DLC? If so it fucking sucks.

ID: gq5befj

You do realize that the first 2 DLC's were technically still covering Z, right? Battle of Gods and Resurrection F were both DBZ movies before Super became a thing.

If you want them to cover actual Super content like U6 vs U7, Goku Black, Tournament of Power, and DBS: Broly, then you'll probably have to wait and hope they make a Dragon Ball Super: Kakarot.

ID: gq5801i

Well... this could run from History of Trunks up to the Future Trunks Super Arc. Kind of a connected story there.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:44 ID: gq4fopd

Rumor has it that after the next seven DLC’s we will get to experience the world where the child of the mother absorbed by the monster that hitched ride with the guy from the future after the alien guy from another planet of different biology dies of a virus that originated on a different planet: Dragon Ball Z Kakorot Trunks Cell 17 Marron.


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