Respect Green Man – Full LEGIT Build

1 : Anonymous2021/11/24 15:54 ID: r18abm
Respect Green Man - Full LEGIT Build
2 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:49 ID: hlxd6rp

Ok so my best guess is that while the build is legit. The Warden Capstone skill is bugged and isn't limiting itsef to 40%. Which honestly is quite nice. Good job OP for finding a build you like.

I hope it goes well. I am sorry for my suspicion but considering the amount of AP I couldn't help, but assume the worst combined with other stats.

I would suggest trying the Voodoo Matchmaker with either Killing Spree or Fortress to increase the damage of your guns even more.

I would also suggest potentially swapping out the mod that increase armour at low health for the mod that can increase Bolderdash's damage. As at max it would likely equal around 800k damage per hit.

You could also experiment with using Impale for even more health buff. Or the Tremor Mod that gives health regen since it will buff The Cycle. Even more so if you can replace the gloves and boots with non max health ones.

EDIT: Honestly it is entirely possible that the capstone NEVER worked right in the first place.

EDIT2: I mean the mod that is "For each enemy hit increase damage of boulderdash.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/24 15:56 ID: hlwvun6

A few people seemed to doubt whether or not my earlier post was a legit build. Please see my gear and mods/talents/etc here. This build is amazing and you will get huge numbers if you properly stack your armor buffs and maintain bolder dash stacks.

Thanks devs for the amazing patch. I play tank in every game I play and this was MUCH needed.

ID: hlxdf74


ID: hlwwh3b

NOTHING in any of your screenshots explains why your AP was 423,000. You also have failed to address multiple times if you were being buffed by a Marshal Dev or if this was solo. You, yourself don't even know how you hit that high of a number. Of course there's gonna be doubters.

From the Outriders camp, take a picture of your stats as they are and post them.

ID: hlwwsvu

failed to address.

Dude. Chill out. I’m at work and have not been reading every reply. It was done solo.

Unbuffed stats put me at something like 108k firepower, 68k AP, and 222k armor (easy number to remember).

I’m guessing the AP is probably bugged because I can’t make sense of it either.

ID: hlxc56g

Were you born a cunt or is it something you recommit yourself too every day?

ID: hlxok90

Calm down you incel sack of shit. It's a fucking game. Who gives a fuck if he DiDnT aDdreSs shit. By the tone of your messages, I can absolutely tell you that while we will never meet - you are undoubtedly the person in your group of friends that people make fun of behind your back. You are the person that when somone's girlfriend is annoyed at them, she says "okay Ryderjj89...." in that drawn out voice letting them know that they're acting like a fuck stick.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:08 ID: hlx6qmt


still fuming

ID: hlx79zc

He's oblivious because this is gonna render his proud work of his trickster (self proclaimed to be the best) invalid and obsolete.

ID: hlxal9y

He is the funniest thing I have seen in internet for a looong time. I hope he stays active in this sub forever.

ID: hlxf23t

As long as this game lives, I'll be around.

ID: hlx6yk4

Nah not anymore. Now I know that his build isn't legit because he's using a bugged tree node and didn't even know it changes a lot.

Now get to watch as everyone copies this build and then the devs fix it and they complain "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS FOR A PVE GAME? JUST LET US HAVE FUN! RREEEEEEEE!!!"

ID: hlxh5pw

I really doubt it's bugged. People were asking for Mighty Tank to be uncapped since the game launched and now that it is, it's honestly still a bit underwhelming. It's not exactly something they could just do by accident.

Millions of Firepower and all that Anomaly Power don't do much when the Warden tree has no armor pen or resist pierce and you have to dedicate so many mod slots to armor to achieve those numbers.

Warden is actually viable now, but it's not anywhere near as big of a deal as you are making it.

ID: hlx9a2j

Full on copium mode.

ID: hlxau0o

You are hilarious.

ID: hlxb13o

Man, if anyone in the sub would recognize some world class ree-ing, you're the man for the job.

ID: hlx8yc8


5 : Anonymous2021/11/24 20:53 ID: hly5b2k

/comments/r1devw/deathproof_warden_stat_stacking_and_how_it_works/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

6 : Anonymous2021/11/24 16:07 ID: hlwxm8f

Welp time to try this build out! AS SOON AS I GET THOSE GLOVES E_E

ID: hlwy0m1

Would be nice if we could trade items as I seem to loot them at least twice a week.

ID: hlwyiru

Hah if only. I think a chat box is a whole lot more useful right about now. Oh and the green man build? How effective is it really? Guns looks good but seems to lack damage

7 : Anonymous2021/11/24 16:13 ID: hlwyidf

Whats your playstyle? Only boulderdash and weapon damage?

I never played the middle tree due to the lack of damage. But the timers are gone and we are free.

If you find the time, the rest (esp. the gear mods) of your build could be interesting for us

ID: hlwz2dx

Playstyle is slow and super boring until the build is done.

You want to spam bolderdash and hit it at least 5 times to fully stack primal chain gun and the health talent. Then, hit it one more time to refresh all buff timers and go ham with your weapon of choice.

I’m not sure why - but assault rifles “feel” superior to the deathshield shotgun. Thunderbird melts elites on full stacks. Once fortress is stacked, bolderdash buffs are stacked, you will have a great time.

I rarely ever dip below 35% hp though so I might replace that armor Talent on gloves with something else.

The giant numbers come from when you are surrounded - that’s normally when I switch to deathshield with ultimate damage link. Biggest numbers I saw were 900,000 normal shotgun hits being AOEd to nearby creeps.

ID: hlwzz57

Thanks for sharing, this enlightened me

8 : Anonymous2021/11/24 16:13 ID: hlwyg9o

Last post you had 423k AP, now you have 55k...

ID: hlx8j0m

The mods weren't proc'd.

ID: hlwyjcn

Yeah. That is unbuffed sitting in base camp. I think the talents are bugged.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:03 ID: hlx61xh

Been looking for a good dev build since I've finished up getting everything for techno. What's your estimate on the average DMG output on a CT15 after completing an expedition?

ID: hlxk1ae

If you're running solo and you clear, your average damage output across all classes and builds is the exact same, not a good variable to go off of.

ID: hlx86iu

220M + total.

ID: hlx8dyk

Thank you for your reply! I will be trying out some builds when I get home.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:36 ID: hlxb5iv

You try it with the Fatal Symbiont or any other weapons with 30% armor piercing? Since Devs don’t have a rounds skill I would think more Armor Piercing would be even more valuable.

ID: hlxbncx

To be honest I don’t understand how this works. I’ll try it and see what happens.

ID: hlxdxwo

It’s complicated. I’ve seen a few posts on this subreddit breaking down how it works but the short version is that if you aren’t using Blighted/Volcanic/Twisted Rounds then Armor Piercing is the most important attribute on a weapon.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/24 19:27 ID: hlxs6cu

So I tried this build out, granted i do not have the fortress mod, but I replicated every aspect of the build and gave it a shot. The highest I could get my firepower was ~500,000. Literally did about %20 team damage, and was still able to get downed despite all the tanking specs. Even with fortress there's no way I'm getting 17M firepower, let alone all those other stats. Now I'm gonna have to say this is a huge cap. There's no way this is legit, as someone who's tried the build theres just no way. Even with fortress theres no chance.

ID: hlxtaqt

Are you stacking your armor high enough? By the way this happened while I was being swarmed by trash mobs. You need to grip get creative with how you stack boulders ash. Try stacking it after your health gets low to Prock the double armor increase from deathproof gloves. Before you Balderdash, make sure that you have a full fortress stack that your gloves Prock, and that you have fully stacked mitigation from death. At that point, you should be able to balderdash and hit a number somewhere it’s what I posted.

You may also want to run this with heirloom armor so that enemy armor is transferred to you prior to Boulder dashing.

Also it is 1.7M firepower, not 17.

You should easily be able to tank damage provided you are using this build and use tremor. Sorry, but this absolutely is legit. Fortress is also a must have for this.

ID: hlxtzg5

It's gonna take a while, but I'll grind for the fortress mod, and I'll give the build another shot when I do so. I'll take your advice too because I'm skeptical, but good lord if it's not fake dev mains got a new meta to play around with. Until then I'm gonna keep my dev nasty with the bleed build.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/24 19:31 ID: hlxsuc7

Commenting so this gets bookmarked, legit interested in trying this build out, thank you

13 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:54 ID: hlxdymr

Thank you for imbibing us with your secrets, o great green devastator. Gonna rock this shit when I get home from work.

ID: hlxwp1b

You’re welcome. You may also want to mess around with heirloom armor on this too. Whatever you Do, just to make sure that you save your Boulder Dash for one all of your other mods are activated already.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:24 ID: hlx97ca

actually shocked mods havn't stopped this little autist from posting more thank you for the build OP 🙂

ID: hlxwh54

You’re welcome

15 : Anonymous2021/11/24 19:56 ID: hlxwojc

Its a nice build and all, but not the same as the modded one you posted earlier. Stats are not the same

ID: hlxwrxc

If you say so. They probably aren’t the same because I logged in this morning to take pics for everybody. I was sitting in base camp with no buffs.

The original picture was taken against the blood merchant boss after I was swarmed by perferos and popped Boulder Dash after killing an entire group.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/24 17:53 ID: hlxdo7w

I have only deathproof’s helmet, body armor and gloves. I have the deathshield, but not very powerful (78k). Which talents should I prioritize, as I can’t follow all of your build?

ID: hlxg7ao

Forgot to say. Thanks for the build!

ID: hlxvgf8

You’re welcome. You are definitely going to want to farm for the death proof legs, as they are absolutely essential for getting the big numbers. You can make up for this by getting them and figure in the middle talent node between warden and The fire power tree. The cycle works great with it. Also, you will want to find something to put primal armor on. Lastly, use damage absorber and mitigation from death and any spare things you can. Feel free to ignore all talents I do not deal with Boulder Dash and replace him with use full armor base passives.

Oh yeah, don’t be afraid to substitute your weapons for something that has moaning winds, shadow comet, sandstorm, or ultimate storm whip. Their practice to damage it will be very helpful until you get better mods. And also more of the set.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/24 19:32 ID: hlxt0i1

I use The Anemoi with Moaning Winds & Rad Splash to replace Fortress but Fortress is still good. The vulnerability bonus along with the splash damage you get from Rad Splash adds to Moaning Winds AOE every reload. Rad splash is 6 sec CD while Moaning Winds is 8 sec CD for anyone wondering.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/24 21:11 ID: hly7xvq

looks good, GJ op


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