Walmart is having an early access Black Friday deals today, including the PS5

1 : Anonymous2021/11/22 20:02 ID: qzubvh
Walmart is having an early access Black Friday deals today, including the PS5
2 : Anonymous2021/11/22 20:21 ID: hloj3t8

Be aware that this is for Walmart + members only

3 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:26 ID: hlosu4q

Guys, don’t leave the second it says sold out. I was waiting for 30 minutes in queue, and it randomly popped up and let me buy it after 25 minutes. If you’re in queue you have a chance

ID: hlouh8y

Ya. It looks like walmart is metering the PS5s in batches for the whole Walmart+ event (until 7pm est). It does make sense, since they want people to wait around on their site and buy other things rather than just come, find a "sold out" sign and leave.


I may have to amend that statement because my phone has been stuck at "1 min" for the last 10 minutes...

Yup...its sold out

ID: hlovoa2

I started out at 6 mins right at 4pm EST, and have been stuck at the 1 minute mark for over 30 mins now. I'm really not holding my breath at this stage but I'll keep this page up on my other monitor while I do other things for the time being.

ID: hlov0zk

Hope they're doing the same for the Series X. Had one in my cart but bank blocked the purchase and didn't confirm until the window closed.

ID: hlpdz2d

I was in the queue starting at 36 minutes. Got down to 4 minutes and it was sold out. Stayed in the queue for a couple hours and they never came back. Oh well. I ended up getting a series x for my dad though. So half a win.

ID: hlow868

I remember my friends trying to get one and the second it said sold out they would give up. I told them just to keep waiting.

ID: hlp6ojs

This is how we got ours. I'd given up and like an hour later my wife was occasionally hitting refresh and it popped up in our cart. I wouldn't let myself believe it was true until it showed up on my front porch lol

ID: hlp1g1t

Thanks Dickbutts!

ID: hlqdyq8

That’s what happened to me. 35 minute wait, it hits 11 minutes and the image refreshed to add to cart. I’ve never checked out so fast in my life. Finally after so long I got one. Now to cross my fingers it actually ships.

ID: hlpeen5

i got ps5 there today still have my ps4

ID: hlq2ea8

Same, said sold out with an 18 minute queue. After just 8 minutes or so I had one

4 : Anonymous2021/11/22 20:10 ID: hlohm1g

It looks like this is only for Walmart+ subscribers. This is very useful information but that should be in the headline.

ID: hlolee8

Walmart may have hit on something here. Advertise PS5s, have 1k in stock, and sell 50,000 Walmart+ monthly subscriptions to people trying to qualify to buy the ps5.

ID: hlosy0w

Pretty much. I got the free 15 day trial, and extension for 30 days by doing some survey. Got on and was ready at 1 PM.

Oh, the free trial doesn’t let you actually buy early….

ID: hlpd4y1

It’s basically scalping with extra steps.

ID: hlozh0o

If you have an Amex Platinum, or know someone who does, Walmart+ is free to join. Perk that Amex added last month.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/22 20:09 ID: hlohg6y

I think they’re starting the sale at 1pmPT/4pmET

6 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:45 ID: hlovm83

Told me to wait 30 minutes at 3pm CST, and then after the 30 minute wait it said it was sold out. Ugh.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/22 23:24 ID: hlp9czc

Just sharing from an earlier comment:

Be on the lookout for Amazon on Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as the remainder of the holiday season.

I have a buddy that works in logistics at the Kentucky Fulfillment center (it’s basically a central hub for the entire US)

He said there are Pallets of them. There is a catch though, he said be aware that there might be a Prime Member Priority for these orders.

They haven’t been in stock on Amazon since October, apparently it’s been in stockpile reserves.

This is actually how I knew about the Series X Halo infinite edition a few hours in advance.

Side note: If you want to attempt the Amazon Route, be sure to “add item to list” when the product launches and it will put you in priority for ordering. It was the same process for the Series X Halo Infinite edition. If you don’t do this process, it will just be labeled as “currently unavailable”. It’s apparently Amazon’s attempt to trick bots.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:20 ID: hlos0wv

I’m shocked, after a year of trying I finally got one on Walmart.

ID: hloywks


ID: hlpek46

Same. Feels good.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:31 ID: hlotlbh

Is it really going to take almost a month to get to us? It says December 16th.

ID: hlovf7m

Should say ‘Delivery by…’ which typically means you can expect it earlier than that.

ID: hlpvwkx

Yes, I got mine through Walmart and it was delivered almost a month later.

Relax bud, you got it.. and just in time for the holidays too.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:55 ID: hlox575

I was fired up to get either of the ps5 today. Had a free trial plus two weeks from walmart. Chatted with them for 20 minutes. Oh sorry, you can't access this with a free trial, you'll need to purchase a month or yearly subscription. Yeah ok, just for it to be sold out anyway and you get an easy $15 and I lose my month thx

11 : Anonymous2021/11/23 08:32 ID: hlqwnva

Was able to buy one from Walmart had to wait 4 weeks for delivery, package never showed up so I got a refund about 2-3 weeks later the package showed up and it was a ps5 got to keep my money and the console

12 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:20 ID: hlorz0e

I got it!!! Waited for 6 minutes in a queue and purchased right away.

ID: hlov5qx

Yeah same here! It was three of us clicking when the time came and one of us hit

ID: hlowt8n

What’s insane is that I waited for 19 mins, then it went back to 11 mins wait for the digital edition. Then within seconds it came up that it was out of stock. I’m using the app, not online.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/22 22:09 ID: hloz0k2

Damn bank flagged my original purchase for fraud. I tried to input a second card during my "10 min" window and it said sold out. smh. I guess I waited this long what is 6 more months. Yeesh.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/22 22:16 ID: hlp01zg

At long last the clown show is over. Got a digital one within 5 minutes. Could have had a standard one as well, but wasn't sure if I knew anyone who needed one and don't wanna scalp like an asshole. Only difference between the two is the disc drive right?

ID: hlq9t7z

The biggest benefit to the disc drive is being able to have more freedom in buying games. With the digital version you are forced to buy through the Sony store and at their prices. With disc, you can borrow games from friends for free, shop through different 3rd party sellers, buy used games for a discount. It’s $100 More but I figure over the lifetime of the ps5, I’ll make the money back

15 : Anonymous2021/11/22 23:31 ID: hlpab2g

FINALLY landed one. Refreshed at 59:59, 8 min wait, Add to cart, checkout, delivers Dec 11th. So excited!

I had planned to hold out until HFW released in February, but then my Dec Steam Deck order got delayed, so it was PS5 time. 🙂

16 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:39 ID: hlourl9

sold out in under a minute. I'm done trying to get one.

ID: hlpd24g

Have you signed up for the PS Direct emails? Seems to be the best way to get one. Delivered in 2 days too.

ID: hlpe761

I got my invite and was able to successfully purchase one my second time, despite an initial "not correct" 1 hour queue time. MUCH easier than Best buy and Walmart drops

17 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:15 ID: hlor9z3

Sale started at 3pm ET then by 3:01 everything was sold out early access don't mean shit if they don't set up a way to block scalper botnets

ID: hloxpyt

It would be an amazing gift to the world if Walmart, ebay and amazon would pull their heads from their rears and ban the sale of all PS5's at more than 10% over MSRP starting December 1st.

Really kick those trying to turn a quick buck right in the rear.

ID: hloy6pv

But why would they? They get money off the sale of the console and resellers use their sites to sell them forward so they get a cut out of that as well. Meaning the get the 20%-30% from the MSRP console then they get another 10%-20% from the scalping fucknuggets. All they see is that they get a nice ol chunk of change by doing nothing.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:42 ID: hlov60b

Got one. It will be received on/before 12/15. Anyone know if it will be early or if I needed a signature?

ID: hlowmur

According to the email, they’ll need a signature to sign off on the package.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/23 04:44 ID: hlqd9b5

I some how nailed this no timer issues at all

20 : Anonymous2021/11/23 05:59 ID: hlqklgg

Continues to amaze me that all retailers don’t have a smart queue system like Ticketmaster to stop bots. Instead of selling out in 48 seconds, you could give everyone a place in line

21 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:11 ID: hloqjy7

Paid for W+ and STILL didn't get it. It sold out in seconds. HOW DO I GIVE YOU MY MONEY FOR A PS5?? Take my money!

22 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:28 ID: hlot38i

Scored one after waiting 25 minutes. Let's see if it actually ships

23 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:35 ID: hlou8b0

I was told to wait 30 minutes in the queue, and then the page changed from "Wait 11 more minutes" to "Add to cart". Had my payment already in the system, address already added, etc. I was able to snag one!

24 : Anonymous2021/11/23 00:43 ID: hlpjk8v

At the risk of sounding negative, I have to be honest and say that I believe this was a gimmick to get me to pay for the Walmart+ membership. Early access is only available to Walmart+ customers that are on the paid subscription plan. My wife and I signed up for the membership, used personal time during work, to make ourselves available during the time window that the product was being offered, and even used a countdown to time exactly when they would become available. Upon selecting add to cart, we immediately selected the checkout button and were told that the product had already sold out. All of this occurred within the first few seconds of the PS5s being made available. How is that possible?? Walmart got a smooth $98 annual membership fee out of us and didn’t even have to sell us anything… Well played Walmart… Well played…

25 : Anonymous2021/11/22 21:17 ID: hlorin2

Can’t believe I paid $12 for a fucking bullshit Walmart subscription and didn’t get it.


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