The actual Meta Seismic Devastator speedrun build for solo (duo/trio) with full Guide. For those deceived by last “best” devos builds here and YouTubers bait builds…

1 : Anonymous2021/11/28 16:24 ID: r480y5


Sadly I saw many posts with "best Devastator" builds lately, including abominations using Bulwark shotgun, Impale etc. Not saying you can't beat CT15 with those. But they are not near "meta" and "best" build for Devastator. This build is what I and many others use for speedruns for Devastators. If you are interested in proper builds, please visit Outriders Discord Server, channel "Devastator" where you can meet people that actually know the game and play the game on highest level and posted builds are actually good. They will also help any new player. Don't fall for YouTubers click-baits "INSANE DAMAGE/BUILD". They all show builds with their timers off so you have no idea how long it takes them to finish map and also their damage screen at end MEANS NOTHING. Damage screen is just sum of enemies HP in the run. It's not how much dps you do. If you finished solo CT15 map - you will get 150 million damage becasue guess what - that's how much health there was to go through....

Now to Meta Devastator. Here is the meta build for SOLO speedruns:

This is called "Seismic Devastator" and it's been his best build in game for a long time. You can see some small differences between speedrunners (like secondary and pistol mods setup mixed, where pistol has Radiation Splash + Clip Combustion and Anemoi has Kinetic Stomp), but generally those are preferences. The core is the same after Horizon Update. While Devo is not my main (that would be Temporal Blade trickster) this is the most satisfying class to play and beat records with.

While Devastator is indeed considered the slowest of classes for speedruns I guarantee you that majority of Devos have no idea how to play this build and if you don't play with top people playing Pyro or Techno, I have no isses outdamaging 85% people I play with in duos/trio. Map knowledge, movement, class knowledge, fluent gameplay and mods juggling makes tons of difference no matter what you play (and accuracy for those sub-50% accuracy Technos 😉 )

The Seismic Guide:

The Primary Weapon is shotgun with Comet and Torrent Claymore. Why? Becasue it gives huge AOE and single targer burst and when you hip fire group of enemies - every pellet of shotgun shot can proc the mods, resulting in multiple comets/claymores falling from sky, basically making it a carpet bombing.

Your secondary is your main source of burst damage - you swap to it to either finish small group of enemies or to burst down elites/bosses after you hit them with Gravity Leap to proc despair.

Pistols for finishing what your secondary did not. Kinetic stomp has only 5m radius so first rule as Seismic devo when bursting down bosses -> IN THEIR FACE. IN THEIR FACE.

Why not Fortress? Fortress generally sucks. It takes time to proc, the buff dissapears when you switch weapons and it generally slows you down now. As Seismic Devo you switch weapons constantly and you cast way more than shoot, so no point.

Why Untamed Power for Devo? Every skill usage creates a wave on anomaly damage around you (5 meters, remember that!), dealing base around 50k damage. That 50k damage is buffed by Despair, Resistance Pierce, Tainted Blood etc. It also procs on your melee attack, which is also your skill. It also procs on Gravity Leap LANDING damage. Generally when you do boss burst phase you will use around 5 skills (Leap, Reflect, Melee, 3x EQ). That alone without any bonuses calculated gives extra 250k anomaly damage. And since as devo you are always in face of enemies it also clears some trash around you when they are out of EQ cone.

However if you don't feel like Untamed Power workds for you - exchange for for Blood Boost mod and you are also good to go.

Why no Double Jump? Isn't double Despair 4x more damage? Double Jump/Despair is amazing. But not needed for solo. Swap Untoppable Force for Double Jump in Duo or Trio. And it's not 4x damage, but 3x damage when both Leaps hit. For solo one rotation is enough to kill Brood Mother CT15 so no need for it. Your Resistance Pierce is around 45%, Unstoppable Force gives thanks to that around 22% more Anomaly Power. That's great extra boost.

Why am I not doing more damage? Mostly becasue you miss your Untamed Power burst. The first mistake of Devastators is standing too far from elites to make them take extra damage from Untamed Power. 5 meters is actually not much and don't get spoiled by Moaning Winds 8 meters! Remember that after using Gravity Leap (especially two!!) enemies are many times pushed back a little. Instead of immidietly starting your spam, make sure you are in range so your Untamed Power will proc on them. Generally after run your Untamed Power should be your seconds highest damage source after Earthquakes. Can be third if after Moaning Winds, but you get my point.

Know your enemies HP. Too many devastators on solo waste 3x EQ to kill trash. With Bleed Duration increase and all status power stacked, many trash will be finished by bleed of 1 or 2 Earth quakes. You can keep running foward and let bleed finish the job while you rush map. Unless map requires to kill for next waves to spawn, but that is experience/map knowledge stuff when/where/how to and it's too long to write here. But keep bleed in mind.

Your main source of burst damage are mods! Earthquakes are great but they will make only around 45% of your damage dealt. Devastator procs Despair on bosses and burst them down with mods rotation.

Ok, Sol0 - so what's the rotation?! The rotation depends on enemy distance. If enemy is in your face from start (like let's say BoomTown final boss) you start with melee to proc extra Resistance Pierce (which also increase your AP) and to apply bleed (which procs bonus damage to bleeding targets), you hit-cancel Reflect for AP increase from paladin, you do Gravity Leap to proc despair, 3x Earthquake, fire primary, swap for reload burst, if target alive - swap pistols for second burst. Rise and repeat. If enemy if far and you have to get to him -> Reflect->Gravity Leap->Melee->3xEQ->weapons mods juggle.

So what makes Despair a meta. Despair makes enemies that are hit by Gravity Leap takes x2 (or 200%) more Anomaly DAMAGE. That includes: anomaly skills like Eearthquakes/FASERs/Temporal Blades etc. But also ANOMALY DAMAGE mods like Comet, Claymore Torrent, Moaning Winds, Radiation Splash, Lighting Whips etc. etc. and also UNTAMED POWER bursts when you use your skills!! This is how you can one-rotation CT15 Brood Mother on solo or with double Despair - in co-op. Your Moaning Winds + Radiation Splash can easy hit like 7-8 million burst and that's just that combo. The 10 second window is long enough to get everything squeezed in.

Why Reflect Bullets? Is Golem Bad? No. Golem is not bad, Golem is very good. Reflect just allows you to constantly proc Paladin by using it and immidietly canceling it (making it like 2 sec cooldown) which gives us constant 45% Anomaly Power increase. My general rule (depending on map) is: If I took Protected by Anomaly I take Reflect, if didn't -> Golem. If you die while having Reflect, I recommend start with Golem, get better, swap to Reflect.

Can I change something in build tree? Yes. This base, some speedrunners take Golem and more bleed duration so they are more tanky on open maps with a lot of shooters, some take CD nodes instead of bleed duration nods if a lot of bosses spawn one by one in map to have more Leap uptime etc. The MUST have nodes are: Bot Tree to get Resistance Pierce, EQ CD nodes, Paladin, Strong Arm, Earth's Heritage, 2x Bloodbath.

Will I ever do as much damage/be as fast as Blighted Rounds Techno or Overheat Pyro? No. And if you see duo/trio speedruns with BR Techno and OH Pyro, know that you will have almost nothing to do. That's how it is. However I main Trickster and I can guarantee you a min-maxed and well-played Seismic devo can beat Temportal Blade trickster and give run for money Twisted Rounds tricksters too, especially on certain maps. On some others you will get outclassed but that's becase FP builds are broken.

Did Fortess nerf hurt Devo? Yes, very. Sadly developers are noobs and have no idea how to play, especially after seeing their "Infinite Reaper" build, which was cringe for anyone who can remotely build anything decent in this game. Devastator need big buffs to his skills cooldowns, to earthquakes damage and range and TITANIC buffs to his firepower tree since devs were so nice to not give Ammo Skill power to him... But Seismic Devo is there among the best builds and can peform great if player knows how to use it. But Fortress nerf hit him the hardest without any buffs to compensate. Probably devs saw "Infinite Reaper" able to solo CT15 in 40 minutes and were afraid of Devo power....

So that's all. If you need anything, if you have questions, if you want to find good builds for your classes - dont' watch "YoU TuBERs" and their "INSANE XX BUILD DAMAGE!" vids and go to, go to your class channel and you will get all answers there from people that actually do play the meta.

Thank you. Happy planet punching.

2 : Anonymous2021/11/28 17:34 ID: hmf7ttp

General note for people reading this and are new, Unstoppable force is a pyromancer mod from a legendary armor piece Hands of the Reforged. This means you also have to get a pyromancer up to the point where you get legendaries so you can disassemble them for the perk, put it on an other piece of gear, put it in the stash and then retrieve and disassemble again on your devastator.

ID: hmfmrdp

I had no idea you had to play every class to that level to unlock all the mods. Are there others that are class specific?

ID: hmg5gl9

Yes, this becomes visible when you have collected all legendary armor parts for your class and disassembled them for the mods. Some mods will still be locked/greyed out because they are found on other classes’ armor parts. I don’t know which mods come with a certain class, but I believe the mod tainted blood requires the devastator class for example.

ID: hmgm2rn

You can easily do this as long as you have a friend at end game. You'll need a new pyro, and a bunch of purple items. Fill your stash with those purples. Then dismantle them on your new Pyro- so that you stock pile a bunch of titanium. Next step is to join a friend's game and using Tiago to sell the titanium to drop pod resources (1 t = 2 dpr). Be sure to keep your CT level as low as possible to make re-rolls and purchases as cheap as possible (should be around 100 for a re-roll, and 250 for a purchase). Once you purchase the legendary, just xfer it to your main via the stash.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/28 17:28 ID: hmf6y8y

This post has no chill.

ID: hmf7bey

Nope, that would be Borealis Technomancer, but that's different meta build.

ID: hmgjjyv

This is gold, shame ppl downvoted you LOL

4 : Anonymous2021/11/28 20:32 ID: hmfyjqv

All build guides should have a video demonstration so you can see if it's fun for you!

5 : Anonymous2021/11/28 16:33 ID: hmez1kz

I mean timers make no difference anymore so if someone's else's "best" Deva build is 30 seconds slower I don't see the issue, I mean impale is still good regardless if Leap/Despair is better.

This comes across as very much a "look how good I am" post, maybe wrong but that's how it reads.

ID: hmf0vs0

You are wrong and it's not 30 seconds difference, it's difference between doing map in 6 minutes and doing it in 10+ minutes. I have nothing against other builds. But don't call "best" something that clearly does not perform best. If I wanted to show "how good I am" I would just post my speedrun without any explanation, not full guide to teach you how to play class properly and understand it, which in my opinion is kind of opposite of "look how good I am".

"My Impale Build", "Best Impale Build" etc. sounds way better than "BEST DEVASTATOR BUILD IN GAME" where it's not best at all and takes 10+ minutes to finish CT15 map

Like it or not, there is always a stat measure to use for checking if one build performs better than another one - in Outriders that's time to finish map.

So while yes you can call "viable" a build that finish CT15 in 20 minutes, it's hardly best when another can do it in 7, correct?

ID: hmf9yxd

Love the build. But I think certified's point is that the metric of speed for expos is now an arbitrary definition of best. Best could also mean most tank-y. Or most support/healing for teammates. I also find myself looking at outriders the same as pre-NH, but without timers, using speed runs as the metric for best is limiting, and saying that everyone else's definition of best is demonstrably wrong does feel like either "look how good I am" or at least missing the boat on the new freedom in build diversity that we've been given. But again, love the build!

ID: hmf36sr

Then how do you define "Best" without something to measure it ?, if someone made a Tank build that have an average 40min ekspedition time they can also call it BEST. This build and variations of it have proven to be good and have good clear times, impale builds have not and lately people just post builds that they clearly never measure in any way to prove it being good.

ID: hmf6j08

Best tank build, not "best devastator build". Also in the end the point of end-game is to make sure you gear up fast and you prove that your build is better. If you want to make build that is unkilable but takes 40 min to clear map - sure. But like in Diablo and every other "build-gear-class" best game, the end-game meta is always fastest and highest damage. And even if you make "best" and what you meant is - best becasue unkillable, at least write it in your post so people know what you meant by it and not come back later and asking "hey, i am using your build and It takes ages to clear map, why??". That's your fault as build author, not someone who used it.

Like it or not - that's how it is and that's how most people anticipate it when they see "BEST XX BUILD!".

So lets not misslead them.

ID: hmf47j6

That's my whole point, if a build is slightly slower but it's feels nicer to play il go down that route everytime.

Best matters when the game requires a time frame, now it doesn't matter. If an impale build is a minute slower but easily gets through a CT15 run then you both get the same amount of loot. Both are good builds.

The best tank build and the best time build are completely different things, personally the best builds to be are the ones that feel fun to play, not always the fastest to clear which since the update doesn't matter.

99% of the community care very little for speed runs or world record timings, they play to have fun and wreck stuff.

The post just reads like a internet flex to me...nothing against OP but that's how it reads, no doubt the build is solid.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/28 17:04 ID: hmf3jec

I don't play devastator but if I ever decide to l will def refer back to this. I applaud you for putting effort into laying this all out.

As a Pyro main I appreciate you giving untamed power a shout out. That mod can output so much.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/28 19:53 ID: hmfssqi

I remember one guy did not believe me that this build outdamages bleed build by a mile, loool, good breakdown my guy!

8 : Anonymous2021/11/28 20:16 ID: hmfw4wz

Can you upload meta builds for other classes too?

ID: hmg71dw

Just go to discord channgel and check each class channels and pinned build inside or simply as people on channel for meta build and they will help.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/28 17:15 ID: hmf52aq

People really be on here with their e-peens for their "best builds." Just play how you want to play ffs. This isn't an mmo. The timers are gone. Fuck "metas."

ID: hmf6xy7

You have a right to don't play meta. I never said you need to play it or that you need it, but meta is there and "best" is always there. It's just mathematical fact - there is always something best/highest. You don't have to use it, but it wont' change the fact it's there and I prefer people to know how it actually looks like.

ID: hmf98qc

Right, fuck OP for playing how he wants to play and sharing it with us.

ID: hmgr3hs

But, what if how I want to play is with a meta build? There's a reason why meta builds are popular, and that's not just for mmos.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/28 22:15 ID: hmgdzqg

This was, probably, the most "Toxic meta mentality with really high self stem" that I've seen in Reddit.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/28 20:48 ID: hmg13ns

Since your kind of a dick...and this build is ripped straight from my own YouTube channel from almost a year fucked something up.

Why in god's name would you run the bleed node on the bottom and not run the 100% melee dmg. Especially since you have the melee+restiance mod idea.

Damn dude. All this cockiness you would hope you actually get it right.

Besides which timers are fucking gone. Ive been playing pistol only trickster and guess what I still finish the God damn mission.

EDIT : I'm not sure if this was fixed but it used to be DESPAIR only worked if you had x2 leaps. Of that's still the case then that mod is useless as well. But I'm not sure if they fixed that or not.

ID: hmg5ozr

Since your kind of a dick...and this build is ripped straight from my own YouTube channel from almost a year fucked something up.

It's cute that you think you are relevant enough for people to rip off builds from your unknown channel. I don't even know who you are. Players knew this build for a long time.

Get off your high horse man, nobody on Discord even mentioned your channel anywhere or you.... What an arrogance.

Talks about cockiness, but shows narcissism on totally new level.

But I'm not sure if they fixed that or not.

If you are not sure then don't talk bs. Yes it's fixed and it just shows how little you know Mr "my own YouTube channel". Don't even know if mechanic works or not and tried to correct me... narcissism on different level

ID: hmg81ni

You sir, need some guidance in life. If everyone calls you an asshole on a Reddit post. You may want to re evaluate your life choices.

I don't care about my relevancy, I haven't made a video in months. But when the game first came out, I was the GO TO guy for anything Devastator. Regardless, you claim "the best build" when technically I made the build before anyone. So just trying to say you can't dog people for posting their "best build" when you clearly just copy and pasted something done 9 months ago.

I haven't played the game in months. Didn't know they fixed that perk.

But I'm 100% right about not picking up the melee perk. That's a huge oversight. While trying to talk down to people's builds. Just saying man.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/28 16:45 ID: hmf0p44

Love this. Thank you so much.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/28 18:14 ID: hmfdq63

Doesn't use Boulderdash = not the best in my book! Lol

ID: hmg5qfz

That's fair 😀

ID: hmg6nx9

I'll upvote you for mentioning the best skill in the videogame. Have a great day, sir and/or ma'am!

14 : Anonymous2021/11/28 19:03 ID: hmfl8r8

You metaslaves are adorable. Always, in all games.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/28 20:02 ID: hmfu4vn

Nice! I left the discord some time ago and want to come back to see all the builds. Glad Dev hasn’t changed much. Anyone willing to give a non-expired invite?

16 : Anonymous2021/11/28 20:18 ID: hmfwhs0

Hi, new player here been doing t15s on my dev using a very similar setup and been working on min maxing. got a couple questions if that's all good.

I love being super tanky especially cause my friends I play with are all glass (and still gearing) and I wana be able to res them. I see most of the dev builds don't take the bleed heal, is that just because there's no room for it or do you not need it? I don't have a pyro leveled yet so haven't taken the pierce resistance nodes so got some spare points.

I have been using the anomaly visage helmet for the bonus anomaly power but it seems like no one uses it, does the buff not stack or is it just not that good?


17 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:13 ID: hmgmay7

Great guide though it could do with some more explanation like the Pyro mod you use, kinda important info. Also it's good to stay humble man you really come off as an arrogant so and so. You could have said the same stuff without being a dick about it. You get the game mechanics and have explained it well at what you need to do in the build which will help a lot of people but as I said try to stay humble. Its nice to be nice my man :). Thanks again for the write up.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:19 ID: hmgn5xz

Nice post, definitely somebody who keeps an eye on the speedrun scene and has alot of good knowledge.


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1 year ago

not a fan of this build, weapon swapping mod abuse junk, i hate builds that rely on mods to do half of the damage, way more fun to take 100% melee mod in place of untamed power and the melee node in the tree and punch for 1.5 million to start and end a despair combo

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