The Outrider’s Handbook: a Mini-Leveling Guide with Tips & Tricks for New and Curious Players

1 : Anonymous2021/12/02 18:27 ID: r7dsn9

Welcome, Outrider!


Playing Outriders is hard, so hard that you may bang your head in despair... but then, at last, you'll successfully launch the game and connect to the servers and begin a fun game.



Choose whatever class suits you best. The in-game descriptions are good - a tanky Devastator, a melee Trickster, etc. They all work. If you're uncertain, the Technomancer is the most versatile for ranged attack.


Run with a close-range and a long-range weapon for the first maps. The game tutorials encourage you to fight from Cover, and this works in the early game. But it won't be long before fighting becomes closer and more mobile.

You get a sense of the late game in your first boss fight, against Reiner in the side quest Payback, or against Gauss in the main campaign. In those fights and as the game progreses, stay mobile rather than fighting from stationary Cover.


Try out different weapons and skills. They'll all work, and leveling up is a perfect time to find favorites.

ALL of them work when leveling. Play what you find fun.


Try different Class traits, once you get points for them. You can reset anytime, so choose what you like.


As you play, your World Tier will advance if you have the default Options -> Auto Set Maximum World Tier, increasing the difficulty.

Play at whatever World Tier you find the most fun. I can't emphasize this enough. You'll find advice to speed through at low WTs or to run at max setting for more rewards, but the truth is, either route will work, so play at the level enjoy.

Seriously: play at the World Tier level makes the game most fun for you.


Return to Rift Town by taking your Truck. It isn't clear to some new players that your flag allows Fast Travel only within a Zone, and that the Truck moves you between Zones.


The Matchmaking System could be better, no doubt. If you join a random game, you'll continue your story at whatever World Tier is set by the host. Lower WTs are more common. If you want to play only at your WT, you can open your game (from the Main Menu, select Game Privacy: Open), and you may get partners. Again, lower WTs are more popular. Many players finish the Campaign solo.

I start Matchmaking with plenty of space in my bags and Stash so that if I get a good team, I can keep rolling with them without delay between missions.


Managing All Your Stuff

Sell or Dismantle? Whatever suits you. The difference isn't as big as some guides suggest. To Level Up a weapon from level 15 to 40 costs the materials from about 75 Rare weapons, or you can buy a new one for the scrap you'd get from selling about the same.


That said, there's a huge advantage to Dismantling a Rare (Blue) or better weapon when it's the first time you've dismantled that type, giving you access to a new Mod. To check if you already have a Mod, mark an item or items, then hover over Dismantle Marked.


Modding Gear

When starting, don't worry about increasing Attributes and Leveling Up gear. You'll quickly get better stuff just by leveling.

But do change Mods to try them out. It's cheap - you'll get lots of iron - and can make a big difference in your gameplay. Change one Mod slot as often as you want; the other gets locked permanently.


Building for High Levels

If you advance your World Tier, at some point, things will start getting tougher. For me, the step up to World Tier 11 was a wake-up call that I couldn't swap things around piecemeal. Whenever you find the game tough, choose Skills and Gear and Class Traits that work together. When you swap a piece of gear, it often affects your choice of Skills and vice-versa.




Use Auto-Loot. Under Options-> Controls, check or set the key/ button, and under Options->Gameplay, set the rarity to Common. Press it to loot any item or materials (but not ammo) on your current map.

Restock your ammo to replenish ammo and reload all your weapons at the same time. In combat, this often beats reloading a slow weapon.

Melee to Interrupt enemy abilities.

Melee to break out Freeze.

Melee to break out of Ash.

Melee to Mark enemies for your Pyromancer self-heal.

Melee through walls, if you wish.

Roll to stop Burning.

Hold still to stop Bleeding.

Use your Anomaly Rounds to reload your weapon twice. When activated, Blighted/ Volcanic/ Twisted fills your magazine with anomaly rounds, and when it ends it fills it with standard ammo. No need to manually reload.

Get Critical shots by random chance (5%, with few opportunities to raise it) or more often by attacking an enemy's yellow weak spots, as long as you're in range for your weapon.

Decipher the icons above your health bar.

Roll to the side to avoid attacks, rather than back. Many bosses have a leap or extended reach that can hit you if you go back.

Reset your cooldowns by using an object to advance to the next zone (breaking rocks, pulling a lever, turning a wheel).

Understand the limits of your self-revive, if you select it in your Class tree. Here's a good post explaining when it works (and doesn't) for the Technomancer.

Check your physical damage reduction, Close/ Long Range Bonuses, and Weapon & Skill Leech/ Damage Bonuses by selecting the button in the bottom left of your Inventory (Shift on a PC).

Watch your Skill and Weapon Leech heal you for a % of Max Health with each hit. Your Skill Leech also adds with each tic of your Status Effects (Burn, Toxic, Bleed). More targets Burning = more healing.

If Close/ Long Range Bonuses matter to your build, find the sweet spot with the guide to What Close Range Means. '10m' turns out shorter than I'd guess, or roughly two steps less than you roll.

Check Outriders Discord for info, but don't abandon your favorite build because of a comment or two. Builds see more thoughtful discussion here on Reddit.

Save your CC abilities when an Elite enemy has a blue vortex icon next its Health Bar. That Effect Resistance builds up, then fades, and it can be broken with Resistance Piercing.

Want to know how Shield works? How to raise the Health Regen cap? The in-game Guide (Main Menu->Guide) is short, sweet, and overlooked.

Play the builds you enjoy, regardless of what gets the most Likes on YouTube. (Almost) anything can be made to work.

2 : Anonymous2021/12/03 15:31 ID: hn2s2zy

This is a list of comments made by the developers in this thread:

Comment by thearcan:

Great thread, I'll sticky this as I'm sure it will also be helpful for continued discussions from new players in general. 🙂

If I might make a couple humble suggestions for additions to your list - The Damage Control and Cover threads that we put out in the past may be quite helpful to explain som...

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3 : Anonymous2021/12/03 02:29 ID: hn0m1yn

Giving this an award solely because of that picture of the icons above the healthbar lmao, been playing a while and kinda just tried to figure them out as I went

ID: hn0oe53

It's crazy hard to find out what they mean! Now that we know, if only they were big enough for us to see them...

4 : Anonymous2021/12/02 23:40 ID: hmzzbsj

I beat the campaign today and there was tons of this i didn't know. thanks

ID: hn0or6x

Congrats! You made your way through a long journey.

Now you can bump your Challenge Tier to team up for different Expeditions. You may need to solo the first couple, since when you finish the campaign, you start at max of CT6 for Expeditions, while most groups run at higher CTs. Enjoy!

ID: hn272gq

I am a masochist so i was already at ct10, but i did have to lower it a little for the final boss.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/03 15:30 ID: hn2rww0

Great thread, I'll sticky this as I'm sure it will also be helpful for continued discussions from new players in general. 🙂

If I might make a couple humble suggestions for additions to your list - The Damage Control and Cover threads that we put out in the past may be quite helpful to explain some aspects of the game that are not immediately obvious (or easily forgotten).

Here are the links:

Damage Control Cover
ID: hn3y8pc

Those are useful links, thanks. I've added some of the info from Damage Control into Tips & Tricks.


For those interested, the thread on Cover is less about the tension between the game's level design and the gameplay, discussed in the comments below. That linked thread is more about the challenges in implementing a cover system, and it's interesting reading.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/03 10:19 ID: hn1vtsg

I just played this game last week, bought it on sale. I read back then when this game was released, that it wasn't that good. However, I'm really having fun in this game. My only gripe is that, too many loading black screen in-between interaction and menus.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/05 00:04 ID: hn9ckk1

Hey man! This post really helped me goin from 17 to 41 in no time and my build is getting stronger by understanding the synergies it takes but…I’ve been doing expeditions non stop since I got there and can’t seem to get higher level gear even going from ct to the next one kinda seems it stopped giving me better power levels, my question here is: what am I doing wrong? Is it because I stopped levelling my WT in story mode?

ID: hnoixvk

Hey! I'm glad it's going well for you.


I had this mini-guide focus on the Campaign, but maybe it'd help to have one for reaching higher CT levels. It can be tricky when you first hit CT10 or whenever the difficulty ramps up for you but you don't yet have endgame gear.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/02 22:49 ID: hmzs6pu

As a new player, I appreciate that you put this guide together. Thanks for your work.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/03 03:18 ID: hn0st1t

What I need, honestly, is a good leveling trickster build. it's the one class I literally give up before reaching level 15 or so. I have item level 45 guardian and technomancers (they aren't stalled...I just am all over the place and find the end game really dull) but I get nowhere with trickster.

ID: hn7vmcj

It can be tough to find leveling advice, with so many more guides focused on the endgame. This Beginner Trickster Build, for instance, aims at CT12 after the campaign, so it's not a beginner leveling guide. Still, it has a good explanation of how it works.


This Trickster thread may be more helpful. See especially the comments by MostlyJustCats, including

commit to either an anomaly power or firepower build


much of the trickster's survivability comes from being mobile... You're likely not doing enough damage fast enough (with the lack of offensive focus) and unable to escape the resulting too large group of enemies (from the lack of mobility).


If you like the shooter style of gameplay, twisted rounds is great. You can make it work with the time bubble, but I'd suggest replacing temporal blade with borrowed time to introduce some mobility survival options.

If you prefer the brawling style, temporal blade is one of the best. ... temporal blade, hunt the prey, and cyclone. Teleport in, melee to amp your anomaly power (from a node in the bottom tree), temporal blade, cyclone to sustain while your cooldowns refresh.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:39 ID: hn2da9y

Havent finished the campaign yet, but how will trying different classes work when I get to the endgame? Will they unlock automatically? Will I have to progress each one individually?

ID: hn79r4e

They've already unlocked for you. You can create a new character whenever you want in the lobby screen. They will start at level 1 or 2 if you skip the tutorial.

ID: hn7u07o

Yep. If you want to reach Expeditions, you can do it far faster than your first time through the campaign. Characters have their own levels, story progression, and materials, but they share a Stash.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/08 01:13 ID: hnnwtaw

Ima a day 1 with all 4 characters almost maxed out and I learned a lot from this. Thank you.

ID: hnoj1yg

Nice! Glad it helped.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/02 18:35 ID: hmyoo97


The game encourages you to fight from Cover


pls dont. cover is for enemies. only go to cover if you are going to die. outriders is NOT a cover shooter like Gears of War or other.

"The Outriders Mantras of Survival: Cover is for Cowards. Powers on Tap. Kill to Heal. Think Aggressive"

ID: hmypezf

outriders is NOT a cover shooter like Gears of War or other.

Totally agree. But the tutorial encourages you to fight from Cover, and it does work in the earliest fights, so many players get spanked when it stops working, often in their first boss fight: Am I Really Just That Bad at This Game or Is the Reiner Fight Really Hard?, and they don't know why.


That's why. Cover works for the fights in the maps of the first two Zones, roughly. Then it becomes far less effective. So

'as the game progreses, stay mobile rather than fighting from stationary Cover.'

ID: hn1ht7c

The game encourages you to use cover, which is the correct way to play. It's when you snap to cover that you make the mistake. Use cover all the time, just move behind it to break line of sight. When you snap to it is when you get every single humanoid enemy throwing grenades at you simultaneously. That's what you want to avoid.

So just never snap to cover, and it's the best thing in the game.

ID: hn0s71e

You're right. Cover is pretty useful for most of the campaign.. but I find that proccing your class' regen mechanic outweighs the benefit of cover the moment you get a few mods and weaps.

Personally, I have to actively remember that I can use cover for a sec or two when I'm waiting on CDs or can't use my weaps to trigger my class's regen mechanic.

ID: hmyq00s

never "fight from "cover. go to cover if you need to heal up, and get back out of it to fight. people shouldnt start with the attitude that fighting out of cover is viable, not even early game imho

ID: hn3jbe1

I like to think the "tutorial" is an anti-tutorial as it more or less teaches you how not to play the game.

It's really weird having the game point at the system like "hey look at this cover system! Oh yeah don't use that. It's for the other guys."

ID: hn3k30b

i guess some folks at PCF ( especially the ones who have done the audio cues after a failed expos) were just sadists 😀

13 : Anonymous2021/12/02 19:14 ID: hmyuvx4

Good write up here, and good on you for taking the time to put all this together. I did something similar but much shorter around when NH launched and don't worry, the bit on cover is GOING to get the comments rolling. I edited that section for like a week until it landed in a place that didn't get hate from newbies OR vets lol.

PS, from the mouths of PCF themselves: cover is for cowards.

ID: hmyzjgn

the bit on cover is GOING to get the comments rolling. I edited that section for like a week until it landed in a place that didn't get hate from newbies OR vets lol.

I'm surprised it's controversial. I'm trying to help newbies who get a conflicting message in the early game.


The #1 hit for 'Outriders PCF cover cowards' links this Reddit post, players post these comments:

The tutorial overemphasizes the use of cover. Once you attain your powers, it needs to be made more clear that cover, while good for a quick relief or reposition, is not meant to be a static combat position.


Absolutely Correct. Every moment up until the first Side Quest mini-boss (the one where you kill the Captain with the fire tornado), the game literally presents itself as Gears of War.


The level design screams “Cover Shooter” but the gameplay screams “Run and Gun”.


Every veteran of Outriders knows you can't play the game locked in cover, but few newcomers will know why. I want to give a sense that as the game goes on, you're pressed to be mobile and aggressive.


Suggestions on how to handle it here?

ID: hmz2dqi

I think the disparity between how older and newer players talk/think about it comes from how when the game launched, there were tons of people/publications covering the game and most of not all of them preached to not use cover. I know for me, I come from Destiny, and quite a few of Destiny's content creators covered Outriders. Literally every single one of them said something like: "cover...just don't use it, its bad."

When re-examining cover, and listening to a lot of NH newer players, what I came to realize is that IMO the best way to discuss it is to talk about a few things:

How the endgame/expeditions completely change the importance of cover - a lot if not all of the expeditions actively discourage you from using cover by means of throwing a lot of AOE/grenades at your location, those shamans who summon those red things of death, getting rushed, etc. Expeditions actively PUNISH you for not constantly being on the move, this is especially true for solo players. I mentioned in an earlier reply I talked to someone who legit quit the game because of how drastic this change was. All the classes healing mechanics encourage aggressive play - with the exception of the technomancer, all of them require kills, and even trickste require you to be up close. I made the realization that for me personally, I HATE how the cover mechanic feels - The amount of times I either stuck to a wall I didn't mean to, rolled into cover when I was just trying avoid an AOE, or just plain wouldn't exit cover because the game decided NOPE was infuriating to me. It feels especially bad if you played games like Division, or wildlands/breakpoint. So I try to relay that along with points 1 and 2, 3 was my personal experience with the cover mechanic and a big part of why I personally hate it.

Edit to #3: I try to emphasize that I'm not telling them never retreat behind a wall/pillar to break line of sight or to get a quick breather, it's that the actual cover mechanic doesn't feel right.

ID: hn0wkbv

Every veteran of Outriders knows you can't play the game locked in cover, but few newcomers will know why. I want to give a sense that as the game goes on, you're pressed to be mobile and aggressive.


I don't know. Get a tactical rifle with death chains and something like bone shards. Pair it with a good sniper rifle.

I played a guardian pretty much out of cover the entire way. Finished the story at tier 15. Dropped to rank 12 for Yagak at the end, it was just such a slog to get him through the first phase.

I leveled top tree, and used my anomaly powers solely as interrupts (save for golem). Eventually around level 26 I finished the tree and then switched Grav Leap to boulderdash - the 100% uptime was a huge boost.

I literally just finished this two days ago. It's not that difficult. He's on tier 11 now in end game, but it's only been a couple days. My gear still isn't remotely optimized. Weapons are fine, but my armor is still a hodge podge of mismatched stuff that just has the mods I prefer on them.

On my techno I leveled back in the spring, same deal. rifle, toxic bullets, and freezing turrets/melee. Easier than guardian - guardian's melee hit is worthless. He's around level 46?

I'm not saying you can necessarily do this to level 50, but you can definitely get through the game at a fairly high world tier playing it like a shooter.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/04 19:03 ID: hn86a71

Question, as I've always been too lazy to test it. Does the 'From The Ashes' status buff icon indicate the passive is 'available' or 'on cooldown'?

15 : Anonymous2021/12/06 02:50 ID: hnetcai

im a new player who beat the game, did all side quests and hunter quests etc but only ended up at world tier 14. i looked up a farm for world tier level xp and saw more than a couple say to go to the story point in first city and do the "reach the other side of the river" part, but im just wondering if i had just been duped into restarting my story and having to redo it all now? because if so i think im just gunna uninstall

ID: hno2ml2

Once you e beat the any level of the story you can return to it and play again and switch back any time you want. Going back to that particular area is useful because of how many relatively easy enemies you can kill over and over which will advance you world tier quickly.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/10 03:59 ID: hny0ogg

What is the point of the WT then. It feels very defeating to have to not be able to push forward AS DESIGNED. I get it, I've played plenty of Dark Souls so I don't have an issue with trudging forward, but this game feels like a failed attempt at artificially creating challenges through just making everything a bullet sponge and making you just feel really weak as a "hero" of some story line.

The first time I played through, I kept the WT low so I could just get through and then do expeditions. However, on a second pass through, I wanted to actually play the campaign and I now just feel like it is kind of dumb and punishing. I feel like playing end game and farming the expeditions is so much easier than the campaign and I really wanted to get a sense of accomplishment out of the story part of the game.

Really want to like this game, but I'm sorely struggling to.

ID: holsipv

Yeah, it's definitely important to get the WT at difficulty that's good for you. While I enjoyed the story, it's long enough that too easy or too hard can dampen the fun.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/13 07:21 ID: hocr0oz

Nice guide! Just finished the campaign - what a great game and story. Is matchmaking alive on the xbox? i really want to try some expeditions!

ID: holsusr

Matchmaking has problems for sure - it'd be far better if they allowed you to select by WT/CT and mission, among other things - and the combination of design and technical problems limits the number of people playing co-op.


That said, I've had a lot of fun joining others for play, and I hope you do, too. Once you get above CT 9 or so, there's a lot more players looking for teammates. I hope you find good runs!

18 : Anonymous2021/12/13 12:05 ID: hodbxi4

Has anybody ever seen a player higher than level 30 and higher gear score than 50? I played with today with level 40 and gear score 59.

19 : Anonymous2021/12/13 17:11 ID: hoeessi

I just bought this game yesterday a d briefly read some class tips. I'm very interested in playing Devestator but everything I read states that it is not viable in late game. Is this true?

20 : Anonymous2021/12/19 00:34 ID: hp3zy63

Just a quick note if it wasn't already mentioned, I would probably add to the world tier part that it doesn't affect experience so your world tier really is personal preference to play through the campaign.

ID: hpgchsg

your world tier really is personal preference to play through the campaign

Definitely! Play at the level of challenge/ World Tier that's fun for you. You can get to the same place whether you run at WT1 or 15 or in-between.

21 : Anonymous2021/12/03 00:37 ID: hn06xoy

Weapon leech and skill leech doesn't work like that.

ID: hn0o6jt

My info matches that of this Reddit post, PSA: Weapon and Skill Leech is Probably Not What You Think. After experimenting, the OP says

To clarify, if your skill leech is 10%, each time you damage an enemy with a status effect you will heal a maximum of 10%of your total health.


if your weapon leech is 10%, each bullet that does damage will heal you a maximum 10% of your total health.


The discussion there is pretty thorough. If you have a better source, please share it.

ID: hn1udqp

The "if you skill leech is 10%" part is kind of a big deal. Also holy crap is that really how it works? That's completely unintuitive!

ID: hn1wqho

u STylerMLmusic is being unconstructive but they're right, your OP's incorrect and has different meaning from the source.

Skill Leech heals you for X% of your Skill Damage you inflict to enemies (Skill Damage includes status effect tics) for up to X% of your max HP per damage instance.

Same goes with weapon: Weapon Leech heals you for X% of your Weapon Damage you inflict to enemies for up to X% of your max HP per damage instance.

The second part of the Leech system makes fast-firing weapons (and status spreader skills) better for healing.

For example, you have 1100 HP and 25% Weapon Leech:

You have a rifle that deals 1.000.000 damage per shot. You hit an enemy with it. The first component of the leech makes you heal for 250.000, but the second component capped your healing to 25% of your max HP = 275 HP.

You have an auto gun that deals 100.000 damage per shot. You shoot it 10 times at an enemy. The first component of the leech makes you heal for 25.000, the second component capped your healing to 25% of your max HP = 275 HP, but there are 10 instances of it, so you are healed a total of 2750 HP.

An opposite example, you have 1.000.000 HP and 25% Weapon Leech:

You have a rifle that deals 1000 damage per shot. You hit an enemy with it. The first component of the leech makes you heal for 250. And because 250 is lower than 25% of your max HP (which is 250.000), you are healed for 250 HP (which is 0.025% of your max HP)

Essentially, Something Leech heals you for (X% of Something Damage) OR (X% of your max HP) per damage instance, whichever lower.

ID: hn1gjmv

Great, you've quoted the right source, now correct what you wrote in your post to match that.


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