Hardware acceleration has been causing driver timeouts on 5700xt since

1 : Anonymous2021/12/05 14:38 ID: r9h0tg

Ever since the unofficial halo driver has been released myself and others have been experiencing random driver timeouts when using programs with hardware acceleration turned on.

These programs being google chrome, spotify, wallpaper engine, steam, discord, etc... I have narrowed it down that the driver timeout usually occur when a sudden spike in GPU usage when using these programs. For example when you open multiple youtube, twitch videos on multiple monitors. Or when you change your wallpaper in wallpaper engine to one that has heavy animations.

This has never happened prior to It is an new issue. I can confirm that after testing turning off hardware acceleration in these programs fixed the driver timeouts (so if anyone else that is experiencing the same issues you can try that out and see if it helps you)

however that is a only a temporary solution because we should be able to use hardware acceleration without experiencing driver timeouts like before

2 : Anonymous2021/12/05 17:57 ID: hncjxhi

I've been having these issues with a Vega 64 card since around the time the 5700 series came out and they moved over to the new 'Adrenalin' driver package.

Have lost count of the number of crash reports I've sent to AMD with no response.

For me the issues are nearly 100% repeatable.

My entire build (apart from GPU) has changed in the meantime and the issues still stand, GPU is fine in any other work load I test it with, benchmarks, games etc.

One thing that nearly always crashes the drivers is having firefox open on a second monitor streaming twitch, then open Steam on the main monitor and clicking one of the articles at the top of the library view.

If it doesn't immediately crash the drivers it usually will when trying to mouse wheel scroll the article down.

Other things can also crash the drivers (ie Minecraft launcher) but it mainly seems to be having a video stream on the second monitor and then opening/using something else on the main monitor.

Monitor 1 - DP 1440p@144Hz

Monitor 2 - DP 1080p@120Hz

Monitor 3 - HDMI out to an A/V amp for audio using Dolby Atmos.

Old PC was an i7 3770K build, 850W PSU.

New PC is a Ryzen 3900X build, 1000W PSU.

I have other odd issues, like if I've been using my PC, streaming video etc, then close all browsers and play PUBG, I'll nearly always get a game/drive crash within the first 30 mins. If I reboot first, then play PUBG I have zero issues and can play for hours.

Can also work the other way, if I stop playing PUBG and then start watching streaming video the PC will sometimes lock up/reboot with one of the screens going a random colour.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/05 15:59 ID: hnc2v0w

I have this issue with the 5700g iGPU, but not with the 6800XT.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/05 18:59 ID: hncu9ex

I don't have the issue at all with my 5700XT 50th Ann--but I'm on 21.12.1--I tried the Halo driver for a while, saw no problems with it. I use Firefox DE x64, Win11 22509.1011--I run 1 monitor @ 4k.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/05 23:06 ID: hndy8ep

AMD drivers... please get better. Sincerely, someone who wants to own a next generation AMD ROG STRIX LC GPU but hesitates due to posts like these!!

6 : Anonymous2021/12/05 14:54 ID: hnbu79p

AMD released an official driver for Halo a few days ago, try that one out and see if it fixes your issue.

Here is a link to the driver.

ID: hnbw2un

Already on that driver, issue is still present

ID: hnci6pj

Btw try to max out the power limit, some said helps a lot with drivers time out

ID: hnchwnt

DDU and all?

7 : Anonymous2021/12/05 19:20 ID: hncxpia

As much as I like AMD, this is the reason I switched to Nvidia. I've have these stupid black screens and driver timeouts since 2019 with Vega 64 and R9 Fury. AMD just doesn't have the resources to fix all of the issues.

ID: hndhflr

weakest reason i have heard. HW Acceleration itself has lots of issues, not even related directly to the companies who make gpus...

ID: hndsay2

That is your unfounded opinion. HW acceleration works flawlessly on my new GPU, but not on my any of my AMD GPUs. HW acceleration is necessary for 4k videos or else it stutters. 4k YouTube videos went from unwatchable to watchable, simple as that.

ID: hndnkd7

From what ive seen HW Acc is mostly useless aside from very few games that actually benefit from it...or in some cases is hurts performance


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