A friend passed me this trickster build I want to know if it is good

1 : Anonymous2021/12/10 12:29 ID: rd7l1h
A friend passed me this trickster build I want to know if it is good
2 : Anonymous2021/12/10 13:38 ID: hnzh8pg

From a look it looks good, i understand the theory behind it, freeze everything with winter blast and frozen bullets, then divide damage with timerift, paintransfer and explosive teleportation plus moaning and a little shield zap with icicle storm in there, and also he went for a balanced gun/anomaly build. i dunno how good it is until i try it out but i get what its doing. need to build the shoes if i want to try it.

ID: ho04okz

You only get the effect from Icicle Storm if you kill frozen enemies that were frozen by Cold Snap which Tricksters can't do.

ID: ho054ft

oh yeh i forgot about that totally. thanks for pointing it out, now i remember when running trickster i ran with boots, gloves and legs if i remember correctly. yeah i did, for not wasting a mod slot.

ID: hnzjc9l

I would be interested to see how your build and your opinion look

ID: hnzl23c

I would use disruptive firepower for 35% increase weapon damage instead of just 15% against elites. or i would use outrider executioner. it all depends on which CD is faster. Im also unsure as to which is his main weapon, is he a shotgun main switching for his longrange or how does he play, because he has hunt the prey which says he jumps in behind them and he is using unforseen end for attacking from behind so that makes sense if he is maining shotgun. but.... he would still get more damage from outrider executioner than from bounty hunter that way, also if he uses timerift more often then he would get more from disruptive firepower. im not really sure where he is going with the anomaly power if its only for boosting his aggresive teleportation. but i mean it looks fun since we dont have timers we need to care about. as i said i need to try it out see how it works.

ID: hnzlxmv

seems like a really mixed playstyle, he can keep longrange but also switch to shotty shortrange, the main thing is keeping everything frozen for the extra damage.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/10 16:42 ID: ho06kla

The hardest part about all these builds is gathering the gear and mods if you don't already have them. I play trickster my damage is awful, but my gear is awful. I do my best but its not good enough for some players. The hard part is finding people that will carry you to help you get strong enough to carry others thru endgame. I have had some luck some days and not so much other days. I would definitely try this build and many others once the gear shapes up lol.

ID: ho0fw11

Trickster is literally the only class I couldn't level without rage quitting. I've got about 40 hours in as one, multiple playthroughs.

Only this current time, attempt number 3 or 4 I guess? I finally got a setup that really works for leveling.

It literally took two (tier 1) mods to make everything better. Two. It's ridiculous that it was this way, but for me, it was.

The skill is borrowed time, and the mods were time space and gunshield. They literally made the difference between killing most things in one shot with a leveled pump action and not.

ID: ho0ioha

Good to know much appreciated tip!

ID: ho0t8kh

As a newbie, never thought borrowed time gave much flexibility but it seems to be working well for better survivability and some bigger damage numbers.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/10 14:30 ID: hnznoal

It’s actually a pretty decent setup, but in my experience the best Borealis Trickster uses Venators Knife/Twisted Rounds so you can dedicate more mods to damage.

Here’s my personal setup:

One thing I sometimes do is run dual Fatal Symbionts so that I can just chew through adds with Winter Blast but also have a dedicated Boss/Mauler gun with Ultimate Freeze.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/10 15:50 ID: hnzyt2e

This is close to the sidearm build posted here not too long ago. It was N A S T Y

ID: ho0qpqd

Hey that was my build (posted in my other comment)! Glad you liked it.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/10 16:39 ID: ho060z8

If you want to know if it's good, just... play the game with it.


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