Which day of your life would you choose..

1 : Anonymous2021/12/10 11:51 ID: rd6zah
Which day of your life would you choose..
2 : Anonymous2021/12/10 12:59 ID: hnzcx07

That rainy Saturday where my dad, brother, and I hung out in my room and played crackdown till my Xbox overheated and shut off. We took turns doing missions or just running around beating the shit out of bad guys. It was a blast!

ID: ho04d7f

Look, I'm a hardcore gamer and everything, but there was this one girl in 2013 that I totally botched with and I really think I could do better now that I'm older and wiser...

ID: ho0ikjp

Oh you mean the girl who sat next to me on my friends bed while we were all drinking and finally everyone left to go downstairs and she said hey we are alone and I said yeah we should go downstairs??!! That one? That one?!!!?!!

ID: ho06394

When I sit and ponder the meaning of happiness, that day is always the memory that floats to the top of my mind. My dad actually took a genuine interest in my interests and I was able to share that with him. For a whole day we just sat around and chilled, having fun playing a super cop running around faster than cars drove, jumping over buildings, uppercutting bad guys to the moon, laughing the whole day! I've never been as content as I was that day.

We never really had a whole lot when I was young, and that Xbox is one of the things I bought with my first few pay checks, the TV was an old crt from a pawn shop. My dad was always working so we never really got to spend a lot of time together, let alone just hang out like that, so it's a memory I'll always cherish.

ID: ho0cqto

That sounds awesome. My dad was the type to tell me video games were for kids and tell me I was wasting time. I vow to never do that to my kid, he's 2 and already playing rocket league and other kids video games with me. Absolutely loves it and we have a blast together. Can't wait to have a day similar to the one you describe when he's a little older. Hope you get to recreate it with a family of your own too!

ID: ho0ie8y

I'm not having kids, for several reasons I'm not willing to discuss, but I have a couple nephews I game with from time to time.

My dad was also very anti-game. He eventually realized it wasn't just a phase and that it's not something I'm just going to stop doing. He always wanted me to work on cars with him, and I did, and still do, but I also like gaming. He watches TV, I play games. At least what I do engages the brain a bit.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/10 14:37 ID: hnzolt1

2018, me and my friends just pass the board examinations, all of us became licensed engineers, right around November just a week after the results came out, we went to a mountain hiking trip just like we always planned to. And it was just a very special and surreal moment, the feeling, we were literally at the top of the world. It's just beautiful, and like one of my friends said gleefully at the end of the trip, "Memories!". But hey, it is still too early to decide, but that day will forever hold a special place within me, just like a few more moments in my life.

ID: ho0zwxh

Moved out to BC for work for a summer with two of my good friends, we all lived in a house together in the mountains with the nearest grocery store almost an hour away. Right at the edge of our property was an incredible scenic view of two huge mountain ranges with the Fraser River running down the middle. The Canadian National Railway on one side of the river and the Pacific Rail on the other.

At night we would have a fire and just watch the trains come through and light up the entire mountain range. If you looked up you could see the milky way and just endless shooting stars with the occasional comet leaving a trail across the entire sky... you never realize how much you miss from light pollution.

Its one of those memories that's bittersweet to remember because it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, shared with good friends and yet I never expect to live that moment again now that we're all scattered and into our careers. It was like the last time I felt truly free.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/10 12:38 ID: hnzaqv7

The Day I died, so I could avoid it

ID: hnzkuu5

Checkmate God.

ID: ho0kejf

What if you die senile, pissing and shitting yourself, crying out for loved ones who were long dead? A Grandchild stops by, they look at you, then check your wallet, and steal 50 bucks to go buy dope.

ID: ho0lv13

Christ dude, that's dark

ID: ho0pqt9

if I'm about to die, I'm not gonna be using that $50 anyway. Hope that grandchild has a great time.

ID: ho0mdiy

But it says you live the day again - wouldn't that just make you experience how you died a second time? Assuming you don't really have control over the outcome.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/10 12:09 ID: hnz80og

Probably the day my mom let my skip a day of kindergarten to play OoT with her.

ID: ho0bipc

The first time I played hello was with my brother

6 : Anonymous2021/12/10 16:52 ID: ho07ylz

The day I was getting on my friends roof to go smoke weed with him and another friend, while I was climbing I heard something by the street and when I looked down it was my friend riding a bike, she looked so beautiful and had the biggest smile, I was so in love with her… I miss you kiwi… Rest In Peace.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/10 12:45 ID: hnzbgm4

Christmas Day, 2000. I was very late getting an N64 (family didn’t have much money). First game on it was Ocarina of Time. I played all day, stopping only for Christmas dinner. Such a magical moment playing that game for the first time, the first time running through Hyrule Field is burned into my memory.

ID: ho0azry

Are you me?

ID: ho0eea3

how far did you make it on that first day?

8 : Anonymous2021/12/10 16:01 ID: ho00bf3

“This day. So I can re live every single day I choose.”

ID: ho0nle0

Oh, that sounds good, but he says "once". To actually see another day from your past, you would eventually have to pick that day (instead of "this day"), and then it's over 🙁 So all you can do is add a detour with (hypothetically) infinite deaths.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/10 14:55 ID: hnzr0tj

i have 2 personally. i remember a day when i was really young and my parents were still in there 20's. we lived at my grandparents house back in the 80's and it was x-mas. it stands out really strongly for me. i got my first bike, and tons and tons of presents. the whole family got together, we had lots of food. my aunt pretended to be santa and we thought she was. its a really powerful memory even to this day.

there is another one that stands out as well. my grandfather used to have this 2 acre property with a cabin, it had no power at all. didn't really matter. we had spent the 4th of July up there a lot but this year, every family member came out and camped out on the property. even some family i never even knew before.

it was all fun and happy and jolly. with lots of fireworks and a huge bone fire and bbq.

one of those i would pick.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/10 17:16 ID: ho0bpwc

Probably the day of my wedding. All of my family, all my in-laws, and all of my best friends in one place. It was so great. Such an amazing reception and I loved seeing so many happy people.

ID: ho0juuh

Same here. I never realized until I got married that the reason people say "it's the best day of your life" isn't just because of the wedding, but also because when it's your wedding it's basically just a party with all of your favorite people (hopefully).

11 : Anonymous2021/12/10 11:55 ID: hnz6tvi

The day I first heard Halo 2's theme song

ID: hnzbhaq

I guess I’m older. Sitting in the college dorm gaming basement playing halo 1 on Xbox and smash bros on GameCube is definitely one of my best.

Or in high school in my buddies room playing smash bros and Mario kart on the 64.

Man I fucking love gaming

ID: ho0pkxn

This comment is so wholesome. You are a little bit older than me. I'm in my late 20s now. But I remember when I was a kid and the N64 was still fairly popular and I got a copy of Conkers Bad Fur Day. It's my all time favorite N64 game. My friends and I would play for hours.

I also was big into PS2 and I have great memories of my friends and I playing the Warriors all night. Best beatem up imo.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/10 12:25 ID: hnz9jmp

I have too many options to pick from

ID: hnzoeca


13 : Anonymous2021/12/10 16:20 ID: ho0360f

This is more depressing than wholesome tbh, such a bizarre post

14 : Anonymous2021/12/10 12:35 ID: hnzagjx

Y'all really peaked at 8 and haven't been happy since? I literally see a sad meme about childhood at least once a week here

ID: ho07qpi

This is just human nature though. Most people tend to remember the good stuff from the past and forget about the not-so-good stuff, especially when it relates to your childhood when you had fewer responsibilities.

ID: hnzcu24

It's not so much as not being happy, but more about it being a simpler time, without having to care about things you didn't like.

ID: hnzg85y

And certain people still being around. My best memories are about gaming at my grandma's, with the entire family around the kitchen table playing cards, before some really nasty diseases started taking them out one by one.

Fuck cancer, fuck strokes, fuck Alzheimer's and fuck congenital heart defects.

ID: hnziir5

Grown ass man here, enjoying life, my family and (you fuckin' bet) video games more each year. The sad-adulthood-miss-my-childhood memes are probably just that - memes. Kernel of truth there for some I'm sure, but it reminds me a lot of the depression posts/memes that circulate in OSRS subreddit. People just leaning into the memes for the given community and parroting them...I hope. Otherwise that's pretty depressing, eh?

ID: ho09rro

Family, career, children etc., can bring their own satisfaction but it comes with work, stress and responsibility. I think the core of it is that many people yearn for the simple, carefree, magical times of childhood.

ID: ho0bisl

I don't see them as depressing. Every stage of your life has something that can never be replicated--your circumstances, the world in general, and even just yourself change and they don't go back to how they were. I have multiple points from childhood that I can relate to this meme, and it's not necessarily a sad thing, though one can feel melancholy about it sometimes I suppose. Back when the Internet was much less ubiquitous and structured very differently, back when I had a completely different set of responsibilities, etc. I can go back to old games and enjoy them well enough. But sitting in my beanbag chair during summer vacation, playing Final Fantasy VII while ChalkZone plays in the background, referencing an inkjet-printed Gold Chocobo guide I found from Cheat Code Central or something, with the evening sun shining through the window? That's a unique and distinct feeling that would be nice to experience again, but it's not possible.

To me it's the same as people who say they wish they could read a certain book or play a certain game for the first time again. It's a good feeling that you'll never experience in that exact way again, and it's fun to imagine a scenario where you could. Childhood is a popular reference point for that just because it's much easier to romanticize in retrospect, and because those experiences are further away, but that's not a bad or unhappy thing either. I think the concept of an afterlife where you can firsthand experience the little things again is pleasant to think about, even if I can recognize that many of those experiences I'd enjoy reliving haven't even happened yet.

ID: ho0gu8f

Lol @ OSRS reference

ID: ho03kag

It's sort of true for me, and I still largely hate the memes. People sometimes get so used to wallowing in their depression that it becomes all they are and all they know. I recognize the behavior because I've absolutely done it. Sure, I still get periods where I'm doing less well, but I've learned that leaning into it never helps.

ID: ho0lvkx

Yeah right lol the day I’m choosing is a musical festival with my best friends or the day my brother got married. Some amazing memory like that. Not gaming when I was 8 years old.

ID: hnzpvm0

A lot of people on this site are depressed with no social life.

15 : Anonymous2021/12/10 17:22 ID: ho0clmv

Probably not playing video games tbh

They were definitely better in the past but

I think I'd go for one of the days I was actually outside doin hoodrat shit with my friends

Childhood seems so whack now, I rarely see kids outside together lol

ID: ho0kfpe

I love video games, but hooliganism as a young teenager with your friends and discovering the things that define who you are beat even Ocarina of Time

ID: ho0lb5b

Lol tru I was such a little shit

16 : Anonymous2021/12/10 14:37 ID: hnzolaa

Christmas day when i got my og xbox and crimson skies

17 : Anonymous2021/12/10 18:42 ID: ho0oqja

On my 4th birthday, my dad got me a nintendo 64 and a bunch of games like Army Man Sarge's Heros, Donkey Kong, and Pokemon Stadium. He showed me how to hook it to the TV and we played it all day while my mom was cooking. My uncle even came over with his Super Nintendo and we had a blast. My dad died on my 25th birthday. I miss him.

18 : Anonymous2021/12/10 18:45 ID: ho0paw1

Probably when I went to Anime Boston back in 2011

19 : Anonymous2021/12/10 22:18 ID: ho1lbue

Getting married to my wife. We got married in a courthouse and didn't tell anyone. We were both so nervous that we got to the courthouse and forgot all of the documents we needed. So we had to drive back home and on the way back to the courthouse she asked me "so you still want to do this?" I immediately said "I do" and she smiled so big and just held my hand. Our son was our "witness" and after that we went to a restaurant where we watched him eat a entire piece of a lemon, peel and all. I married my bestfriend, someone I've known for 17 years.

20 : Anonymous2021/12/10 12:22 ID: hnz97uo

If only I could remember the times when I was happy


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