techno build that has got so much “love”

1 : Anonymous2021/12/22 02:48 ID: rlv2gz
techno build that has got so much "love"
2 : Anonymous2021/12/22 11:57 ID: hpjpe60

do you want some tips for it? or just "showing" ?

ID: hpk4hyh

I’m down for both, this is the build that has made me feel my strongest.

ID: hpk8qmg

okay, dont want to change too much then, as i am sure you know the "standard" cookie cutter Tactical Assault Rifle Meta one. so we will keep a LMG , i would suggest to find one Epic with Long Range, Crit Damage and Status Power attributes, and Bone Shrapnel or anomaly enhancement as Tier 2 Mod ( i know claymore turret is your main damage as of now, but it steals killshots and is hurting your ammo replenish for blighted rounds , due to this it is contra productive), then you can slap on the LMG either Fortress, Killing Spree or Ultimate Freezing Bullets ( which i would recommend, due to the fact that you are playing 3 Piece Borealis already with lots of additional damage to iced enemies instead of the current fortress setup)

Headpiece is having wrong stats ( anomaly power instead of Firepower, skill life leech ( useless as techno heals from damage he deals) cooldown ( kind of okay) try to find a headpiece with Bonus Firepower, Long Range Damage and Status Powe

reduction, stand tall iss okay, but if you have or find sharp eye, swap stand tall for sharp eye. frostbite is a dead mod if using blighted rounds ( they already bypass roughly 80 or 90% of enemies Armor (dont quote me on the exact number) swap it with "radical therapy" or if you are still loosing your blighted rounds when you got rid of claymore turret use "spare mag" so you got an extra mag of blighted rounds. boots with max health are okay for some additional survivability but they should have at least long range damage and close range damage or status power as the 3rd attributes.

with an LMG with unlimited blighted rounds and freezing bullets you should never loose blighted rounds and do a shitload of additional damage because of enemies are both frozen and have toxic status and your overall damage should increase significantly

any questions let me know

3 : Anonymous2021/12/22 15:10 ID: hpkarrd

Is you’re blighted rounds still unlimited?

ID: hpkaxxk

Almost, I have 150 rounds and can kill smaller mobs quick to get 40% back.

ID: hpkb3x5

Okay yea I use that one mod on the weapon for regaining ammo.

ID: hpkb651

I’m like using basically most same build but a little different

4 : Anonymous2021/12/22 16:23 ID: hpkl0np

Wish theyd add a way to change classes rather than having to restart the game.

ID: hpkl6yy

Yup I had to do 3 out of 4 the full way and the last one got taken from start to last mission

5 : Anonymous2021/12/22 19:26 ID: hplcctv

What do you use to make this?

ID: hplcg84 on a computer


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