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1 : Anonymous2022/01/06 14:21 ID: rxfplf

Finished the campaign yesterday, what a ride. Didn’t realize I would enjoy the story and the combat so much. I only did the story line, I skipped the side quests. I’m going back through to do hunts, historian quests, and wanted. I ended the campaign at lvl 26 I think. And have gone into lvl 27 now. The whole campaign I was told to not worry about builds and to use whatever gear and weapons I found. I’m assuming at this point redoing my class set up to fit a more meta build would be the way to go? And when should I start farming for weapons for CT content? I feel alittle lost now. I know this is the stage to start piece gear and class together to start going into mid-late game. I’m just not sure where to start.

2 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:29 ID: hri26un

usually you can reach in expeditions CT10 (+-2) with a unoptimized built when its not completely shit ( especially now with timers gone). what class are you playing? what skills are you using/enjoying? we can guide you into the right direction then with meta and budget builts for this kind of skills

ID: hri6dgn

Went technomancer. I started going down the middle of the tree for tech shaman. I enjoy using trinkets and what not as my main damage in most other games. After finishing the campaign I decided to change the class up a bit and redid my points going upward in the tree for damage. I’m using blighted rounds, blighted turret, cold snap.

ID: hri81bk

okay, so standard blighted rounds, you can reach CT15 easy with an all purple built ( but your target should be three piece borealis set), Meta for Guns is a Assault Rifle as Tactical Variant with Crit Damage /close range or status power / long range, with bone shrapnel or anomaly enhancment as secondary mod, then fortress, killing spree, dark sacrifice or ultimate freezing bullets ( if playing 3 pieces borealis) as your other mod. if you have the hells ranger dlc, you can use the assalt rifle from it, perfect stats, and it rolls with bone shrapnel and will result in a max FP of 85K on lvl50 , so good enough for CT15. Gear stats, Fire Power, Long Range Damage, and the third can be either close range, status or cooldown reduction, depending on your playstyle or personal preference. Techno is pretty easy to built, make sure you slap every increase firepower or damage to enemies inflicted by toxic/freeze on your gear you can find.

will edit a link to the borealis meta built into this post

edit: video from our man

and built via

3 : Anonymous2022/01/06 15:12 ID: hrhzig0

While you're still doing campaign content, don't get too worried about it. As a technomancer I was just playing with varying builds all the way to 30 and world tier 13 without trying to optimize gear at all. I just used whatever I picked up that was best and modded it to suit what I was trying out. I soloed up to tier 9 expeditions as well before finally starting to optimize for a particular build.

It feels like I'm still leveling and not truly to the end game gear collecting stage and that's a solid positive mark for the game. 56 hours in and the game still doesn't feel repetitive or grindy to me, though I'm sure I could make it feel that way if I put a bunch of resources and effort into getting perfect gear at every level.

ID: hri6xnf

I’m only at WT6 after the campaign. Do I need to keep upping my WT with CT’s?

ID: hria0pe

Expos effect lvl & wearable lvl, WT’s are completely separate. If you are a lvl27 playing WT6 your loot drop is 33. If yo now got carries through expos to where your equipable lvl is 50 & yo go back into story mode the drops would still be 33.

So from the standpoint of grinding the story line, yeah sure WT’s are very important because that determines what your equipable lvl & loot drops will be.

Conversely, if you got taken through CT’s as you increase lvls you will get higher loot drop lvls up to your newest level each run to the max of 50.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/06 14:27 ID: hrhsz3v

When you start doing expeditions you’ll want to stick to a particular class. Focus on using abilities that have synergy with each other and not wasting your mod slots


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