Call of Duty: Mobile – February 19th Community Update

1 : Anonymous2021/02/22 20:30 ID: lpyzpd

Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We’re back with a community update focused almost purely on events, modes, and more of the usual affair that we share with you week by week. However, this is a larger than normal update today because the community team will be unable to share one next week. So, consider this your two-week community update!

Official Discord Partner COD Mobile Community

Official Discord Partner COD Mobile Community

Here is a quick look at all of the newest events and others launching throughout the next week:

02/15 – 02/21 ~ Gun Game Moshpit (MP) 02/17 – 02/23 ~ Hackney Yard 24/7 (MP) 02/17 – 02/23 ~ Group Combat (MP) 02/19 ~ The Last Season 1 Seasonal Challenges The SKS Marksman Rifle is now available 02/19 ~ Credit Store Update Hacker BR Class is now purchasable 02/19 – 03/11 ~ Pestilence Draw 02/19 – 02/25 ~ Blitz Mode returns (BR) 02/19 – 02/28 ~ Attack of the Undead 20 (MP) Check out the Undertakers Storm: Swarm event 02/19 – 02/28 ~ New BR Class - Desperado Event 02/22 – 02/28 ~ Shipment 24/7 (MP) 02/24 – 03/02 ~ Hardcore Collection (MP) 02/26 – 03/04 ~ Warfare Mode (BR) 02/26 – 03/04 ~ Nailbiter Featured Event Task based event for both BR and MP with a variety of rewards 02/26 – 03/04 ~ Homestretch Featured Event Login Event featuring a mixture of camo and currency rewards

*All Dates UTC

There is a mix of Battle Royale, MP Playlists & Modes, and events releasing throughout the week. Through all of that, you can acquire credits, Battle Pass XP, weapon XP cards, new operator skins, a BR Class, and of course the brand-new SKS! There is plenty to dive into, but what will you focus on and complete first?

Seasonal ChallengesThe last of the Seasonal Challenges for Season 1 has arrived and now you can complete all seven of them! Throughout those challenges you can receive an epic weapon blueprint, 10s of thousands of Battle Pass XP, a new tactical grenade, dozens of camos, and now the new functional weapon – the SKS. This is the second Marksman Rifle to arrive in CODM and it is a fast-firing (at least compared to the Kilo -Bolt Action) way to tackle mid-to-long range engagements.

BR BuffThis eight-part Seasonal Challenge, as you might expect, is entirely focused on completing tasks in Battle Royale. These various tasks consist of everything from using certain BR Classes to taking out enemies with an Annihilator (available only from Airdrops). For doing all of this you can grab a bit of BP XP of course, but also the following rewards:

(Uncommon) Scout – Warp (Uncommon) FHJ-18 – Warp (Rare) ORV – Trance (Common) New Marksman Rifle - SKS

New BR Class – DesperadoThis is your class if you’ve ever played Multiplayer and wanted the Shield Turret scorestreak but in Battle Royale! With Desperado you can drop a stationary Shield Turret with unlimited ammo and unleash a rain of bullets on your enemies. This turret offers protection, but observant players will quickly find the vulnerabilities in that defensive shield.

However, all classes come with a passive perk and Desperado brought back a Call of Duty classic – Last Stand. This old-school perk used to make people rage quit back in the days of the original Modern Warfare (2007) due to how often it will surprise people. With Last Stand, you’ll pull out a pistol when you are downed and if you manage to take out an enemy in this state then you’ll revive yourself.

Battle Royale BlitzThe newest Battle Royale mode is back once again and for the last time in Season 1: New Order! We’ll still have other BR modes coming, like Warfare the following week, but if you missed out on Blitz the first time then make sure to try it out now. A quick recap for anyone who missed it in our first update of Season 1, but Blitz is a fast-paced version of your usual classic Battle Royale.

Attack of the Undead 20The fan-favorite of Attack of the Undead is getting an upgrade! You heard about it on season launch when devs revealed the existence of this mode variant, but for anyone unfamiliar Attack of the Undead 20 pushes you to bigger maps with more players. You will now have not only more allies to band together with against the swarm, but you’ll have (potentially) more undead swarming the map.

This mode comes alongside the Undertakers Storm: Swarm event! This event is just an excuse to give you various rewards while playing Attack of the Undead 20. Just by playing the associated playlist, you’ll start earning rewards like the MW11 or M4LMG - The Numbers on top of a calling card, sticker, and Purple XP Card. Simple, right? So just get out there and try your best to survive against the swarm!

India Cup ProBack in December, COD Mobile announced that they were participating in an India Cup Pro with the Esports group Loco organizing it. The tournament ended a short while ago and with Team Mayhem taking first place! Coming up in second S8UL and in third Heroes Official. Congratulations to all of the top teams!

You may remember Team Mayhem as a top contender in the Other region for the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 and with the India Cup Pro they’ve shown once again that they have what it takes to rise to the top! Keep an eye out for more CODM competitive events.

Pestilence DrawEvery time devs release a new functional weapon, like the SKS or FR .556, we have a way for you to earn it for free through an event or the BP, and a premium option available through the form of an epic or legendary blueprint. As we covered above in the Seasonal Challenges section, we have the new Marksman Rifle the SKS releasing today and through the Pestilence Draw you can find the first-ever blueprint of this classic rifle!

This legendary SKS blueprint is dubbed the Particle Splitter, both for its futuristic design but also because when you take out enemies it folds them into the fabric of existence.

Developer FeedbackInstead of bringing back new feedback this week, we are going to highlight and reference where you can find information on feedback topics Developers covered since the Season 1 launch. They are doing this for both feedback and bug reports since they are seeing the same questions asked every week, sometimes even during the week we covered that topic in the community update. Instead, here is a list and a quick synopsis of each:

(Feb 12th) Do Not Disturb or Hidden Feature – No news, but it is a known request. (Feb 5th & 12th) China Version Content – China version content is subject to significant analysis before anything is added to the Global version. (Feb 5th & 12th) Cheater Reports – Our Security & Enforcement teams are monitoring and updating anti-cheat to combat new cheaters, just like normal. No unusual issues noticed. (Feb 12th) Prestige or Additional Levels – No news, but we are acutely aware of this request. (Feb 12th) Next Ranked Series – Coming alongside the next season and major update! (Feb 5th) Voice Overs – Many are coming in the next update and we are doing more to call-out, share, and make these releases known. (Feb 5th) Master of All Event – Thanks again for the positive feedback for these event rewards. (Feb 5th) Season 2 Info – Like we mentioned earlier, this is finally starting to come as of this weekend! Almost there everyone. (Jan 26th) Improvements & Optimizations – This is where you can find various balance and weapon changes that were made at the launch of the season.

Bug ReportsJust to continue off of Feedback, this is also a list of every bug report Developers addressed or brought up in the last several community updates. However, please note that they always have many other smaller issues being investigated and worked on in the background. The community team just tries to capture some of the most commonly discussed ones in the community.

Various Event Issues – Throughout these updates we’ve also had several fixes go out thanks to quick reports from players about tasks not tracking correctly. We don’t always highlight these in community updates but thank you for reporting these and often so quickly after they release! (Feb 19th) Account Issues – If you are running into problems with your ATVI/COD account, like you lost access, something failed to purchase, or anything account related please reach out to our Activision support teams mentioned below. They are equipped to assist. (Feb 19th) Takeoff Glitch – We aren’t going to go into details on this one, but we are investigating a new map glitch on Takeoff. (Feb 12th) Public Test Build Fixes – Certain aspects of the public test build are not features but actually bugs, like several movement related changes seen there. (Feb 12th) ICR-1 - Forced Laughter Sound – We are aware that this weapon’s death effect is not properly emitting sound effects. Investigating. (Feb 12th) Peacekeeper MK2 - Artifact Death Effect – We are aware of this issue and working on a fix, which will hopefully be coming soon. (Feb 12th) Cluster Smoke Grenade in BR – We are still working on reproducing the issue with smoke intermittently not working. If you experience this issue please report it to our teams. (Feb 12th) ADS Weapon Issues in BR – We are still investigating various issues, with some successes so far and others that are harder to reproduce. Please keep reporting them! (Feb 12th) Eject Bug in BR – This is a long-term issue we’ve tried to reproduce multiple times with no successful attempts. Similar to the others, please report this if you have info. (Feb 12th) Desync – This is a long-term issue and challenge that we’ve been trying to improve through various methods, like improving or adding servers. (Feb 5th) Black Screen Issues – We’ve seen some improvements on this front in S1, but we plan for more improvements and fixes in Season 2 since that also comes alongside a major update. (Feb 5th) Blitz Mode Performance – We don’t have any specific fixes for making these high player count modes perform better, but some upcoming general performance improvements should help and please experiment with adjusting graphical settings. (Feb 5th) General BR Bugs – We’ve been observing, reporting, and investigating a large variety of smaller bugs specific to Battle Royale throughout Season 1. Just a thanks again to the community members who have spent a significant amount of time reporting these!

Support Options We know we have this here every update and we’ll still continue to do so since we get requests every week that our community team cannot directly assist with. Instead, you’ll need to talk to specifically to our ATVI Support teams in order to get proper assistance. Here are our main support channels:

In-game support chat Player Support Website: Contact Us

Just to reiterate what we said earlier in this update, but there will not a community update next week, The next update will be out in the first week of March.

-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team Source/Credits

2 : Anonymous2021/02/22 20:37 ID: godq3wq

when can you guys do something for the M21? It has a ton of potential is just dogwater atm

ID: gor81d9

Seen the game suggestion and discussion on discord, nothing confirmed.

3 : Anonymous2021/02/22 21:01 ID: godtagk

Hope there is an Ironsight adjustment to the PDW Royal Crimson variant along side the bug fixes.

4 : Anonymous2021/02/23 19:53 ID: gohywpa

The lava series will return ? Like bundles or anything planed about those skins? (Krm-262 , icr)

ID: goork1z

They should bring that back with zombies to make it profitable

5 : Anonymous2021/02/27 21:03 ID: gp2u6x6

can you guys add a pistol along with 2 new guns every season until theirs enough pistols please im dying for a new pistol add a glock 17

ID: gp2ubtf

Yeah I am sure the devs are still working on this unfortunately it's not in my hands.

6 : Anonymous2021/02/24 04:28 ID: gojrfft

I want you to know when is coming the AK-117 meltdown draw?

ID: gooetlv


7 : Anonymous2021/02/24 19:05 ID: gom66tj

When are we going to get feedback on the bugged crate? The one with the proton skin. I didn’t get my guaranteed epic

8 : Anonymous2021/02/25 09:11 ID: goorlt4

When could be the next 1 free lucky draw spin?

ID: gp2uo2k

Most likely next anniversary

9 : Anonymous2021/02/25 21:48 ID: gorapn5

Can we get free emotes for player so that we also have fun with the other paid players l, it's been months since we got a free emote

10 : Anonymous2021/02/25 21:48 ID: gorapn8

Can we get free emotes for player so that we also have fun with the other paid players l, it's been months since we got a free emote

11 : Anonymous2021/02/26 01:27 ID: gos2avd

Tenemos un claro patrón en la ruleta y honestamente así es como se pierden los jugadores que gastamos dinero en este juego todo mi clan (15 jugadores) tiro la ruleta y todos quedamos igual hasta los 900 COD POINTS y ni un arma gracias

12 : Anonymous2021/02/26 13:54 ID: gotuigq

Really like the warfare BR mode and wish it was permanent, but please work out the glitches. My game crashes 1 - 3 times per game.

13 : Anonymous2021/02/26 20:59 ID: govwq7x

Cod for the love of god please NERF THE BOTS THEY HAVE AIMBOT HOW IS THAT FAIR!!!

ID: gplw6om

And while at it, pls don't send me every second game into a bot only match. Thats super annoying.

14 : Anonymous2021/02/27 18:51 ID: gp1z7n6

Pubg: New State and Apex Legends Mobile are going to come out soon and this bug filled, cosmetics focused trash game will die quietly. They will just release Cod Mobile 2 or something

ID: gpgkyr5

What's the point of making a sequel if the game is free. If anything it will do worse because it will create bad blood between devs and the people who paid for skins but now can't use them in the new game.

15 : Anonymous2021/02/28 18:04 ID: gp76zky

Please Renew characters because every season has the same characters with different skins

16 : Anonymous2021/03/02 09:46 ID: gpeebbi


17 : Anonymous2021/02/22 21:53 ID: goe0egx

Your Customer’service’ still is bad, you still owe me cp I paid for. Scammers

18 : Anonymous2021/03/04 16:53 ID: gpo5f7x

Is codm gonna add takedowns like warzone cause that would be cool


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