Dear PCF. No life streamers DO NOT represent us or our progress. Nerfing builds is a TERRIBLE idea.

1 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:33 ID: mmy9v4

To be more specific, I'm referring to class abilities in particular and nothing else.

“Fixing” class abilities is the wrong way to go about it. It’s the mods. The mods are what’s pushing these “content creators” to soloing all the end game stuff. You adjust the mods and problem solved. Not to mention making legendaries more difficult to obtain will hurt progress as certain legendary mods are the reason certain people have been able to push so far solo.

These no life streamers who have already soloed eye of the storm FOR CONTENT do not represent the majority of the community. The majority being people with full time jobs, family obligations and a lot of stuff going on irl.

EDIT: OP edited after having some time to breathe and think.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/08 23:27 ID: gtvcodo

Wasn't the gamebalways supposed to be entirely soloable as advertised by the dev or am i going crazy?

ID: gtvj6n7

This. Nerfing everything into oblivion and setting the timers lower for gold in expeditions, before fixing matchmaking... way to bully the people who don’t have a dedicated friend group to play with.

ID: gtvot50

dedicated friend group to play with.

Even with my friends, with how their networks are 2/3 of us are always lagging a lot. Makes for a pretty shitty experience

ID: gtvokjh

It's even in the Accolades. There's an accolade for doing all 14 expeditions on solo including the last one which is only available at CT15.

ID: gtvvfr5

The game was designed to be soloable all the way up till challenge tier 15. Which was supposed to be designed for Group Gameplay. This is shown when you unlock CT15 it clearly states at the bottom. Designed for Group gameplay.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/08 23:51 ID: gtvff6v

They need to buff the 2nd and 3rd skill line

ID: gtvka79

If anomaly power builds had been adequately play tested and balanced accordingly before launch, we wouldn’t even be having any of these discussions right now.

ID: gtvqrft

I mean, they were. Seismic commander WAS 150%. By release it was 50%. If it was still 150 it'd be the fotm everyone would be calling overpowered and impossible to compete with.

ID: gtvr7p7

We also probably wouldn’t be already at T15 on expeditions so I guess I now see a point.

ID: gtvtqhx

To be fair, kind of as noted, the anomaly power builds are perfectly viable and can clear hella quick once you have the right gear. Again as stated though, getting that gear can be a bitch and doesn't necessarily let you play that way until then. If you go into my comment and post history I've been passing around a build that works for anomaly power build status effect focus (so 3 of four classes can basically copy paste this to get end game kickstarted) and relies on stacking damage additives in order to make weapon mods that do damage clear like a mofo and your status effects keep you healed forever

4 : Anonymous2021/04/08 19:36 ID: gtui6jt

Had to double check the sub, I thought I had stumbled into

ID: gtv62tv

No that's next week

ID: gtv6a4h

True lol. They seem happy with the announcements today for now though

ID: gtupi6p

Thanks for the chuckle

ID: gtvn0qw

LULZ. Laugh of the day.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/08 20:25 ID: gtup2py

Yeah, having to deal with nerfs after spending the little time I have for gaming on a build is a surefire way to kill my interest in the game. Completely wrong way to do it imo.

ID: gtvhoz0

yup. i didnt take advantage of the exploit because i didnt want to risk being punished (silly me, apparently). so ive been struggling with CT9 using my volcano rounds build (i could clear it, just not in time) and now i cant even do that lmao.

so i tried making a build using the other skills, but i cant even get through CT8 with an anomaly power build. tried numerous iterations. its a fucking joke. Legendary set bonuses are currently the only way to make these other builds useful, but we cant get legendaries with the hunt/bounty nerf, they nerfed Wendigo farm, and the legendary drop rate is so low in anything less thatn CT14 its impossible to farm them.

ID: gtvdnbu

I logged into my Techno today to try it out, and my damage went from 80k+ per shot to 40k. They cut my damage literally in half. It was already glass cannon and squishy, I have zero desire to play Techno at all anymore.

I'm going to continue playing with AP Pyro and AP Dev and try to have fun, but they have completely killed my desire to play my main and highest geared class at all. All the people that are happy with the changes are ones who were already running AP and don't give a shit about how much fun we were having even though it didn't hurt them. We wanted PCF to buff them, we were on their side, but they are cheering that we got nerfed.

This community is pretty shit, tbh.

ID: gtvgb9h

Exactly, I don't know why they feel the need to nerf a game that is PvE. I wanted the power fantasy instead of the route that the division went.

They should be buffing everything instead.

ID: gtvlsv0

I logged off thinking Ill do the last boss tomorrow... low and behold I cant beat it anymore because my shits all nerfed

ID: gtvpp8c

In their defense, in the little time I've played (about 30 hours total since launch), I absolutely steamrolled with my techno with blighted rounds and a stabilizing variant LMG with the armor mod to return ammo on a kill for blighted rounds (I built Firepower, Status powe

Leech, and Long Range damage and took the skills to reduce the range for long range damage). So all I really had to do was shoot some, run/cc and let the skill leach from the toxic tick heal me, rinse and repeat.

Like it was op and fun, but also, I never really had moments where I felt like "oh shit, I'm going to die because I wasn't perfect" and instead was more playing against the timer. My only real deaths came due to absentmindedly running into bogus geometry, get mobbed and die. I didn't feel like I had to min/max to clear something, I felt like I could just keep progressing and upgrading my ok statted gear with little thought going into effective stat allocation, or strategy on how to handle mobs. Why would I when I can just go "Technomancer go brrrrrrrrrr" through the whole level.

I haven't tried the game since the patch, so I am only speaking from hypotheticals, but the changes make sense to give some verticality to the skill curve that's supposed to be needed for the end game. Everything felt linearly difficult and there wasn't much fun in that for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but it was more "take my brain out and kite/shoot" instead of watching cooldowns and feeling like every decision mattered, or how I approached clearing an area mattered. Why would I run from cover to cover and tactically think out my route when I could just run straight at a mob while hip firing; with the latter being the most effective way to play that build?

My opinion might change, but I think dampening the op-ness of some of these builds will help in bringing that difficulty curve back. I'm not a "no-life streamer", just a casually playing person that just so happens to be pretty ok at the game. And I for one am currently welcoming the changes cause I think it'll force us to think about our builds a little differently.

ID: gtvki6u

I did some math and only calculated a 20% percent nerf in the patch notes. However my friend said at least one of his mods seemed to be nerfed too and that wasn't in the notes.

It's possible more things than they said got nerfed, that may be accounting for the other 30% of the nerf.

The entire issue was also that all of the damage from front loaded on the skill tree and from rounds. Once rounds does insane damage you just need a few mods for infinite ammo and you're basically done.

I know nerfs suck, but it's absolutely not good for the game to have a build that can out dps another build with 4 mods, while the other build has 10 synergizing mods. That's too much miss placed power.

Plus they didn't even nerf the biggest benefit of rounds: ignoring armor.

ID: gtvp1dj

Did they already go through with the needs? I had read it was for next week I thought.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/09 01:58 ID: gtvu3iw

Yet another developer that believes in breaking what's working instead of fixing what's broken. Nice.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:39 ID: gtuadn8

The devs fail to realize most of the streamers and you tubers are just here to take the $ while there’s attention then they move on to the next game. While the ppl who really enjoyed this game have to suffer

ID: gtujyp9

The devs are tracking an insane amount of stats for this game. I highly doubt they are making their decisions based on what streamers are doing.

ID: gtvivjd

dude. steam says 9.4% of people have killed 1000 enemies in expeditions. that means over 90% of the playerbase hasnt even finished the fucking campaign.

they are very clearly making changes based off of no-life streamers / youtubers

ID: gtuzfv6

I see you've never played Destiny.

ID: gtuks7v

They have for other games. Outriders is far from unique.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/09 00:58 ID: gtvn6q8

This whole patch needs to be shit canned. Everything in it is garbage.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/08 21:31 ID: gtuy2is

Kind of reminds me of the #soloplayersmatter group that gained a lot of steam in star wars battlefront. DICE made the game mostly multiplayer only and bare bones single player challenges. Many were upset about this because matchmaking sucked and many just wanted to chill out after work for a few hours and play not in a hyper pressure situation. The developers did listen and made a skirmish mode to help give more solo content and then in battlefront two they actually made a campaign (it sucked but it was there because a lot of people wanted more single player) and much more fleshed out arcade modes.

I hope many who just want to play casually can keep having fun with the game and it doesn't devolve into high skill sweaty game due to input from content influencers. It supposedly isn't games as service so I don't see why it matters if there is a grindy end game as many can take it at their own pace and experiment with different builds.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/08 22:46 ID: gtv7q28

Fuck streamers, they ruin every game.

ID: gtvptgq

They really do. People say “oh well that’s their CHOICE to play so much” but it’s the streamers and the no lifers that are the loudest voices.

Destiny now is just packed with all this content you need to have driven tons of hours in every three months to be able to do.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/09 01:41 ID: gtvs80d

Every time a company uses streamer stats for their data they ruin the game. Apex started doing that and pisses me off, games that focus on AI fighting doesn't need nerfs they need buffs to what we identify as weaker

12 : Anonymous2021/04/08 21:17 ID: gtuw6o7

If there is no pvp element in the game why worry about a nerf?

ID: gtv4qyg

You end up like Destiny end game content where going into LFG's you need certain guns or classes to do the content. Trust me Back in the Destiny 1 days if you didn't have G-horn you could not do the end raids or any of the harder content.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/09 00:29 ID: gtvjucl

I am angry; I was slowly making progress with my build and tweaking and enjoying it... and now I cant even get a gold 2 lvls below where I should be at in coop.

My build just doesnt feel right now. And Im pissed. Its frustrating and it just about killed my motivation to want to play. Trying not to be toxic but seriously...wt actual f

14 : Anonymous2021/04/09 02:25 ID: gtvx6tg

I cant even use any of my abilities, i just die instantly if i do use something such as hunt and prey....prey? they kill me before i even appear. Now they nerfed bullets which is the ONE thing that has been actually working.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/08 19:48 ID: gtujw9l

Calling it now, season 15 of destiny 2 is gonna rock socks, pull streamers back, and devs of this game will feel like the next Anthem.

ID: gtv1pls

Season 14 has been pretty solid too. I worked on soloing the presage mission on master. Amazing content. I’ll be happy to go back if this game shits the bed with this crappy nerf stuff.

ID: gtvli9e

It will start with next season (which we're about 4 weeks away from) because Bungie is bringing VoG, Transmog, and the new seasonal activity. It's vog, that alone will bring in the nostalgia crowd, but if they add the DSC loot system more than influencers and nostalgia snorters will leave Outriders.

ID: gtumhvx

Yeah, vault of glass is coming back along with a story progression and transmog. Also, no more sunsetting.

Ironic how Outriders were hyping their game on valuing player's time and priding themselves on not being a live service game, just to nerf so much at the end of week1 and remove ways of getting legos.

Devs will be surprised how quickly the streamers who they pandered to switch their loyalty.

ID: gtunxx9

I mean I love destiny been playing since d1 beta but people really need to stop comparing destiny to outriders the only things they have in common is loot and space.

Outriders isn't meant to be a game ur playing for years like destiny. To have that mentality isn't good.

Your meant to get to 15 have a sweet build and call it quits on your own accord.

ID: gtuxspg

So for someone who hasn't played D2 since release, which was on Xbox. If I were to pick up Destiny for the next season, how behind will I be? Will I have to go through previous content? I've been wanting to get back into it and I don't believe I can transfer my characters from Xbox to PC.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:35 ID: gtu9rzf

This is a take on the nerfs I can actually get behind

17 : Anonymous2021/04/08 21:18 ID: gtuwb8j

I absolutely hate when content creators dictate what’s best for a whole community. More than half of them don’t plan to play for the long haul. I honestly don’t understand why nerfing shit is the solution for a PVE game?! Really disappointed.

ID: gtv35v3

I am more and more not liking the affect that streamers have on gaming as a whole.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/09 00:59 ID: gtvn9yq

Considering this game is not a Live Service, it's meant to be beaten and moved on from. The devs aren't profiting off of keeping players around. The nerf was completely unnecessary, especially considering all the other issues that are still a problem.

I see games do this all the time. Release game - Realize all the bugs - Players find the most fun in what exists - Devs nerf fun before fixing all the bugs. It's ridiculous.

Imo, games like this and Godfall should be Live Services. I think this will actually be my last looter that is not a Live Service. That's why MMOs are so popular, you get to keep long term progression and continue building on it, instead of grinding endgame for the best loot and then having nothing new to use it on.

Revert the nerf and introduce new content that will align with their vision of power.

19 : Anonymous2021/04/09 01:49 ID: gtvt4hj

we division2 now bois

20 : Anonymous2021/04/09 01:51 ID: gtvtchb

40 hours of playtime and I'm just getting to the end of the main story. Not particularly excited about Expeditions now...


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