What a morning

1 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:09 ID: mmwf34
What a morning
2 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:10 ID: gttxss5

I always find times after patch notes pretty funny. Especially with Apex patch notes.

ID: gtuodsl

Coming from Destiny, I’ve learned to not care as much.

ID: gtutyt2

“Omg noooo. (Insert whatever) got nerfed. It’s trash now!”
Me, a D1 vet: “First time?”

ID: gtuatsc

Seeing people call this a dead game is making me laugh the same way I used to laugh when people were calling Apex a dead game a month after launch.

ID: gtuojfi

People have been calling Warframe a dead game for 8 years. You get used to it.

ID: gtucuz3

The real question is did you laugh when people said Anthem was a dead game?

ID: gtv19dt

And then you've got Overwatch where all the patches are made for the E-sports only and the meta is not fun at all

3 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:13 ID: gttyaqo

Wait, there was a patch?

ID: gtueiyi

Client side patch is in the works.

Server side patch went live that tuned down a number of settings mostly aimed at taking down anomaly ammo builds as the easy slam dunk endgame mode.

ID: gtug6yt

I'm actually surprised the Funny mod combinations for unlimited ammo are still in, it seems certain Unlimited Bullet Builds where actually intended.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:53 ID: gtucavq

Technomancer still clearing chem plant in 9:30 with a 3 piece legendary set with rounds. Seems pretty balanced to me. Still sad there was no buff to Techno Anomoly builds.. They're pretty much unplayable at t15.

ID: gtuhuhv

but now can i clear it with pyro? i don't know....

ID: gtunpcj

Wasn't Pyro left unchanged ?
Edit: Apparently I missed some things in the notes, My bad.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:20 ID: gtu7r0w

I may be an outlier, but I think I understand why they are needing and not buffing. Right now all content is beatable I believe so if they buff stuff it does make more builds viable but it will further decrease the difficulty of the game. Until they are able to put in a higher difficulty, there really isn't a need to be buffing anything yet.

ID: gtua25j

You are not an outlier, just logically thinking human. Nerfs/buffs happen in every single loot based game, people expecting anything different was setting them selves up for disappointment.

ID: gtuaq29

How is it logic? Some builds cannot do late content at all and need serious buffs. Some skills are useless but god forbid our techno friends have a strong build.

ID: gtv4uc8

Nerfs/buffs happen in every single loot based game, people expecting anything different was setting them selves up for disappointment.

They do, but what problems did this update fix and what problems did it solve.

just logically thinking human.

Like, look at the biggest changes...

Legendaries are harder to get across the board Decreased drop rate on easy to kill enemies The preferred expeditions have a stricter time limit Bullet builds debuff

Then we look at some of the current issues...

No point in doing World Tier content once expeditions unlock outside of a guaranteed legendary from farming those quests Low drop rate in general Devastator kicked for not having a purpose and not viable in end game Certain builds not being viewed as viable

I got news. Reducing my damage and decreasing my time just expatriates the problem with Devastator. If they weren't useful before, they're certainly not going to be useful when I have 5 minutes less to do Chem Lab and decreased damage. And, it still doesn't help me add FASER Beam to my rotation or anything else.

It's just like when Bungie changed Atheon's teleport. They didn't like people were finding the encounter easier than intended and instead of fixing bigger issues, they created more problems.

ID: gtujl1u

Said this on the patch thread and i'm just bombarded with whiners thinking their builds are now completely useless.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/08 19:02 ID: gtudjck

Say it again and again. Buff underperforming builds and activities. Dont blanket nerf.

ID: gtv69a5

Thats literally the definition of power creep. You would be infinitely buffing something and then rebuffing other things to compensate.

ID: gtviq9v

the definition of loot based games is "intentional power creep"

ID: gtvnjeg

Just look at Warframe, powercrept into oblivion and people complaining about wanting harder content or better AI. AI can't do anything if you've already nuked them from a room over.

Making people OP to the extent that people clear a year's worth of development work within an hour is ridiculous. It makes it pointless to even put effort into developing a game.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:48 ID: gtu37et

Chem lab nerf really sucks cause it was hard enough already on a skill build

ID: gtu6pjf

The fact that they didn't buff skill builds is the real tragedy for this patch.

ID: gtub2j4

That’s my biggest gripe. I’m fine with “hey we feel this is a little to strong. That being said we feel like skill builds are under performing so we have tuned them up a bit. Have fun out there outriders.” End balance notes.

ID: gtun5c1

That's mainly what people are angry at. Not nerfs. Just the lack of a power fantasy for the player in a game where you're supposedly a one person army.

ID: gtuo1ig

Good lord its week 1, folks havent even seen skill builds if they're commenting like this.. because skill builds are in fact strong lol.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/08 20:57 ID: gtuthwy

Even if they didn't apply the nerfs somewhere along the road people will complain about not having enough content because they've hammered through everything using the OP builds

9 : Anonymous2021/04/08 21:44 ID: gtuzukm

Honestly I read the changes I logged in and went oh those nerfed talents are top tree for a trickster...I run bottom tree and scale my rounds off anomaly power buffs..sweet no dmg hasn't changed. Just got a 5 second longer cd lol

10 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:31 ID: gtu97qx

A week into the game and people have completed all the content on the hardest level of difficulty. I'm fine with them nerfing bullet builds in order for there to be more balance overall. The game is supposed to be difficult, you're supposed to have to work hard to get up to CT15. If they left it as is, people would burn out and only play a couple classes and a few builds. I want this game to have long term success so they expand on it further as it is so unique from any other looter shooter I've ever played. I also can't wait for cross-platform to work!

ID: gtusuky

Except this won't balance anything. People are still going to primarily run bullets because it's still the most viable option for fastest clear times (which is all that matters sadly). Now it's just a bit worse. Also Devastator is still trash and everyone that made one is still being punished for it. That's seriously not okay. I don't see any "balance" in this patch only murdering of the "power fantasy" in this game that was it's biggest praise.

ID: gtudtmb

I find it comical.

With games like Anthem, they draw up a lot of hype, nail some really good mechanics and work post-launch on others. We as players burn through the story and get to the end game just to find out that there really isn't anything there... So Devs start working hard to create end-game content but don't do it in time. So players get bored and move on.

Games like Outriders nail so much more of the mechanics and make a seriously enjoyable game with engaging mechanics, resulting in players creating some truly OP builds and blowing through the end-game content way more quickly than the Devs intended, so the Devs post-launch aren't worried about creating end-game content... They're worried about finding ways to slow players progression down. And players raise issue with these adjustments.

Personally I'm not at end-game yet, and I only have 1 exotic. PCF nerfed drop rates on exotics? Oh, well I guess I'll just have to work a little longer to get them. It's still a very good game with very enjoyable gameplay/gunplay.

ID: gtuv14o

I've never seen someone simplify things to such an extreme before lol.

Anthem had no post launch content because it wasn't even a finished game that was put together in less then 18 months. Players didn't just get "bored" the game was fundamentally broken and had been the result of a huge false advertising marketing campaign.

"OP builds" has nothing to do with players reaching endgame in a week. Even in massive huge MMO's players will be at endgame literally within days because some people just have way too much time on their hands. Honestly it taking players a week to reach endgame in Outriders is a long time by comparison to most games.

Furthermore, players "blowing through" the end of the game literally doesn't matter at all to the devs because this isn't a live service game. There isn't even any publicly announced plans for post launch DLC and it was made quite clear that's not a guaranteed thing. The game is supposed to be a complete package and once players have bought it, it shouldn't matter.

Finally Outriders biggest draw for most players was the power fantasy feeling of it. Of how you could feel OP and get to use all these awesome abilities and not be neutered like you are in most looter shooters. Rather then reinforce that idea the devs have right out of the gate done what Bungie and Massive and other looter shooter devs have done which is just smash the nerf button rather then buff everything else that wasn't viable.

Also I will add right now players are STILL being heavily punished just for daring to pick Devastator for their class. In no way whatsoever is that okay.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:42 ID: gtu2cup

Honestly the difficulty was fine at high CT. Other builds needed buffs

ID: gtu4ik5

Anomaly round builds still needed a nerf. Being able to solo the hardest difficulty with a clamored together build is just silly. Yeah other builds need buffs but now people will be forced to try other builds at least. There are people able to solo clear gold CT15 with non anomaly round builds already.

ID: gtu9y7t

Ammo skills needed a nerf, except they didn't actually nerf the ammo skills just the rest of the class around it. So if you want to use guns as one of those classes the ammo skill is even more required now.

ID: gtu4ydl

i feel like the issue is rounds needed a nerf, but maybe not as big as it got AND other builds needed a buff. we only got the nerfs though.

ID: gtu66wh

We also don't know what other builds are capable because we are less than a week into the game and everyone at high tier (for the most part) were running a bullet build.

ID: gtufted

They didn’t really nerf Anomaly rounds they dropped Trickster gun damage by like 30-40%. They made anomaly rounds necessary if you want to run guns because your damage without them won’t cut it anymore. As for people running builds without anomaly rounds, how many of those people used anomaly rounds to farm for the specific legendaries they needed to be able to switch to something else?

It’s going to be very hard for Trickster’s to push CT with all the damage they lost. They’re supposed to be a class cannon DPS class and they just lost their cannons. You need very specific gear and mods to be able to use ability builds on Trickster and it’s going to be harder to get those now (due to them directly nerfing legendary drops, overall damage, and CT times).

ID: gtun0yz

It's a mediocre PVE game, no one wants to farm out the same content at a slow pace.

ID: gtu9bxk

100% agree.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/09 00:44 ID: gtvln4f

"Anomaly rounds overpowered! Makes it pointless to play anything else!"

"They nerfed anomaly rounds and now I cant figure out how to play! Now I have to farm gear and put together a real build! >:("

13 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:54 ID: gtucf21

The patch notes really made me disappointed.

For this subreddit.

Some extremely over the top "devs are SO STUPID" comments voted all the way to the top that read like parody posts. Devs clearly explain what their internal data shows and the logic behind the change but everyone loses their minds.

The builds themselves aren't even ruined; just slightly weaker so it's more gear dependent - which is the exact change rounds needed. The nerfs are going to be more psychological for all the knee-jerkers than actually harmful.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:47 ID: gtu30to

it’s usually only outrage and fury or acceptance and happiness

15 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:40 ID: gtuaju9

I find it so funny to scroll through patch notes of any game and see the only thing people are able to say is "i quit" "dead game" "devs dont listen". Like no one has patience nowadays and if the changes dont go their way they start throwing a tantrum and trashing the games reputation.

I mean I've looked at them, im a trickster and yeah we took a beating on this one (cant speak for other classes though dont know shit about them) all I can say is I understand the nerfs I mean what brought me fun is how challenging I found it at first, then I went and built myself around twisted rounds and its ridiculous how im able to massacre anything in my way, yeah its fun but the way I see it it was going to become boring soon enough.

Also guys come on, its only been a week, give them time before calling this a dead game, I still have faith the game is amazing give them time and its not in a week they are going to balance everything right (Im an Apex day 1 player, destiny and diablo, so yeah im used to seeing dev trip along the way)

In the meantime im sure its just a Quick adjustment and more things will be boosted in the future to make up for this.

ID: gtudqt0

The thing is seeing only nerfs a few days in the majority will move on, I'll still be playing but I disagree with the nerfs only approach. Perhaps they're trying to free up some servers? This is supposed to be a non GAAS game yet here we are. 😉

16 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:24 ID: gtu89n8

thats why


17 : Anonymous2021/04/08 19:45 ID: gtujfua

The game has been out for a week, things are gonna be changing as time goes on. Not really sure why the backlash is so crazy

18 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:31 ID: gtu99fa

Yeah it’s disappointing too see only nerfs especially because the games only been out for a week

19 : Anonymous2021/04/08 19:47 ID: gtujsif

It's likely because the Destiny redditors have come over and they are legit the whiniest, entitled community i've ever seen.


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