Does anyone here like this game?

1 : Anonymous2021/04/20 16:58 ID: muux3c

I swear this is the absolute saltiest subreddit I've ever personally seen. I'm not even here to say your issues with the game aren't valid, it's just like holy fuck.

This subreddit like a live ticker feed of EXTREME RAGE. My god. Just looking at the front page of this sub makes me think this game went around beating people's children at the supermarket.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/20 17:03 ID: gv80c9v

The game is really fun when everything works as it should lol

ID: gv9sevk

Yes, I enjoy it. But then again I am on Reddit right now because I have been trying to log in for over 30 minutes and I’m really getting tired of trying...

3 : Anonymous2021/04/20 20:46 ID: gv8wqj2

You've never seen the Destiny 2 forums, have you?

ID: gv9a05e

I think Reddit was built for people who hate the same things to come together. In my experience, most game subreddits are just non-stop hate and toxicity.

ID: gv9ijo0

It has nothing to do with hate or like. The subreddits are designed for people who are attracted to talking about a subject to come together. If a game is divisive or shitty, the subreddit will have negative shit in it. If the game is all good and positive, it will have good vibes. Since none of these looter shooters ever launch as a full game without being alpha-stage trash, they are always a big mess of (well deserved) hate for MONTHS at least after they come out, sometimes it can take a year or two before they simmer down.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/20 16:59 ID: gv7zsat

I get it has a lot of issues and people are right to be upset about it but I for one am still having a Lotta fun. Somthing about it just keeps me coming back

ID: gv8aeq4

I just wish I could play and enjoy multiplayer. Joining other people’s games is just too laggy to enjoy and now I’m crashing everytime I try and use the Expeditions table whenever someone joins me. It’s frustrating that I can’t enjoy the thing I’ve been enjoying the most in this game.

ID: gv8oh4c

So true

5 : Anonymous2021/04/20 17:10 ID: gv81a2v

I enjoy it quite a bit, in spite of the rough launch and odd development decisions.

ID: gv81xwq

yeah, i really didnt expect much from it but im really enjoying it.

i play solo though. I feel for the coopers.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/20 17:27 ID: gv83u7n

I like the game, I have around 80hrs on it and 2 ct 15 gold solo characters. The fact that I actually enjoy the game doesn't mean I am going to pretend I am blind and not be critical about it.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/20 20:30 ID: gv8ue8h

Love the game. Doesn't protect it from valid criticism though. All the meme threads aside, the huge majority of the threads are valid concerns, criticism, design issues or bug reports.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/20 18:18 ID: gv8b6u4

I am enjoying the game and look forward to playing it more.

The caveats are that I got it free on GamePass so I have no expectations. If I had payed $60 for it I think I would be upset about the game crashing bugs and co-op lag issues I have experienced.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/20 20:19 ID: gv8svfp

I think it's because this game includes absolutely ridiculous and questionable design choices. That, and the fact that it's not a GaaS (so it won't be maintained long) so that means that their silence on what they're going to fix/prioritize is tougher.

For example, playing solo expeditions is infuriating. No other words for doing 15min of an expedition perfectly correct and then out of no where getting jumped by 10 mobs and die in about 2.5 sec. Again, after 15 minutes!! Just like that, you lost a whole play session that you really put an effort into. No revives and it's a huge middle finger to your dedication.

Or, the cool designs of Leggos plus the combination of skills/mods, just to be forced to use the boring bullet build because it's the most viable until you actually get to start T3 mods to 'unlock' other builds. Like, why did you put so much effort into other builds/leggos if what we ended up using is the bullet build? (they did notice this and nerf it, but didn't buff other builds so it's still ruling and it's boring).

So, yeah. Amazing game that is mediocare because of questionable design choices.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/20 20:37 ID: gv8vg4e

This sub is 'upset'. I wouldn't say 'salty'. For some perspective, have a peek at the division/destiny/anthem sub reddits.

Outriders is mainly people being annoyed that the game doesn't work for them. I get it. You pay for something and, in this day and age, expect it to work. If it doesn't, I reckon it's ok to be annoyed and Reddit is the easiest place to come and be annoyed. It makes sense really.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/20 20:54 ID: gv8xwk6

I just scrolled the front page and found a normal mix of critique, suggestions, brags and memes. It's not even particularly salty relative to the technical state.

Imagine the Destiny sub if Bungie dropped an update that started deleting gear and locking out characters, while tweeting "Happy Hunting!"

It would be nuclear.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/20 23:26 ID: gv9i6zq

It's a great game with a bunch of problems. The criticism is completely justified.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/20 18:52 ID: gv8gacs

I think I like the idea of the game, more than the actual game itself.
If that makes sense.

ID: gv95k9u

Actually yea, I think I can totally see where you're coming from.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/20 19:54 ID: gv8p869

Of course. That's why people are so vocal. If they truly didn't like the game they'd drop it and leave, not shotgun their grievances onto reddit in the desperate hope that a developer or community manager sees it.

It's an excellent game, but bogged down heavily with its issues.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/20 19:54 ID: gv8p8rq

I love the game but people can lie is ruining the game by nerfing and scaling.players are leaving slowly they have time to turn the coarse pcf needs to buff skills and fix scaling we like to feel powerful

16 : Anonymous2021/04/20 20:26 ID: gv8tuum

I just found this subreddit 5 minutes ago and the most honest answer I can give is - I don't know. The atmosphere and world are amazing & the game really sells the whole power fantasy quite well. But half of the time I'm stuck in a loading screen, lagging through the map, trying to find my way through that godawful map system or restarting after a crash. And there's like a million bugs.

So I'd say I like playing the game, it just feels like half the time I'm spending with it I'm not actually playing but waiting, which is super annoying.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/20 21:23 ID: gv91ysi

I’m just super glad I got this on gamepass..

18 : Anonymous2021/04/20 21:57 ID: gv96ub6

love the game.

i noticed a lot of anger started when people got through the story and encountered expeditions (and connection issues and inventory wipes). everything went south.

if people found the game lackluster, they wouldn't be posting here in anger, i think. parts of the game are GREAT and those parts make the failures so much more painful. :s

19 : Anonymous2021/04/20 17:55 ID: gv87u52

Love the game. Starting to get very frustrated by the self revive bug as a Trickster tho. My gaming buddy is a dev who doesn’t really play close quarters so there’s times where I essentially have to risk burst damage and expect to die, which shouldn’t be an issue but then I’m stuck watching a revive circle I can’t fill.

Makes clearing expeditions tough

20 : Anonymous2021/04/20 18:12 ID: gv8ac00

beside monster jump, attack like offical hack, sniper use tool headshot 100%, drop rate legend too bad, dumb stat, mod weapon, armor... yeah, i like this game

21 : Anonymous2021/04/20 18:21 ID: gv8bnme

I do. There's a lot that needs improvement, but overall I'm enjoying it a lot.

And this is not even close to a bad subreddit right now. It got really polarized after the nerf was pushed live, but stabilized a bit.

There's a lot of critical posts but I don't really see an unusual amount of actually toxic behavior. I think people forget that debating different opinions or posting criticism isn't innately 'toxic'

22 : Anonymous2021/04/20 18:47 ID: gv8fh44

I greatly enjoy the game!

23 : Anonymous2021/04/20 20:47 ID: gv8wsyk

I like it. I'm just not going to reinstall and play it again until they fix it.

24 : Anonymous2021/04/20 21:23 ID: gv91zdq

Honestly this sub is pretty upbeat for a gaming sub. By this point in destiny 2's release cycle folks calling for devs and their families to die were getting triple digit positive karma. Haven't even seen this sub chanting for firings like anthem, andromeda, cyberpunk, fo76, etc did.

These subs tend to be filled with folks that are either very young, very disturbed, or both.

25 : Anonymous2021/04/20 21:24 ID: gv924f7

It's just criticism. We wouldn't be so upset if we didn't care. I've shared some anger on here a few times, but it's not because I think the game is just downright bad. The game is good, but there's just so many things that need to be fixed atm that it often hinders the best parts about the game. And Developers from PCF often navigate the page, so people sharing issues that should be looked at isn't a bad thing, it's just stuff they should take a look at.

There's a difference between people shedding light on issues that dull the experience as opposed to those who are telling people not to play it because it's bad.

The only game I tell people not to play is Warzone, because that fucking game has been in the toilet since the CW integration, and Raven gives zero fucks about fixing any of it. As long as people are retardedly throwing money at it, expecting fixes, Raven nor Activison ain't gonna do jack shit.

I Hope PCF doesn't take that route, but only time will tell.

26 : Anonymous2021/04/20 21:46 ID: gv957yt

I come and read the posts here from time to time, and I haven't gotten the same dramatic conclusion that you have, but I will say from seeing other gaming communities that are criticizing outriders rn are doing so because outriders could be really amazing and the game the looter shooter genre needs.

IMO it falls short with enemy design and story writing, but that doesn't stop other people from enjoying them and then encountering other things to criticize like the map system or the timer endgame. People like outriders, and it could have been really amazing. I'm hoping PCF can apply what they learned here to a sequel, or DLC if they go the Destiny route.

27 : Anonymous2021/04/20 21:58 ID: gv96xxu

I really enjoy it honestly I’m just not a fan of how they’ve butchered the expeditions

28 : Anonymous2021/04/20 23:26 ID: gv9i91p

The funniest part is I swear to you I made a post here right around when the demo dropped that brought up EVERY single criticism of this game that is going around

And you should SEE the reaction it got at the time. This sub was so blindly sucking this games dick it was hilarious

I got absolutely DOGPILED

Everyone came to tell me how stupid I was, how none of my criticism was constructive (it was), how I’m JuSt A dEsTiNY fAnBoY (I’m not) and how this game is just absolutely fucking perfect

And now look at it lmao

29 : Anonymous2021/04/20 20:14 ID: gv8s263

Almost good isn't exactly acceptable in the looter shooter these days. I still have fun despite the issues but it's got to be clear to developers they have to nail it all at this point.

30 : Anonymous2021/04/20 20:25 ID: gv8tmzd

Verdicts still out, definitely got lots of potential and I enjoyed the storyline quite a bit but I'm definitely not a fan of the timed end game content.

31 : Anonymous2021/04/20 21:12 ID: gv90dp1

It's somewhat fun but every time I launch it I think - why exactly am I doing this? and if I should launch Diablo 3 and enjoy the loot shower maybe?

32 : Anonymous2021/04/20 22:09 ID: gv98hl7

you haven't seen

if you think this is a salty subreddit

33 : Anonymous2021/04/20 22:13 ID: gv990if

So many of the gameplay complaints in regards to game difficulty. I can’t help but think these people are just bad. It’s not an objectively difficult game.

34 : Anonymous2021/04/20 22:38 ID: gv9cbcv

I have never and will never understand this mentality of "because a person criticizes a game so heavily, it must mean that they hate it". To everyone who thinks like this I have a legitimate question for you, are you stupid? No seriously because let me ask you, why would people continue to criticize something they hate, how does that make any sense?

So for the things that you love, have you not ever once criticized it for anything? For your favorite game of all time have you never expressed distaste over a particular level, segment, or mechanic that you don't like? DK 64 is one of my favorite games of all time, but the design of it with the backtracking is stupid and it has such an obnoxious amount of collectibles that are mostly unnecessary. 007 Goldeneye may be regarded as one of the most shooters ever, but I will never enjoy going through Caverns on 00 Agent with how quickly you can die or how easy it is to get the two scientists killed in the second to last room and fail the mission. DOOM: Eternal one of the best shooters of last year and GOTY for many, has platforming segments all anyone does is complain about.

People wouldn't be criticizing Outriders so heavily if they didn't care and didn't want it to do better. Do your parents not scold you for making bad decisions? You think they do it because they hate you, no because they want and encourage you to do better and believe that you can. Mega Man X7 is a game I absolutely hate, yet I'm not going to join an X7 sub just to shit on the game, because that's utterly pointless and I just don't care. The game is irrelevant to me, I say what I want to say and I move on.

The ones who hate this game and just want to tear it down or troll are a very insignificant minority. The ones criticizing it and critiquing its flaws want to see it reach its full potential, so stop with this stupid "Everybody just hates this game" mentality, it's not solving anything.

35 : Anonymous2021/04/20 23:23 ID: gv9hv1l

Hi, welcome to looter shooter subs. This must be your first one. If you think this is bad, you should have seen the Destiny and Division subreddits. Also, this one is at least justified. Avengers, Anthem and Outriders are literal trash piles. Fun as hell trash piles with amazing combat that we all loved, but full of bugs, horrible connection issues and absolutely terrible design flaws nonetheless.

You can absolutely say there is no need for name calling and people insulting the developers, that is definitely over the line, but all criticism thrown at the game itself is well deserved. It's fine if you like the game in its current state, we all love the IDEA of the game. We are all having fun with the combat, but the game needs to be fixed, period. It's a broken mess and unacceptable, and pretending otherwise and not expressing how we feel about it is only going to stop the developers from fixing those issues.

36 : Anonymous2021/04/21 00:06 ID: gv9n1f8

Locked out of first character trickster lvl 24 trying to play with a friend for the first time. Said fuck it I’ll make a female pyro. Completed the story, was enjoyable all the way thru despite map issues, okay ending boss fight. Don’t think I’ve played a game that restarts my console randomly more than this game. Can’t enjoy endgame, get passed tier 6 expeditions because every fight it just stutters like I’m in slow motion, then it stops, repeats, just to get crashed out 20 minutes in. On Xbox

37 : Anonymous2021/04/21 00:08 ID: gv9na2n

It's the weekly "gamers are so toxic, am I the only one who wants to show love for the developers?" topic. You should throw in some trendy hashtags while you're at it, wouldn't want to get less than 30 awards on your post.

38 : Anonymous2021/04/21 00:44 ID: gv9rjtc

Like the game, but the multiplayer experience is straight up broken. It's embarrassing.

39 : Anonymous2021/04/20 17:01 ID: gv800ul

I like the game and I play every day since launch, yet that doesn't stop me from criticising things. You like something and still want it to improve.

40 : Anonymous2021/04/20 17:03 ID: gv80c6z

I swear this is the absolute saltiest subreddit I've ever personally seen

I seriously doubt that.

was a major salt fest until the game ceased further development. This sub pales in comparsion.

ID: gv8axax

Also, the Destiny subreddit has been a dumpster fire from time to time. They’ve had years to perfect the rage haha.

ID: gv8i7bj

Pretty sure half this sub is former or current Destiny players. The salt in here is all too familiar

41 : Anonymous2021/04/20 21:03 ID: gv8z3gr

I swear this is the absolute saltiest subreddit I've ever personally seen. I'm not even here to say your issues with the game aren't valid, it's just like holy fuck.

Just so we are in agreement--the issues are valid then.

This subreddit like a live ticker feed of EXTREME RAGE. My god. Just looking at the front page of this sub makes me think this game went around beating people's children at the supermarket.

This is an early access beta sold at a AAA price point. It was literally unplayable for 3-4 days unless one was extremely lucky, and now the development studio has at least one platform out of sync with patches which created a silo and splits play groups.

The game has constant, game-breaking network issues.

The scaling was not disclosed, and is even worse after server-side changes and patched nerfs to destroy the meta. But it didn't destroy the meta; it just made the meta the only viable end-game option, just less so because the nerfs destroyed the non-meta builds. And this game absolutely requires careful minmaxing because of the broken scaling paired with the often unplayable nature of the net code.

People have every right to be pissed off. Outriders' core gameplay loop is fun. But we were lied to, including by reviewers who received advance copies before these changes took place and without the network issues.

I will never understand people who want to carry water for any for-profit entity. They fucked up the release, players love the game play but hate the way it is being managed, what is so hard to understand? PCF can easily run this game into the ground if players are not opposing their bad decisions.

42 : Anonymous2021/04/20 16:59 ID: gv7zsr6

The people who like it, which are the vast majority, play it instead of crying on forums.

I just mock them and talk with the normal people about regular things in the forum.


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