Wow. This game really stopped being fun in a hurry.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/05 19:45 ID: n5oq72

So I was playing a technomancer the week before everything really went to shit. Just got all my gear to 50 and was having a blast mobbing through CT15s solo (because the multiplayer doesn’t work for shit) and genuinely loving the payoff of getting my gear maxed and being able to not only survive, but earn gold on expos. Then the patch to fix things, and everything broke.

Now before you jump in to tell me that I used broken mods and therefor I should get killed more, let me ask you this...what’s so bad about wanting to feel like a bad ass once you hit that final milestone? We already are playing against some terrible timers, multiplayer doesn’t work for most people properly, and if it does playing in groups against mobs who have their hp increased by %150 isn’t fun. In fact for most people running bullet builds I’m guessing you’d rather avoid it as your class isn’t meant to pump into bullet sponges.

I’ve been running on a devastator now, and while it’s coming along I’m already seeing problems with staying alive and have to regularly swap out gear to make sure it works right. It’s just become so frustrating trying to enjoy this game and it’s a huge bummer. I am no longer optimistic about the future of outriders, and that’s sad.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/05 21:35 ID: gx2se23

We are altered and should feel like badasses but I feel so squishy instead. Game needs more power fantasy and less bullet sponges.

ID: gx369zg

We have 20k health and kill things w 10 million health. Bro, how much more powerful do you want to be??? /s

ID: gx3jya8

The number values are irrelevant. What matters is how strong you feel when playing. Especially when the guys with millions of health to your 15k are normal humans wearing garbage.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/05 19:58 ID: gx2ehul

Yup...thats the odd thing about this game. People say you need to grind that you shouldn't expect a good build unless you put 500hours in. Yet we are not in competition with eachother like in cod let us feel powerfull and rewarded for getting to ct15.

ID: gx2fggy

Am I alone in thinking that you are supposed to have the best gear, and THEN be able to comfortably do CT15?

I find it odd that people think they are supposed to be able to blow through CT15 easily while searching for the best gear.

I always thought the hardest content was meant to only be played by nearly maxed out characters.

Otherwise what is your goal, if you can already do the hardest content?

ID: gx2i9f5

Am I alone in thinking that you are supposed to have the best gear, and THEN be able to comfortably do CT15?

I find it odd that people think they are supposed to be able to blow through CT15 easily while searching for the best gear.

There is no middle ground between these statements.

Also what would be the purpose of grinding the hardest content for gear you already have? The whole point is to grind for the gear, enjoy it for a few weeks then wait for new content.

ID: gx2sf6h

The issue is that you need finished tricked out build to reach a semifun reward-cycle

But the road to get there just is no fun at all, because you are basically Not getting any legendaries at all until you are 90% finished

ID: gx2hjcd

So in order to beat the hardest content solo you have to have the best of everything??? But I’ve already heard several stories of people being carried through CT15 that probably couldn’t even solo a CT12. So if I want to play multiplayer I can find a carry, if I want to play solo I should just “get gud”. Sounds like a perfect system.

ID: gx2o2yf

Not at all! I feel the same. It should be a huge challenge to max out, but once you do you should smash shit. You shouldn’t have to feel like you could go down at any second with all gear maxed at 50, and even more so using a solid proven build

ID: gx3geb6

I agree with this. It is very rewarding to get to 15 and see that you are truly at the endgame. I much enjoy getting destroyed but slowly getting better gear and becoming more of a badass

ID: gx3k5qr

Clipping CT14 is very weird, since you need to gold clear it but the difference isn't that great. So you can feel stuck with a terrible build for a long time unless the right item drops.

ID: gx30iz6

You shouldn't be getting down voted, all of your comments are completely right. If you're able to beat the toughest level before you have BiS you have no reason to get BiS or even continue playing the game. Honestly, there is no pleasing people. I've been lurking on this sub and I'm probably going to get off of it. Most of this sub comes off as entitled and want the gear handed to them like you said.

ID: gx2j3so

The drop rate is so bad though even at CT15 good luck getting what you want before that. Sure if like before release we were supposed to get a legendary for every gold completion at level 37 CT+ then yeah. And if the best way wasn't to grind out fast travel points doing hunts. And if cannonball didn't have a x4 drop rate with generally awful mods. Yes.

But it doesn't, so no. Probably not. Plus I think the base idea is we were supposed to feel strong anyway so having to grind out T3 mods early at awful drop rates and tiny chances for what you want to be able to beat CT15 doesn't feel right.

That said demo was good as we hit level 9 and then grinded it. Here CT15 is the next stop at level 50 and then there is nothing after it still at level 50

ID: gx39sf8

It's called entitlement and it's becoming more pervasive in society.

ID: gx2qmdy

Am I alone in thinking that you are supposed to have the best gear, and THEN be able to comfortably do CT15?

Yes, you are 100% alone in thinking this because the entire game's design teaches us the exact opposite of what you suggest.

ID: gx3fy2m

Yes you are right. It is done terribly in this game because Legendaries are static so they made the drop rate terrible. The sets let most builds that aren't bullet builds the ability to do the harder content. It's a terrible cycle that would of been fixed if they followed Diablo 3 and let Legendaries drop far more often, especially in expeditions, have them random rolled so the pursuit becomes min/maxing gear rather than grinding hundreds of hours for a 3rd set piece

4 : Anonymous2021/05/05 20:06 ID: gx2fndq

TBF the git gud whiners are morons and will tell people that never used es that they relied on it

5 : Anonymous2021/05/05 21:49 ID: gx2ub8s

I was tanky as fuck on my pyro, I recall telling my tech friend that these 15's were easy while debuffing all the mobs we encountered. then the changed happened and now I am a glass cannon, I love this game but ill wait until its fixed.

ID: gx38nwe

Pyro shouldn't be a tank tho unless you really gear for it. Pyro is inherently supposed to be more of a damage dealer and less of a face tanker. But if it's armor bugs killing you that's a totally different story.

ID: gx39psr

I had skill leech on every piece of gear so if I timed my skills properly I would recover a lot of life, but now none of that really matters when im getting one shot.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/05 23:19 ID: gx3605z

Everything is wrong in this game. Ppl were happy at the beginning because the campaign is a complete different experience than endgame. But when you beat it and all you can do is timed expeditions, this game just becomes the worst, rushed, broken, boring and unfunny experience ever made. Devs just took the worst decisions possible and neither had the capacity to at least give it bug free, and even if they will fix bugs and the crapest multiplayer netcode ever created .. you will be kicked out anyway by grifiers. This game is just a complete disaster in any aspect, even intended ones by design, no matter how white knights will continue to defend it.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/06 01:25 ID: gx3le0q

Lmao go play Returnal, a true next gen third person shooter experience and then try to come back to this clunky, archaic bullshit

And don’t even tell me “dUr they are two different games”


They are both at their most basic third person shooters

And to think that anyone would play Outriders, with its terrible and slow clunky movement system, no fucking jump, no mobility at ALL

And then to see those boring, bland, literal square rooms that they call “level design” compared to the environments in Returnal which are PROCEDURALLY GENERATED and still look a million times better and more unique makes Outriders look even more hilariously bad

8 : Anonymous2021/05/06 01:03 ID: gx3irqr

The game isn't fun any more and I haven't played in days but reddit/steam are great entertainment with what a shitshow this game has become. It's the trainwreck you can't look away from.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/05 20:19 ID: gx2hico

There's not much incentive to do anything after completing the story. There's no real drive or goal pushing you. Once you've been through a few exhibitions everything just feels repetitive. The real puzzle is trying not to burn yourself out.

ID: gx2ytl0

That's looters in a nutshell really

10 : Anonymous2021/05/05 22:06 ID: gx2wj0b

I think the term your looking for is “fun” and no developer in their right mind want ppl to have fun playing their games. Fun?? Pff just look what they did to Mc Donald’s.. fun lol

11 : Anonymous2021/05/05 22:48 ID: gx31yuv

This game was intended to be a multiplayer experience. Obviously multiplayer is broken which has destroyed the experience for most. I soloed my first character to CT 15 and it really wasn’t that enjoyable and a real grind. Thankfully I’ve met a few people online that live in my country so we can play co op with limited issues. Safe to say due to the terrible state of the game at launch this game and it’s player base won’t last

12 : Anonymous2021/05/05 23:35 ID: gx37xuv

I both agree and disagree with you. The worst thing these glitched mods did was give ppl a false sense of what their build could handle. In most games if you don't balance offense and defense you either can't kill anything but don't die, or you kill everything fast but if you get hit you die. On release all these glitched mods allowed ppl to spec 10% into defense and 90% into offence and reach end game content 100% then intended, and still face tank damage. BUTTTT, the glitches that are causing ppl to get one shot for no reason are horrible and need to be fixed ASAP. But I like that all these glass cannon builds that never had to consider defence mods are having to mix some in. From what I hear a good balance is 6/4 for offensive/defensive mods. As a devastator because I get so much inherent defense j just go for 10 skill/offensive mods. And I think that's how it should be, you need to balance your mods with your characters skill tree. Anyway, horrible one shot bugs aside, I think that having players min/mac builds with offensive and defensive mods is actually a good thing for build diversity.

ID: gx3ei6l

I had three defensive mods on my techno. One was the bugged mod, but I was using others at the same time. Still doesn’t add up that I’m using the same setup with damage mitigation a legit part of my build, and still getting ass hammered after the patch. It shouldn’t have made that bits difference

ID: gx3hcfe

Some mods effect armor and some your resistances. Most builds seem to struggle with resistances because it's much harder to find on mods and in skill trees. Devs need to work on that.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/05 20:08 ID: gx2fxbw

Theres alot of cheese that isnt going any where as they claim as intended. If removing all cheese isnt their goal with the game remove none. Weekly buff things until everything is as equally cheesy. Pick one or the other. Not nerf some while leaving other OP ish as is.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/05 19:53 ID: gx2dqk3

Good thing that next week Destiny’s new season starts.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/05 22:02 ID: gx2w1zu

I have a maxed out technomancer... I can gold any expedition except boom town and frontline post patch. I am absolutely struggling to level my pyro to CT15. I cannot spec to keep him alive and also have him do enough damage to clear fast enough for Gold or Silver at CT12. Either we spec glass cannon while leveling to be able to hit gold or we spec for survivability to stop from being 1 shotted constantly. It’s not fun. CT15 with a geared out character is fine post patch but climbing tiers post patch is frustrating.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/05 21:13 ID: gx2p8vg

I mean there are plenty of end game builds that let you crush t15 without the broken mod. Youre build just wasnt as strong as you thought

ID: gx2trth

Lol. PCF acknowledged there is a damage mitigation issue on their Twitter feed. Multiple videos have documented it as well. You just can't accept the facts even when they're staring you in the face.

ID: gx2tien

This is just a lazy get gud reply. I have three characters with solid builds that are just missing one or two pieces to finish. This is in spite of multiplayer not working for shit and having to grind out everything solo. Broken or not, I was having fun with the game until they put out the last update, which fixed one thing that made the game fun, and broke 20 more, making it even less fun

17 : Anonymous2021/05/06 01:09 ID: gx3jjxt

Can this reddit get any lower than that? Some of you want the whole dev studio to cater to each player's needs. That isn't possible, you can enjoy some elements while not enjoying others. It happens to all games that have a grindy "end game". Some players want the grind some don't. Outriders grind is very decent actually.

The studio has tried to find a middle ground and they've done a great job at it.

There is nothing wrong with feeling badass at the end game. You can still feel very strong. The thing is that some mods/skills were out of proportion unintentionally.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/05 19:55 ID: gx2e2xf


19 : Anonymous2021/05/06 01:20 ID: gx3kuse

Getting to CT15 means you put a lot of time into the game. Wouldnt exactly call that a game that stops being fun in a hurry. I think a lot of the complaints are exaggerated, justified for sure but exaggerated.

20 : Anonymous2021/05/05 21:43 ID: gx2th31

This game is going to get buried when RE Village and Biomutant drop. Not that it needs any help in that department, since it's been gradually killing itself for a month now. But, there's no way Outriders can hope to compete with these new releases for player's attention when it has so many issues.

ID: gx3i0hf

You will be whining and crying about Biomutant just the same way. It’s the same pattern with every game. The Division got it. Destiny got it. A constant hailstorm of whiners saying X game is going to kill Division or Destiny, etc. Now it’s Outriders turn. It’ll be fine.

ID: gx3jm88

To be honest, I mostly bought it, expecting a mediocre shooter that would at least keep my attention for a little while after not really having bought any new releases since DOOM: Eternal. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and ended up really enjoying the game, despite it's broken nature (crashes, disconnects, etc.) I didn't get it because I wanted something to play at the old folk's home in 30 years. I, like so many others I'm sure, got it because 2020 left a massive hole in terms of new releases to play.

21 : Anonymous2021/05/05 22:45 ID: gx31lcp

The problem with this game is that in order for you to be able to get past a certain CT, you have to conform to a certain meta which isn't fun for most players. If you could effectively beat CT 12-13 with loot leveled appropriately for that level, I don't think this would be an issue. Unfortunately, you trying to take on CT 12 enemies that are the same level as your gear is an exercise in futility unless you find one of the handfuls of builds that seem to work effectively and grind for that.

We shouldn't be forced to play the broken MP or get carried to progress.

ID: gx34w04

I can do CT15 in a full Reforge Pyro, it's in no way meta, still Golds 75% of the expeditions on CT15

22 : Anonymous2021/05/05 23:01 ID: gx33o5f

I feel the exact same. The multiplayer is shit? Well fuck but atleast I can play solo. Then now even fucking solo either takes 2 hours to launch or just doesn't work at all. Like fuck off. No multiplayer is 1 thing but no solo? Literally unplayable to the fullest extent of the joke, because it isn't a joke, I literally can't launch solo

ID: gx36th2

I've never really had a problem doing anything on this game lmao. Minor connection issues at launch but that was just joining my buddies. I'd reboot my console and it would be fine. What are you playing on?

ID: gx3c3xp

Day one Xbone. I've restarted multiple time while my friends play on upgraded consoles. I don't think its the console that fucks up shit, I think the host is fucked considering we can play on 144upload yet lag like a motherfucker

23 : Anonymous2021/05/06 00:03 ID: gx3bfqe

Last night was the first night since release I got off early. I was getting my ass wiped in CT12s when prior to the patch I was comfortably running 13s for gear and the occasional legendary. I couldn't run multiplayer because I could not keep my toxic rounds up for the life of me playing with two different friends that are both pyros. If I can't solo the game with the gear I've had for awhile now that's pretty decent in my opinion.. it just took all the wind out of my sails. This is my first looter shooter and I've been having a blast with it.. but the damage thing has broke me. I never had disconnects or Inventory problems so I've been pretty lucky. The one two punch of damage and bullet issues is too much.

24 : Anonymous2021/05/06 00:44 ID: gx3ggix

Their first rush patch where all they did is nerf stuff made it clear they do not actually want us to be badass, at least not yet. Even a single good-will buff in their patch notes to some of the trash abilities or mods in the game would have made me much more optimistic. But right now I think they just want to stall our progress while they finish the game, that's why they won't say anything or throw us a bone.

26 : Anonymous2021/05/06 03:05 ID: gx3x7el

This is a prime example of what I’m saying. Everything is either broken or not fun by design. There have been no buffs of any kind in this game since launch. Just nerfs and more broken code

27 : Anonymous2021/05/06 02:43 ID: gx3uq47

Playing my cyclone trickster desperate for either the end of time legs or helmet and getting to a point where I just couldn't be arsed anymore with the grinding or the one shotting, I actually got a legendary armour peice... for a devastator... was I pissed!

28 : Anonymous2021/05/06 03:05 ID: gx3xa4y

I got to high level expeditions just after the “fixes.” Now I gold t13 expos with my brother carrying me and still can’t get the equipment/mods needed to make my build keep up with the absurdity of the ALPHAs... why is it harder to kill them than it is to kill any boss? The game definitely got less fun since there isn’t even a way to work towards your build except banging your head against the expos in the hopes of getting a legendary, let alone the ones you need.

29 : Anonymous2021/05/06 01:51 ID: gx3olsm

Yep, time to abandon Outriders for "Netflix and chill"...


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