A higher drop rate won’t kill the game

1 : Anonymous2021/05/13 12:30 ID: nbfio0

I see a lot of comments about how a higher drop rate will simply make people finish the game faster. My general impression is that people enjoy the game, they find the classes quite different, with many players rolling several different ones. I think that if the drop rate was higher, people would experiment more with different builds, and also make new characters. So instead of grinding for a piece of gear, you would incentivize people to try more of the content as they try to take all 4 classes to the endgame and try out different mixes of their skills.

I think this is my only major criticism of the game. The lack of being able to experiment is hugely detrimental to my enjoyment of the game and my motivation to play it. If it's not GaaS just make the content more accessible.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/13 13:07 ID: gxz24jl

You know why there are so many posts like this...bc a high percentage of the player base are stuck trying to finalize even their first build due to lack of useful drops. I'm in the same boat. It's great that some players have finalized builds for all four classes but most of us don't even have one class finalized. I mean in all honesty what would it actually affect upping drop rates? Hell there are over 125+ legos to get...even with 100% drop rate on CT15 you'd still be farming quite awhile. Games are meant to be fun but constant stress and frustration doesn't equate to fun.

ID: gxzuezr

There are those of us who aren't even bothering to get to CT15 because getting there is an enormous amount of work and... What's the point?

If it were less work and I could more readily experiment with alternative builds I'd play a lot more. But the progression system is so brutal that I stopped playing when I finished the story and won't return until PCF fixes a lot of the bugs and balance issues.

ID: gxzcq5z

I'm one mod away from being completely done with my leapquake devastator (fortress). That one mod has got me continuing to play, i think once I actually get to play around with fortress I'm going to help out a few people with some carries and then move on from this game.

Why? It's not because my devastator is finished. I'd love to make a boulderdash build, a marshall build, a statue build. And I'd love to outfit my AP trickster, my flame crit pyro, and level my techno up from 12.

So instead of playing this game to death and potentially making 6-7 level ct15 characters, i'm only making one.

If the grind for new builds was fun, i'd do it plenty. But as it stands... just one character and one build is enough for me.

ID: gxzdmp3

Hence the burnout from risk=reward. If it takes someone so much repetitive gameplay to even finalize one build why would players torture themselves with horrendous stressful aggrevating gameplay resulting in endless farming with no real reward. Again upping drop rates would facilitate multiple playthroughs, fun and rewarding gameplay, and game longevity.

ID: gxzj9y8

Early access Streamers and really fast COOP groups had a MUCH easier time with the game early on, unless they got their gear wiped ofc...

I was sort of slow and have 3 CT14-15 classes now, i stopped trying to get Set's for all of them because the Solo risk vs reward is just annoying, especially now with the instagibs.

My TR Trickster is stuck because i have no way to get AMMO resupply on demand.
My Bleed Deva is probably in the best spot, i changed for Pyro because the AOE build looked more fun and i was tired of weapon swapping.
Working on Pyro, it's potentially the most fun, but shit without 3rd Acari piece "chest".

I could do better on some of them if i changed build, but most changes would require gear pieces i don't have "didnt save".
Because of lack of item locking and loadouts, i only have the set on me that i need for the build focus with a few pieces saved, so i can't just change Trickster for Anomaly for instance!

3 : Anonymous2021/05/13 12:43 ID: gxyzga3

Anthem had this issue, among many others. The loot drops improved dramatically after a random patch and the playerbase started actually enjoying the game, thanking Bioware for improving the experience, listening to the playerbase, etc.

It was a mistake and they "fixed" it shortly after by returning drops to their previous state, causing a pretty significant outrage.

Based on that little piece of history there it's safe to say that an improvement to loot drops wouldn't hurt. Even if they hypothetically harm a given player's final number of hours played, I strongly doubt it's gonna mean much compared to whatever players pick up the game. Once they paid for it PCF got the money, who cares if they play 900 "fun" hours or 1100 less fun ones?

ID: gxz5t2t

Anthem had the same problems (among others) as Diablo 3 did. Low drop rates, bad rolls when you finally got them to drop, huge variability in rolls exacerbating the low drop rates, and the difficulty you need to play to reliably get the drops you need the gear to be able to play in. You need the gear to farm for the gear, but you can't farm for the gear unless you have the gear...

And now Outriders is falling into the same hole, even having the inconsistent survivability bugs from match to match. Anthem got a lot of crap for refusing to learn from past games of similar genres and Outriders doesn't seem to have learned from Anthem's mistakes.

Luckily, their response has been much better, but this new norm of releasing broken games and having to fix them after launch is begining to grow stale.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/13 13:41 ID: gxz691p

A higher drop rate would let me play a different class/build and actually make play longer. As it is now i'm stuck playing one characte

and its getting old.

ID: gxzfqot

Exactly, never had to work so hard to get one optimized build... I mean in D3 for example it's easy to get the right items for a build, but takes a while to get full ancients with perfect rolls. That style of easy to get going, hard to perfect, would help Outriders a lot. Having no way to target specific loot and just mashing Archways for a 0.5% chance of what you're looking for... Gets old.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/13 12:46 ID: gxyzsuy

What is dead may never die

6 : Anonymous2021/05/13 13:50 ID: gxz7c5k

Honestly the low drop rates are what partially killed it for me. Being overly stingy doesn’t make sense for a game where legendaries are practically a necessity to manage the higher CT levels.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/13 12:34 ID: gxyyfzw

A stingy looter is a bad looter.

ID: gxza51d

We should have all learned our lesson when they nerfed legendary drop chances in the DEMO.

ID: gy05mim

Exactly. I put in nearly 1,000 hours into each of the Borderlands games because it's fun to kill bad guys with the multitude of weapons and skills available.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/13 13:47 ID: gxz70tc

That's the funny thing...we aren't competing with eachother in this...no reason why loot can't be higher. It's killing the game more than bugs

ID: gxzxolu

That's funny considering the poutrage regarding the recent God rolled weapons. Everyone crying about an unfair advantage and how now there's mo reason to play lol.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/13 16:15 ID: gxzrblt

My plan was to level up and outfit all characters and solo gold all expeditions on each. I got all the set peices on my Devastator and golded using the Statue and Seismic set.

I can't be fucked to even look at this game anymore because the drop rate killed the shit out of my ambition. That an patches breaking various things like the Statue set.

Before anyone asks why I am here still, it's because if there's one thing I got out of Outriders, it's endless entertainment out of this subreddit and the disastrous cluster fuck of piss poor handling of this game's post launch

10 : Anonymous2021/05/13 12:53 ID: gxz0jai

The drop rates at CT14/15 specifically need to be plentiful, averaging 4-5 legendaries and upwards of a dozen for completion. No, I'm not kidding. Based on the drop chances of certain pieces, even then it'll take dozens of runs to get the most elusive of gear - and that's if you're one of the fortunate few.

Keep in mind, we have the chance to get better FP and Armour, small incentives, but also for those who roll 1 mod but later, for whatever reason (balancing, bug fixes, etc) you need to roll out the other mod... then you can't, and oops. You haven't found that piece again in 100s of hours of playtime.

But this also makes the arguement that "The game isn't a GaaS, it's not meant to last forever" a joke. If the game has a finite life span... then why not up the drop rate for me to spend just as much time enjoying the game, and all it's content intead of me dropping the game in disappointment and frustration and not realy experiencing all the content whilst leaving me disliking the game.

Game has finite replayability... and I'm burnt out just trying to get a single piece of gear... You'd have though they'd have wanted me to leave the game with a positive experience so I'd be a consumer with them further down the line. Apparently they don't like money.

ID: gxz980x

This, in addition to no advertised additional content. Why artificially draw out the life of a game that is designed to have a shelf life.

Give us all the loot, let us be turbo OP and make ridiculous fun builds to just smash the available content.

That's literally this games purpose. They have a loot system setup like there is a season pass that gives legendaries per level.

ID: gxzdrvi

I'm burnt out just trying to get a single piece of gear...

It's why I've started creeping back in to the Div world. Even with 2,500 hours in Div 2, there's still more to do than in Outriders and the targeted farming makes it a much more rewarding experience.

ID: gxzkm1y

Honestly I enjoy games like this that let me theory crafting my builds to high hell. If I could get some legendaries together easier I’d have soooo much fun making niche builds all the time. It’s how I play every shooter game. I only really enjoyed BL3 because I could just download people’s builds and work out how I wanted to set mine up from others. Great fun but I agree. Higher drops plz.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/13 13:59 ID: gxz8ikf

Not even ashamed to admit that i've thought many times about coming back and using a trainer just for the increase lego drop rate setting. Haven't played in weeks but I miss the core combat loop 🙁

12 : Anonymous2021/05/13 13:57 ID: gxz8azm

I can say this is true as I have grinded greater rifts for years on D3. Never get tired of killing a rift guardian and having 20 legendaries drop. The problem is outriders devs treat legendaries as blizzard treats primals.

ID: gxz9kmz

Exactly my thoughts ! I feel like farming primals, not just legos.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/13 15:05 ID: gxzhdxa

I'm this close to just installing a trainer, cheating in all the legendaries and going down in a blaze of glory and fun for like a day.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/13 14:47 ID: gxzewq2

Right now I'm grinding because ugake's cowl is elusive af, and I need a better-rolled deathshield. If drops were plentiful, I'd have those things, and I'd be farming up different builds. Either way I'd be grinding, but in the second scenario I'd be having more fun.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/13 16:10 ID: gxzqj6n

The argument that it would make players finish the game faster is completely invalid because the game is already done. There's no more content, we bought the game and they have our money, that's it, that's all there is. There's nothing more to motivate players when there isn't more content so saying players will finish faster doesn't make sense

ID: gxzy84t

some say it is to artically boost the 'engament' numbers for the future endevours ...

16 : Anonymous2021/05/13 16:34 ID: gxztz78

For the gents that do not manage to get there set items no mater what they do, please do a youtube search and you will find out why. To make it short, check what expeditions you did not complete and do them all. You do not need to do gold, only to complete them. Including Eye of the Storm. Then you missing items will be added in the loot pool. Otherwise you can play until you make a long white beard.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/13 17:14 ID: gxzzn5k

Yeah I only still in this sub because I am watching updates to see if they do anything to make me come back. Plus it is fun to watch the dumpster fire that is this game's updates.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/13 17:34 ID: gy02k6d

It may not be a GaaS but I’m fairly sure PCF didn’t intend to chase a majority of players away in the first 3 weeks of launch, I logged in twice in the last 3 weeks after the patches and restores and the game just simply isn’t fun, I tried to enjoy it but it’s just too broken at this point

19 : Anonymous2021/05/13 17:49 ID: gy04r66

What’s the purpose of them creating so many legendaries for us to be able to never get them ?

20 : Anonymous2021/05/13 19:20 ID: gy0i08u

Between bugs, terrible time-attack end game balancing, and an absolute dearth of appreciable gear upgrades / legendaries, I haven't launched the game in a little over 3 weeks.

Honestly - just.... let us have fun. Maybe it'll be for a shorter time than the absolute grind addicts might otherwise hang around for, but c'mon, it's a non competitive PvE game. Give up the goods.

21 : Anonymous2021/05/13 13:36 ID: gxz5mgv

game is already dead, we all fell for it......again

22 : Anonymous2021/05/13 13:59 ID: gxz8h8k

It's a finite game with a limited life. It was designed that way. I quit a long time ago because I was sick of the horrible grind for trash drop rates.

There is absolutely no reason to slow drip the loot the way they have it setup now. I read something in another post and it sounded interesting.

CT1-5 drop a guaranteed amount of legos as they are now, equal to tier (so 1 drops 1, 5 drops 5) along with a random drop chance

CT 6-10 resets this to one to 5 (6 drops 1, 10 drops 5) but these legendaries drop with 3 mod slots. The standard T3 and two T2 mods. Same policy for swapping mods applies. You can change one

CT 11-15 are your actual "challenge tiers" and will continue to give the guaranteed 5 legos per run plus an increased chance as you tier up.

These guaranteed legendary drops are on completion, not on making a specific time. You always get the legendary. But you don't get additional loot or advance a tier if you don't silver +

23 : Anonymous2021/05/13 14:05 ID: gxz9chw

They need to heavily increase the drops across the board in all activities, and have gear drop for all classes. That would incentivize people to play other classes as well.

24 : Anonymous2021/05/13 16:09 ID: gxzqies

I have a CT15 gold Devestator on everything except silver EOTS (haven't had two friends at a similar gear level on at the same time to try for gold).

Yesterday running with another devestator we both got the exact same legendary items on the seven runs, every item on every run we did, until we both got Marshal's legs. He got a Deathshield and I only got the legs.

The annoying thing is he dismantled it as he already had five drop and it's one of three itmes I want for my build.

I got my seismic chest, legs, and boots all on the same day and haven't seen an Anemoi, Deathshield, or Seismic helm in a week of grinding.

Considering switching back to my Techno to try and get my Anemoi/Deathshield as that's where I got them the first time.

But on my techno blighted rounds goes on CD way more than it should as Toxic Lead doesn't proc even after four-five creeps that my team mate isn't anywhere near.

Thiago should refresh weekly for the elite items, I haven't bought a single legendary off of him.

Please fix the loot system or you're going to lose players soon :/

ID: gy005um

But on my techno blighted rounds goes on CD way more than it should as Toxic Lead doesn't proc even after four-five creeps that my team mate isn't anywhere near.

If you aren't the host, this is a latency issue. If you are killing the enemies within a second or so of engaging them the game doesn't have enough time to inform the host that the enemy has toxic and should refund ammo. If I'm running toxic lead I will shoot as many small targets as I can before I start looking for kill shots so the toxic has time to properly apply.

Alternatively, switch toxic lead for the t1 ammo mod for toxic rounds and you won't have this issue as long as your bullets are getting the killing blow.

25 : Anonymous2021/05/13 16:47 ID: gxzvuet

Can’t kill what’s already dead

26 : Anonymous2021/05/13 16:54 ID: gxzww23

Really, being able to buy random legendary with drop pod resources would fix this. Say, random armor 100k or random gun 125k

Not to mention some kind of legendary skunk fix.

You shouldnt get 6000 legendaries from a pool of 125 choices and never see at least 1 of each. Even if it is trash rolled stats/mods

27 : Anonymous2021/05/13 17:00 ID: gxzxpsi

2 things made me put the game down and one of them was legendary drop rate. I didn't need it to be borderlands 3 or diablo 3 level of drops but it was on the total other end of the spectrum. And getting dupes with such a low drop rate felt like an extra kick in the balls.

28 : Anonymous2021/05/13 17:06 ID: gxzyl1w

You can't kill what is already dead...

29 : Anonymous2021/05/13 17:10 ID: gxzz2rc

Just look at the player base numbers. This game is dying really fast. In 2 weeks time it’s going to fall under 10k players.

30 : Anonymous2021/05/13 17:18 ID: gy0073c

You cannot kill, that which is already dead!

31 : Anonymous2021/05/13 17:34 ID: gy02i6h

It shouldn’t matter how fast we gear up. It’s not live service. They should shower is in loot for fun.

This is strictly a live service model where they’re drawing content out to hold interest for a content drop.

Which is weird because this isn’t supposed to be one.

32 : Anonymous2021/05/13 17:37 ID: gy02yby

too late. game is dead. it depends too heavily on it being multiplayer, and they've chased away enough people that it will never be viable. time to uninstall and go find something else to do.

33 : Anonymous2021/05/13 18:17 ID: gy08vlh

no, a higher drop rate won't kill the game, but leaving as it is now is already killing the game.

34 : Anonymous2021/05/13 19:06 ID: gy0fz1s

What is dead may never die!

35 : Anonymous2021/05/13 19:44 ID: gy0lkda

How do you kill, what is already dead?


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