With over 800+ logged runs (and still counting). I can proudly say this is the most extensive Legendary drop rate Spreadsheet to exist.

1 : Anonymous2021/06/01 21:38 ID: nq5cyj

Come join me on Twitch at:

(we live every day!)

NOTE: This data/drop rate is only valid for 3 people CT 15 runs, as the data gathered is in a group of 3. This is still a SMALL sample size. BLANK spaces = no dropped legendaries.

Please make sure to check the DROP RATE tab for the actual PERCENTAGES. Data Entry tab is ignorable, as it is just there for me to input the raw data. NOTE: Drop Rate % is map specific. If you see a higher drop rate %, make sure to check the Calculated Runs tab to see the number of runs on that specific map (i.e. 14 runs on Timeworn Spire and a high drop rate % is not accurate).

The data is not perfect. There are too many variables to account for, but nice to have something to reference. From what the data shows, looks to be RNG galore (except for fucking footgear of the cannon ball in colosseum. Wtf is up with that stat LOL)

PS: Yes, Seismic helm has not dropped for us. Quite insane to be honest LOL. Also interested to hear what the Devs have in store regarding the Legendary drop rates and their mentioning of "targeted farming".

TL;DR - Coliseum and Stargrave have the best data (as they are so easy to run) and quite honestly seem to drop EVERY legendary. I'm sure all the other maps would have similar data if we ran them as often as Coliseum and Stargrave.

2 : Anonymous2021/06/01 21:52 ID: h08qr42

Ceo status with the upvote

ID: h08rna6


3 : Anonymous2021/06/01 21:53 ID: h08qvbb

Am I seeing right that the Ugake cowl only has a .65% chance of falling and only on colosseum?

ID: h08rjmz

Yes, we have only found the 1 since we started this spreadsheet last month.

A fair amount have been found off stream via the community on the drought palace, stargrave, etc. Can't log these in the spreadsheet however.

ID: h08wuro

Fml lol

ID: h08xwop

To prove randomness, I got on boomtown. On ct13. When I silvered it. So yea...plenty of ct15 runs with nada as well

ID: h08yzdi

I just dunno if I wanna keep trying or just move on to my techno. I do enjoy trickster but I feel like between not finding the cowl and all the multiplayer bugs that it’s tough to play sometimes.

ID: h08zbb3

I got my cowl from Drought Palace

ID: h0904wa


4 : Anonymous2021/06/01 21:58 ID: h08rfsl

Thanks for sharing, will dig in for some meta-analysis when i get some extra time. Want to start digging into the game code to see if i can find data on how its actually doing the drop calcs.

ID: h08rml1

Welcome! Please let me know if you find anything tangible.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/01 22:04 ID: h08s80b

doing the lords work. nice job man and thank you.

ID: h08t55u

You're welcome! I was curious too 🙂

6 : Anonymous2021/06/01 22:25 ID: h08utjn

I never felt amazed and depress at the same time

ID: h08vbuy

Lmao, MOOD.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/01 23:02 ID: h08zbbu

That is way way too small of a sample rate of runs with an admitted bias toward stargrave and coliseum making this data absolute nonesense. There are no targeted loot drops in this game, everything is random although i am confident that certain items have much smaller drop rates than others that can be easily seen by the massive amount of cannonball set drops across the board.

ID: h08zmi0

Did you even read my post :3

"This is still a SMALL sample size."

"From what the data shows, looks to be RNG galore"

I've always been under the impression that its RNG. But the devs mentioned "targeted drop rates" in their latest post. So curious to see what they are going to say. Nothing from the data shows it's "targeted". Again, small sample size so who knows.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/01 22:27 ID: h08v0m8

Ho, awesome !

Thanks for the data !

ID: h08vcko


9 : Anonymous2021/06/01 23:31 ID: h092qdg

so , someone is finally close to crack the puzzle ?

ID: h092skf

Not even lmao

10 : Anonymous2021/06/01 23:36 ID: h0939vr

The data for armor pieces outside of cannonball and "unique" helms is also pointless to look at since there is zero stat that tells us how many of the runs included which class combo.

So saying "Seismic helm has not dropped for us" means very little if there is no data that tells us how often a deva was part of the group. The data should be evenly spread among classes in order to give a good and proper view of actual statistics given how drops are class specific in 99% of the cases.

The stats should have also been split between players and not lumped up like they seem to be since that would further show how many of the runs dropped nothing from the actual drop pod since "bonus" legos from kills are player specific and not group wide when the drop occurs.

ID: h093m51

Like I mention in my post. Very aware of all the issues the spreadsheet has (what you mention as well as skill tree drop of certain item increased % etc.) I thought about adding what characters ran per run, but we were already 300+ runs in and I just said heck it. I could 100% gather the data for what classes ran by looking through my VODs - as every run has been done on stream, but I do not have the time for that.

This is just something I did for fun and out of curiosity. I do carries on my stream and help out the community to get as many runs in as possible. Didn't want the majority of the time doing into logging everything in detail. Again, aware of all the missing variables and incomplete data on this spreadsheet.


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