Battlefield to be revealed on 9th of June

1 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:03 ID: npw28h
Battlefield to be revealed on 9th of June
2 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:06 ID: h07856g

Really can't wait to see it. It has one additional year of development compared to BFV, much more people working on it and next gen power. And hoping DICE learned their mistakes with BFV, especially when it comes to communication, implementing proper customizations and new content

ID: h07cocx

Read somewhere that the devs who developed BF4 are also working on this one. If they can deliver that experience (minus the bugs) this game is guaranteed to surpass all the previous entrees. BF3 and BF4 were just magical man.

ID: h07dioq

I mean Dice LA fixed the game while Stockholm shipped a piece of trash

ID: h07iztu

BF4 was my first Bf. I can’t wait. I’m ready to get back to the modern era anyway, with complete next gen!

ID: h07d7uh

next gen power

I'm really curious where the cuts will be since it still has to release on base PS4 and base Xbox One. I suppose FIFA and Madden on PS5 and Series S/X can't play with people on last gen, so maybe it's the same deal here.

ID: h07udbp

If the rumors are true, it's being developed for the PS5/SX first, while a different company/studio is working on the last-gen versions.

ID: h07ubkc

Next-gen will probably just have better graphics, load times and more stable 60fps. There could be an option for 120fps too, I imagine.

And I get the sense that it will be crossplay with older consoles so PS5 can play with PS4 players.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:17 ID: h079miz

Battlefield is the most online game I play (may be the only one), really looking forward to this.

ID: h07yx9t

you aren't the only one 😉

ID: h08f9xy

hopefully it keeps the elements of team/squad play.

ID: h08m8jv

So, the Battlefield elements? 🙂 I would expect so, it’s been a good many years so far.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:35 ID: h07byxl

This game has a lot to live up to, let's hope it delivers on the hype

5 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:17 ID: h07hpgv

Very excited. Love this series. Last game was big disappointment for me.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/01 19:25 ID: h087mpg

Please be good please be good please be good

7 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:37 ID: h07c87n

Yay, can't wait to see another in-engine reveal trailer that doesn't tell us anything about the gameplay itself /s

I will be really positively surprised if they end up including some gameplay, I would be fine even with like ~30s video.

ID: h07cfmw

It’s set to release in late 2021; I think gameplay will be in October.

ID: h07irhf

i remember someone says that BF will release the beta test on july,after the ea play interview

8 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:46 ID: h07luqa

So fucking excited. No other FPS game gives me the same feeling as Battlefield.

ID: h0893dj

Bad company 2 multiplayer was so good, possibly one of the best MP shooters ever. Hope they can replicate that.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:14 ID: h07hdxl

The new Battlefield AI must be something if it's revealing itself.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/01 18:12 ID: h07xlng

I can't be the only one who got that endorphin rush when they heard that BF4 like snippet at the end!?! MODERN BATTLEFIELD IS BACK!!!!!!

11 : Anonymous2021/06/01 21:38 ID: h08oxtp

God I can't wait to be disappointed. Battlefield went from being one of my most favorite series of all time to something I'm just perpetually disappointed with.

Someone in another thread pointed out DICE is going to double down on the GaaS with BF2021, trying to ride the coattails of WarZone.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/01 22:29 ID: h08v9f6

Rumours day one gamepass?

13 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:05 ID: h0781dk

Very nice, how much?

ID: h088xyw

Heavily rumored to be free on Game Pass. Or the usual price for games, what a weird question man lol

ID: h079cxd

Probably 60 € PC and 70 € consoles. At least that's usually pricing.

ID: h079gu2

Sorry was just using a Borat line.

14 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:09 ID: h078k3u

Let`s see if this lives up to the hype

ID: h08p0kt

I legit have not seen much hype for BF2021. If anything, most of what I've seen is people preemptively shitting on it because of how bad BFV was.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:45 ID: h07ty3w

My most hyped FPS of all time. Really hope it's similar to BF4, but with next gen power.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:11 ID: h07gwdq

And please for the love of god be cross platform.

ID: h07k6ti

It's 100 % crossplatform.

ID: h089bxe

Playstation: "No"

ID: h08tqi9

PC x Console play, no thanks. XBox and PS playing together, sure.

17 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:30 ID: h07bdb1

After starting with BF2 on PC and continuing on with BF3 and 4, I’m so dang excited for a new modern BF game. I loved BF1, but BF is meant to be modern. I know there’s love for a proper WW2 game, but we didn’t get it and it’s time to move the timeframe up. We need new “only in BF” moments. Dice, please.

ID: h07h4yn

Bf Vietnam. Was probably my favorite.

ID: h07l71i

Bad company/Vietnam are the pinnacle of my childhood, those games were soo good.

ID: h08mlze

Heh...”meant to be modern”...ya newbs, I started on Battlefield 1942, that’s what it’s “meant to be.” 😉

j/k But they’re all great, I’m up for whatever!

ID: h08tzws

Man, the days of half the class playing Wake Island on school computers during lunch hour. I miss the old BF games.

18 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:32 ID: h07bmyc

Please let there be a campaign akin to 3/4.

ID: h07lxne

Rumor is that there won't be a story campaign at all.

ID: h07pm3v

DICE’s pinnacle were the Bad Company campaigns.

3 and 4 had some really shitty campaigns.

ID: h07rivm

I never played bad company 1. But i agree. Im only saying 3/4 because thats what the time period is for this one i think. And it would be nice to have a cohesive story again instead of those dumb war stories in BF1 and BF5

ID: h07c7e7

I hope there is no campaign. Don't need 4 hour story hogging 40 GB of space

ID: h07ex20

Sooo...all they have to do is make the campaign a seperate install? They have done it before. This isnt Call of Duty you know. Battlefield devs actually know how to use compression

ID: h07g2wa

I think DICE is pretty terrible at single player experiences so personally I hope they don’t, but I got nothing against your opinion!

ID: h07jnzt

I just need some PvE content. I hate having to sweat all day. Its nice to just play the game you enjoy, and put on a podcast or something. Part of the reason why im excited for Six Days of Fallujah

19 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:34 ID: h07buwq

6/9 just keeps getting better and better

20 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:40 ID: h07tbsy

I hope they fix the matchmaking, so lvl 157 doesnt play against lvl 23 and so.

22 : Anonymous2021/06/01 18:33 ID: h080lg7
23 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:09 ID: h07p2mz

I swear if it's another old timey game. I'm tired of looking through coke bottle lenses sights. I want thermal sights etc hahaha

24 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:25 ID: h07r9ag

it’s 99.99% not

25 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:29 ID: h07jfxt

Reveal of the reveal. Nice.

26 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:15 ID: h07ptnp

*Tease of the reveal

27 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:23 ID: h07qzbq

I really hope it’s a reveal and not some random “in engine” Pixar trailer.

28 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:25 ID: h07r929

It will be an in engine cinematic trailer. Gameplay in july at EA play

29 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:45 ID: h07dd8q

Already saw the whole trailer. It's leaked online in pieces and now the whole thing like a week ago. Definitely not excited anymore. Should have revealed the trailer officially a few weeks ago.

30 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:04 ID: h07fx4f

That's not the same trailer. They confirmed that the one that was leaked was a trailer for internal consumption only between the company and share holders. The one that will be released to the public is a completely different trailer.

31 : Anonymous2021/06/01 18:38 ID: h0819i2

Hopefully. I'd be pretty pissed to get hyped up and all we get is a 10 second teaser

32 : Anonymous2021/06/01 21:21 ID: h08mqm2

Every time I get frustrated with warzone, this is my solace. Please dice, don’t let me down

33 : Anonymous2021/06/01 21:24 ID: h08n3ny

Squad up, let’s gooooo!!

My son is getting into BF now too; it’s been awesome.

34 : Anonymous2021/06/01 23:38 ID: h093i66

I loved BF1, but BFV was not it. Hope BF6 is good

35 : Anonymous2021/06/01 23:40 ID: h093pw1

Can someone explain to me why BFV was so bad? It was free on the PS plus store so I picked it up. Didn't seem that bad. Then I realized I haven't played any FPS since BF1. I downloaded BF1 and it just feels so much better. It's prob my fav FPS all time. I love the SMLE infantry, no scope sniper. Just friggin posted up and headshot the fuckers poppin out of trench. Bang, headshot, reload, repeat. So sick. Wait for the medic to come and snipe him too, straight up war crime. I pick the scout role and try to survive the whole time. It's just so sick. I see the other snipers with scopes produce a glare, I murder them with my scopeless snipe. I feel like Simo Haya.

36 : Anonymous2021/06/01 15:33 ID: h07br6a


37 : Anonymous2021/06/01 23:04 ID: h08zj5p

Very interested in this. I was very disappointed with BF V. The graphics looked TERRIBLE on PS4!!!! Let’s see what they have now


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