AMD Discrete GPUs Make up for Less than 5% of the Overall PC Graphics Card Market, Radeon APUs Make up 13%

1 : Anonymous2021/09/02 02:14 ID: pg8ium
AMD Discrete GPUs Make up for Less than 5% of the Overall PC Graphics Card Market, Radeon APUs Make up 13%
2 : Anonymous2021/09/02 02:31 ID: hb9n82h

That's funny, because with only 5% market share, you'd think there would be more cards in stock then.

ID: hb9ry1o

This isn't an issue of demand as much as it is supply. AMD could sell more GPU's if they wanted to, but it would cut into their CPU supply and they make more money per wafer off making relatively tiny CPU's versus large GPU's.

ID: hbbddqw

The real issue AMD has is they're spread to think. Everything is done on TSMC 7nm. If say all their CPUs and APUs was done on 5nm instead they would have a lot more wafers to allocate to GPUs. Also those numbers are skewed. It includes everything so by that logic Intel is the leading GPU manufacturer i guess...

ID: hbae2ru

Not if the GPUs are the very last on the pecking order since they share capacity with console and PC/server chips.

ID: hbc445e

Don't blame the actions of a AIBs on AMD. Also this would be recorded as part of the market share in question, since this is further down the distribution pipe.

ID: hbacwp2

You can, except no one wants to buy one. My local PC store has had several Rx 6700 XT and over cards that have been sitting on shelves for a month. The price is too high for someone to buy an AMD card. Nvidia cards on the other hand sell out in a day.

ID: hbb2whb

This, my local microcenter has had 6700xts in stock for almost 3 months now, for $900. But they also have 3060ti's in stock for $500, so really this is becoming a problem from the AIBs and retailers now. At least until everything gets swept up in the holiday rush.

ID: hbc2x43


They are insanely overpriced compared to all Nvidia cards. 6900x there is 1.5 or 2x or more the price of. 3090

6800x same story. AMD side is always full due to atrocious pricing.

Dunno why you getting downvoted

ID: hbaixqn

Here in Norway there has been many 6800XT and 6900XT in stock recently.
Prices start at:
6700XT at 9000NOK (900€) (low stock)
6800XT at 13000NOK (1300€)
6900XT at 15500NOK (1550€)

So its still expensive but after looking at the prices since release its not as horrible as I thought. Actually the 6900XT is the one closest to the (norwegian) release price. Was 14000NOK at release until march. 6800XT was about 9-10000NOK the same period. Cant remember how supply was for that period, but was probably bad.

There are also Nvidia cards available but they are even more expensive.

I rarely play AAA titles or anything which doesnt run fine on my V56 (1440P/high). I still yearn for a new toy to play with so have been close to ordering a 6800XT or 6900XT.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/02 02:36 ID: hb9nwpi

Well, yeah, you can actually find an AMD APU in stock for a reasonable price.

ID: hbai4g0


ID: hbb9rho

AMD direct

4 : Anonymous2021/09/02 12:38 ID: hbb4kt6

This article is misleading. Almost everything listed is an iGPU.

AMD dGPU - 2%

Nvidia dGPU - 7.9%

By this metric, AMD is 25% of Nvidia where it counts when someone typically thinks of graphics card sales. Not saying the sample can be extrapolated to all stores in the world, but I'm just saying.

ID: hbccutj

Exactly. And of the total sample size 68% are Intel iGPUs and I bet most of those are pre built a from Best Buy, Staples, Dell etc

5 : Anonymous2021/09/02 03:31 ID: hb9u9cy

That figure is totally accurate, and not at all suspicious. So everyone commenting should take it at face value and post their favorite reasons for why it's true.

Nobody should question its veracity at all.

ID: hba64r8

I'm not saying if this is true or not but it could very well be when considering the entire gpu market.

I'm not sure if this fact is still current but a few months back NVIDIA had sold more 3090s than amd had sold entire 6000 series.

There is a very real chance when looking at all gpus in use that amd is a very low percentage

ID: hbaxjbk

nVidia did not sell more 3090's than the entire 6000 series. That claim was based on bad Steam data, where 6000-series cards were not properly identified by Steam's survey mechanism.

ID: hbazj9z

The data you are talking about are completely unrelaiable. All Steam Hardware data are completely unreliable.
Just look at Steam Hardware Survey now... every RTX 3000 GPU have misteriously lost ground despite alleged record adoption... an unknown AMD Radeon Graphic has appeared at 0.8% in adoption (wich is some RX 6000 series since Steam don't even recognise RX 6000 cards). Another portion of RX 6000 cards are reported as HD 8000 series.... RX 6000 GPU are randomly reported in any kind of system Win7/Win10/Linux etc.
Things are improving since Valve got the contract for Steam Deck (they are probably correcting the data) but it's still just a mess.

ID: hbbzl5x

the data originates from Jon Peddie Research

and is just being interpreted here, it includes all gpus sold. Out of which AMD had a dGPU share of 2.4M units and Nvidia 9.4M units. Compare that to intel iGPUs with 81.2M units and it starts to look exactly what the title suggests.

ID: hbabybv

Why is it suspicious? Same trends can be seen in steam’s gpu stats

ID: hbais3m

Yeah but you know, Steam stats are also rigged/unreliable/biased (chose your reason). It even actually looks worse in Steam stats, Ampère has 10x the share of RDNA2. The 3090 singlehandedly outsold all of RDNA2 combined.

ID: hbak2eo

Yeah, intel marketshare looks too low and amd too high.

ID: hbb31s8

It's not really, because it only looks at Q1 2021, and for desktop & mobile only.

Intel has 84% of iGPU, AMD has 16% of iGPU. That sounds about right.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/02 07:02 ID: hbadpsm

This one of the reasons the laptop market is so important for AMD. More CPU sales = more GPU market share, even if it's just an iGPU. More desktop APUs or even a small 3CU RDNA GPU in every future Ryzens would help matters further.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/02 05:17 ID: hba56yd

I think a lot of people (the author included) are coming to the wrong conclusion based on the data. The data the author is referencing is including every PC sold. That includes laptops, thin clients, business computers, etc. that aren't intended for gaming.

This doesn't mean AMD's discrete GPU market is abysmally small. It's just not relevant in the entire PC market when gaming-focused hardware doesn't actually make up the majority of the computers sold.

ID: hbd9xk4

I think you didn't read the article then. They compare like to like, including a table with only dGPU market share.

68% of users still rely entirely on Intel’s integrated graphics processors. Of the remaining 32% users, 16.5% run NVIDIA GeForce graphics (7.9% DT, 7.3% mobile), 13.1% run Radeon APUs, while just 3.6% rely on AMD’s discrete graphics cards (2% DT, 1.6% mobile).

8 : Anonymous2021/09/02 07:36 ID: hbag6or

if you count every non-f intel cpu as a "pc graphics card", duh.

ID: hbbbuq2

If that's the pcs main video output, then it's counted just as much as an amd Apu, right?

9 : Anonymous2021/09/02 06:15 ID: hbaa43h

The statistics here are somewhat problematic, in that every CPU sold with an iGPU is counted as a GPU, regardless of whether it's used alongside a dGPU.

There's also no real indication of what percentage of iGPUs are used for anything other than desktop compositing, browser window rendering and such. While it's likely that most people who buy a dGPU actually use it for things which require GPU power, it's likely the other way round for iGPU users,

So in the end even if the stats are valid, there's little to be gained from iGPU and dGPU sales in the same chart. It's impossible to say something like "Radeon APUs sell better so it's worth optimise games for them" because the percentage of users playing games on them could be smaller than for the dGPUs.

Edit: Not that dGPUs don't have a similar problem with concluding anything from their sales, as many of them, perhaps even most of them, are being used purely for mining.

ID: hbb3cqo

There's more data in the original article.

Nvidia has 80% of the desktop GPU sales in Q1 2021, while AMD has 20%. That sounds reasonable.

ID: hbb4i4n

The 3DCenter article looks to me to have less data than the HardwareTimes one. For the dGPU figures, they're easily available from the pie chart. The pie chart even distinguishes between mobile and desktop dGPUs.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/02 10:15 ID: hbar14s

Having better software support for machine learning with ROCm, it would help a lot

11 : Anonymous2021/09/02 12:43 ID: hbb5461

The thing I found most surprising about this pie chart is the large percentage of mobile GPUs. 44% of AMD GPUs sold are for mobile, and 48% of NVIDIA GPUs. For NVIDIA it's somewhat less of a surprise because the MX line of GPUs has been quite strong. For AMD, laptop GPUs always seemed almost non-existent, so I find AMD having 18% of mobile dGPU sales to be quite surprising.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/02 05:25 ID: hba5wbe

Well given the fact that the majority of people would choose by default an Nvidia GPU for their new build, the numbers don't seem to off really

ID: hbajfq9

I have seen this in Norway the last 20ish years. Most people never considered or knew AMD existed as an option.

Even when AMD products are the better choise they only look and compare the Nvidia or Intel products up against eatch other.

On the CPU side it seems like there has been changes since Ryzen,

ID: hbb1ruu

And around 50% of the market is on Intel GPU.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/02 02:57 ID: hb9qc4p

they sold all to miners, that's why!

ID: hbbus46

RDNA devices suck for crypto mining.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/02 14:43 ID: hbbl41z

Silly article. You cannot compare IGPs with discrete GPUs--wholly different markets.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/02 15:45 ID: hbbu0x4

That's not hard to believe when everyone I know wants an RTX card and would even take much worse rasterization performance in order to get it.

The fact of the matter is Nvidia successfully moved the goalposts with RT and DLSS just before AMD could catch up in raw performance. Nvidia isn't Intel. It won't let anyone outcompete it in its core vertical.

AMD also did drop the ball with RT and FSR. The games that are optimized for AMD RA cores can get really damn good performance but Godfall is the only one in existence right now that is. And FSR despite being FOSS and easy to implement has practically not been adopted by the video game industry at all.

AMD Radeon has arrived with its technology. It just sucks at getting software and game developers to adopt it which in turn makes it much less useful than Nvidia GeForce RTX for end users.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/02 12:12 ID: hbb1mko

Is this about market share or install base?

17 : Anonymous2021/09/02 12:52 ID: hbb63zx

I love the APUs

18 : Anonymous2021/09/02 14:26 ID: hbbils9

Should probably sell more GPU's at the RRP, AMD should be ashamed.

Before anyone jumps in to defend this company who'll take the shirt of your back they could quite easily have a pre-order system where it's next customer in the queue gets a card at RRP, just like how you pre-order a game/movie/album at your nearest store, worked in the 90's could work much easier today.

Can't wait for Intel to release their card, providing the price is decent coming from a GTX 1070 anything remotely mid tier from 3 years ago will easily beat it 🙂

19 : Anonymous2021/09/02 20:56 ID: hbd4z4q

what makes a gou discrete? sorry for the stupid question .. i see the term used alot and dont know what it means

ID: hbd5i5i

Integrated graphic refers do GPUs that come "integrated" with CPUs. Examples are Intel's UHD 630, 620. They don't have a separate slot on the motherboard, and are part of the CPU package. Discrete graphics cards are the add on cards that go into the PCIe slot. They are physically separate from the CPU and have their own dedicated graphics memory pool unlike iGPUs.

ID: hbd6efw

ahhh ok .yeah i knew what an integrated one was i know ..thank you

21 : Anonymous2021/09/02 02:35 ID: hb9nrde

This includes all the notebook iGPUs.

A total comparison for x86, should include all the consoles.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/02 02:36 ID: hb9nx0d

Why would you include the consoles when the information is only speaking to PC market share?

23 : Anonymous2021/09/02 02:43 ID: hb9oraf

The point, I think, is that you shouldn't compare iGPU as it's not even close to the same market segment.


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