PlayStation Plus games for September: Overcooked: All You Can Eat!, Hitman 2, Predator: Hunting Grounds

1 : Anonymous2021/09/01 15:31 ID: pfw9wq
PlayStation Plus games for September: Overcooked: All You Can Eat!, Hitman 2, Predator: Hunting Grounds
2 : Anonymous2021/09/01 15:36 ID: hb75wnq

FYI Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack allows you to play remastered versions of Hitman 2 maps(including Dualsense features!) for free, so make sure to download that and play Hitman 2 maps through that

ID: hb7a7np

Bonus: You also get the faster load times and likely save some drive space. They squeezed all of the levels across the trilogy into about 60 GBs.

ID: hb8uk6a

Do I need to download both games fully to play on the starter pack..?

ID: hb7so0s

Just to elaborate since I did some unscientific comparing, load times from start were very much improved, loading a save during a mission was negligible difference, maybe a second or two.

ID: hb77pfb

Hitman 2 is also fully playable in PSVR.

I highly recommend it.

ID: hb7g9js

I forgot about this! It's all in this version? There's not a separate purchase for Hitman 2 VR? I'm hyped

Edit: Just figured out you have to own Hitman 3 to play VR. Damn, I'll consider it

ID: hb7ibhp

Hitman 2 is also fully playable in PSVR

Hell yeah! Also I believe there was a Wipeout! game that was free back in the day which also works with PSVR, its a trip.

ID: hb77xrj

Do you get the full story experince if import the maps from 1/2?

ID: hb7eirv

Yes. You essentially play a remastered version, with some small improvements.

Like some other guy mentioned, the only downside is that you get less trophies if you play it this way.

They are great games imo. Very unique gameplay, which has become rare with AAA titles.

ID: hb76fop

How exactly this is work?

ID: hb78ubf

A guy on the hitman sub wrote it up pretty nicely:

/comments/pfwehh/hitman_2_free_with_playstation_plus_from/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

You can import the content of the HITMAN 2 Standard Edition to HITMAN 3 with a simple process.of claiming the HITMAN 2 Standard Access Pass from the HITMAN 2 in-game store or the PS Store. All you need to do is claim HITMAN 2 from the PS+ games and have a version of Hitman 3 installed. If you don't own a purchased version of HITMAN 3 then you can download the HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack.

ID: hb77x3i

I think it just knows which hitman games you’ve purchased, so if you only have 1&2 when you open hitman 3 it will only have those missions available to play

ID: hb763ov

Nice! Saving this for later.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/01 17:47 ID: hb7p9cy

Ah yes Overcooked. Me and the girlfriend have not argued in sometime and this should solve that issue.

ID: hb888aa

Overcooked: cheaper than therapy!

ID: hb8gpk1

At the start of lockdown I watched a lot of Kitchen Nightmares and played a lot of Overcooked with the girlfriend. Exclusively referred to eachother as "fucking donkey" for about 3 months.

ID: hb9lkse

You absolute donuts!

ID: hb8bovn

Sigh, time to invite my brother and his wife over. We played the first one as 4player and i think i didnt speak to them for a couple of months.

ID: hb89ps9

I want a gf mainly just to play that game with me.

ID: hb8a5x9

I used to think just like that

got a gf

she hated the game within 4 minutes of gameplay


ID: hb8dur6

Don’t worry, there’ll be one available after OP plays with gf.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/01 17:00 ID: hb7i8uh

Predator: Hunting Grounds have an option to unlock framerate and it runs locked 60fps on PS5.

ID: hb7xusz

What sort of game is it?

ID: hb7z9cx

4v1 with AI. One person is the predator, and 4 other people are a group of 4 military guys. There's other military AI that act as "fodder" while the 4 man tries to complete their objective and/or kill the predator. Predator's job is to kill the 4 man.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/01 15:32 ID: hb75920

Leak was right again

ID: hb7eu5x

Literally the only trusted source to leak PS Plus right now, so much other garbage gets guessed lmao

ID: hb7fp46

Who's the leaker? Just so I know to trust what they say in the future haha

6 : Anonymous2021/09/01 15:48 ID: hb77mci

Does predator have PS5 improvements?

ID: hb7cowc

Sort of. They added the ability to have unlimited frames and with PS5 you can take better advantage of that. The game apparently suffers from bad performance on PS4 but is great on PS5, with a lot of the people on the subreddit saying it plays even better than on PC.

ID: hb7j5z7

How is the game in general? Any good?

7 : Anonymous2021/09/01 17:20 ID: hb7l6ff

If you want to strain your marriage/relationship and test its breaking point, play overcooked with your spouse/significant other.

ID: hb7osb0

Haha. It's funny, I see this game recommended for couples so often. My spouse was stressed out almost immediately and I wound up playing it myself lol

8 : Anonymous2021/09/01 15:34 ID: hb75jam

I’m very excited for Overcooked, I’ve been looking for a another local coop game to play and almost bought it.

Hitman 2 is also nice because it can be imported into the free Hitman 3 starter pack

ID: hb77zy3

Overcooked is a lot of fun with friends or spouse. It can be delightful chaos too lol

ID: hb8451p

Flashbacks to me just spinning in circles blasting a fire extinguisher out of sheer panic and my wife laughing her ass off trying to tell me what to do.

ID: hb7843x

It’s awesome - it’s 1, 2 and all the DLC. They update it once in a while with free levels/new recipes. There is a ton of content and it’s a blast to play couch co-coop. It’s one of the few games my wife picked up on quickly and we have a great time playing it.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/01 15:33 ID: hb75fos

Played Hitman 2 before and it's a fantastic game. I even recommend the DLC if you can find it on sale any time this year.

A lot of replay value and gameplay (no platinum though)

Note: Overcooked: All You Can Eat! is PS5 only.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/01 15:52 ID: hb7872s

I keep passing on the Uncharted: The lost legacy sales hoping it will a ps plus game. Maybe next month.

ID: hb7o812

If you get it it will be free next month.

ID: hb7fj5t

It will sooner or later. Is that the one in the ps plus collection or is that uncharted 4?

ID: hb7gkbq


11 : Anonymous2021/09/01 17:41 ID: hb7o9u7

Nobody has mentioned it, but Overcooked now has an "Assist Mode" that turns off the timers, for those averse to the stress. Much more enjoyable experience.

ID: hb7olbh

This makes me happy to hear. My son deals with high level anxiety and loves watching overcooked in small ammounts. he tried playing once and freaked out.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/01 16:20 ID: hb7cery

Has anybody played Overcooked: All You Can Eat? Is so, how was your experience playing the game?

ID: hb7fs7a

I have played Overcooked 1 & 2, but not all you can eat. I imagine it’s very similar! I really enjoyed them, played them with my partner. I feel that it wouldn’t be as good solo, and some of the challenges are definitely improbable while solo.

Good fun all around!

13 : Anonymous2021/09/01 16:58 ID: hb7i1i2

How does hunting grounds play on ps5? Does it have a free update?

14 : Anonymous2021/09/01 16:13 ID: hb7bb7e

Come on, release Godfall already, you're just delaying the inevitable

ID: hb7mymb

Trust me. You don’t want Godfall. For free, sure it’s tolerable. But it’s not a good game

ID: hb7forc

Lmao right. There’s like a near 100% it gets added eventually.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/01 15:40 ID: hb76f17

Ooooo happy to play hitman


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