WRC 10 Review [IGN]

1 : Anonymous2021/09/04 07:38 ID: phn6y8
WRC 10 Review [IGN]
2 : Anonymous2021/09/04 13:05 ID: hbkbssv

WRC 10 or WRC 9 on the next sale?

Background: I got Dirt 4 during the last sale and it's alright. The driving is fun but the campaign mode is quite repetitive. I tried Dirt 5 but sold it again; gorgeous but incredibly shallow and too easy.

F1 2020 / 2021 apparently has an amazing campaign mode but I tried the demo and F1 racing simply isn't my cup of tea.

For all things online racing, I've got GT Sport.

ID: hblifan

I haven't played 10 yet but it looks like most of the improvements are pretty minor. I have WRC9 and it's fucking fantastic on the PS5. The stages are best in class, physics are better than Dirt Rally 2.0, and the graphics are quite good. It runs in checkerboard 4k with solid 60fps and the adaptive triggers on the dualsense are fucking awesome. You can feel and hear everything the car is doing through the controller. Really impressive. I expect WRC10 is a better more polished version of WRC9, but if you're not a rally fanatic you can probably just be happy buying last year's edition.

ID: hbp8l67

Doesn’t the pitch black cockpit bother you though?

ID: hbkgg2j

I don't think wrc10 is worth the price difference.

ID: hboz9yl

Having played both recently I'd say it probably is as it had four new full rallies and a host of other tracks as well as improved handling.

ID: hbklex1

I'm still loving WRC 9. It's massively improved over 5-7 (I skipped 8). I find it on par with DIRT Rally 2, despite the endless comparisons and bickering between the fanbases.

I have no 9 vs 10 comparison though, sorry.

ID: hbpibp0

Depends, if you want any hope of active online boards, go with 10 since that’s where the players are going. But to just play solo? I’d say you’re better off starting with 9, it’s not quite as pretty, but it’s more stable. I’m getting some pretty annoying screen tearing in 10 right now. They both handle wonderfully, and the stage design is incredible.

ID: hbkdc0j

Assetto corsa if you like racing.

ID: hbkeb6x

Assetto Corsa isn't worth it on consoles, and it's a big no without a wheel. You won't be able to control cars without ABS and TCS.

I'd wait for Assetto Corsa Competizione Next gen ver in February. Those cars have ABS & TCS by default and are viable on a controller

ID: hbojkf3

Dirt Rally 2. It's the best rally game ever made and you can get the GOTY edition with absolutely heaps of content for a steal now.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/04 12:32 ID: hbk8j3c

They give it an 8. My go to is still Dirt.

ID: hbknqox

Dirt Rally 2 has an amazing roster of cars but WRC has it beat on physics (especially on tarmac) and arguably stages. Though on PS5 specifically the Dualsense features are enough to make WRC a no brainer choice, at least until Dirt Rally 3 comes out.

Personally my preference overall still goes to Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo, the most underrated rally sim of all time

And if you were talking about Dirt 5... That's like comparing Assetto Corsa and Mario Kart lol

ID: hbl3acw

Stages in WRC are definitely way better. I was purely a Dirt Rally 1 and 2 player, but got WRC 9 for cheap and have completely switched sides.

However, you’re right in that the Dirt Rally series has a better roster of cars, especially in the classic/historic area. WRC focuses on current WRC cars with some bonus cars thrown in, while Dirt Rally has a decent selection from each era.

ID: hbozk4n

Booted up DR 2.0 and was really surprised to not see a single WRC level car in the game, what's even the point if you can't use the current cars?

ID: hbkbht3

Everyone complains that 5 sucks. Does it? I had some time with it and kind of enjoyed it but I haven't played a Dirt game since literally the first one.

ID: hbkfryf

Dirt 5 is not a rally game. I'm guessing he's talking about Dirt Rally 2, which is amazing.

ID: hbkjvz7

Definitely a big step down from Dirt 4. Other than graphically of course...

ID: hblcb9p

D5 is not a 'rally game'. It's more of a crazy extreme motorsports scenarios type game. Great visuals, pumping soundtracks and in your face action with lots of different event types and vehicle types. It's good but it's just totally different. D5 is much easier. You can recover from errors and still win, you can pull off crazy maneuvers. I haven't played too much of it but it was fun while I did. WRC is much more focused, precise and serious. Mistakes carry massive consequences so when you're in the zone and you make it through a tough stage with a good time and no mistakes IT IS HEAVENLY. Very rewarding but also, throw your controller at the wall level frustrating. I loved WRC 9, at the beginning I couldn't even stay on the road with the junior rally cars at 50 km/hr but now I'm ripping in the WRC cars through the tightest mountain stages with good times. I was pumped for WRC 10 but seems like I should wait for a while before purchase. Price dropped fast last time round.

ID: hbli7w9

Here's the issues with Dirt Rally 2.0 vs. WRC 10: Dirt Rally 2.0 runs in back compatibility mode at 60fps but sadly only 1080p. It looks really bad in my opinion. I haven't played WRC10 but I have 9 and loved it; the major improvements over Dirt Rally 2.0 are the much better stages, physics, and graphics. Dirt Rally 2.0 is a great game don't get me wrong but on the PS5 it can't hold a candle to WRC at this time. The biggest improvement for rally fans is the stages in WRC are much, much more realistic and have that local flavor from real WRC. In Dirt Rally they're all basically "ribbon of road in the countryside". The countryside changes colors but there's not much else to the stages. If you play WRC you'll see what I mean, huge breath of fresh air. I have put a lot of time in both series and love them, if you are a big rally fan you'll enjoy both.

ID: hblnofm

You didn't even mention WRC 9 has the best dualsense implementation of any racer on the system

4 : Anonymous2021/09/04 12:22 ID: hbk7nw4

Zero comments. I wonder what the cross over is here, does anyone that comes on a gaming forum like this play rally games ?

ID: hbk8ffh

I reckon being a hardcore sim rather than a more accessible experience like mainline DiRT series, it's a super niche fanbase.

ID: hbka081

It's not a hardcore sim though. Plenty punishing, yes, but not Richard Burns Rally punishing. Now that's a hardcore sim.

ID: hbkpnhd

I like video games and rally games but I just woke up.

ID: hbmag1g

Probably not much cross-over. I picked up 9 a couple months ago and have just been getting into it despite never having played a rally game before. It’s hard but I’m having a lot of fun. I think if I knew more about it going in, I might not have picked it up, it I’m glad I did, I’m having a blast.

I’ll also probably pick up 10 when it goes on sale in a couple months

5 : Anonymous2021/09/05 00:11 ID: hbmp4b5

I’m pretty decent at the Dirt and Dirt Rally games, excluding 5 which I’m not interested in. Can anyone tell me if WRC 9/10 are similar? Or are they even more “simmy”? Just don’t want to get something I’m not skilled enough to play. Would likely get 9 because sounds like 10 is not a large enough improvement to justify the price.

ID: hbnnsdk

It's pretty similar to dirt 2.0 in terms of difficulty.

ID: hbnlzg6

If you can hang with the difficulty of Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0, you'll enjoy WRC.

Dirt 4 is significantly easier than those.

Dirt 5 is a different kind of game altogether.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/05 08:14 ID: hbnz29n

As good as the game is, why would you not review it on PS5? The Dualsense implementation is a key in such games.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/05 00:02 ID: hbmo678

This is the final wrc game before EA making them.

ID: hbnde2y

No. Codemasters acquired the license from 2023 onwards

ID: hbnlxq7

Oh ok. Wrong year but right about EA.


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