FSR is growing at a far faster rate than DLSS

1 : Anonymous2021/09/09 19:23 ID: pl4n05

Since jun 22 DLSS has been added into 5 games. Even if we discount the 7 games that launched with FSR as they were likely prepared and ready in advanced we would still have 15 games added AFTER June 22

Normally you would have expected a few months before you would see widespread adoption as the delay to actually notice the results and wait for community to beg for it before spending resources to implement it but it seems to be extremely popular with devs.

For overall we have

22 games officially have FSR
58 games have DLSS

So far FSR is only in 38% of the games DLSS is in but that just counts official titles and its been out for 2.5 months

Here is where it gets crazy

FSR is also in multiple Emulators as well as being modded into things like SteamVR, games directly like GTA V, and even has the ability to upscale any window with MagPie/Lossless scaling or even be injected into any game on Linux via Wine

If you count SteamVR, or emulators FSR is in hundreds of games. And if you count MagPie its in tens of thousands of games.

2 : Anonymous2021/09/09 19:35 ID: hc7w711

DLSS is considered "better", but has a higher barrier to implementation in games, and that's not to mention physical hardware requirements.

FSR is considered "worse", but isn't prohibited by hardware and is fairly simple to implement - bonus points for being open source too.

I'm glad AMD released it the way they did so it can proliferate - FSR is pretty awesome.

ID: hc7zjih

Can't wait for open source XeSS to hop in to the competitive field.

Vaguely DLSS-alike temporal methods should put it above FSR in quality, and the open nature and support for old hardware should put it in just as many titles.

ID: hc8d2f3

AMD is also working on a temporal fsr its just not ready yet and will work only on rdna 2 and newer

ID: hc8b7e6

open source

Can't wait for NVidia to appropriate it and label it something like "DLSS Compatible".

ID: hc8kkz7

LOL true

ID: hc81ngt

FSR is pretty awesome

Depends on the game, I guess. In RE8 it ads nasty vaseline effect just like DLSS 1.0 and makes aliasing worse.

ID: hc81za0

That is definitely an issue. As general suggestion, if FSR adds too much vaseline you can (at least with nvidia) add some image sharpening to mitigate it.

ID: hc8kz5y

It gives me worse performance than the interlaced rendering option.

There is no reason to use FSR in that game

ID: hc8qf9z

First of all- I hate DLSS and I'm glad we have anything different than that. Haven't tried FSR yet unfortunately (none of the games I play have seen adoption afaik) so I don't have an opinion. However, the reason I hate DLSS is not out of brand loyalty (wanted to switch my 2070 to 6800xt, but it's literally cheaper to buy a used car now around here, double the average monthly income) but because I have motion sickness. Yes, the blurry mess it creates around objects just hurts my brain and I can't be the only one. Tried with Control, SOTTR and Cyberpunk. I can have all the FPS in the world, but it doesn't matter if I feel like... Soap? I don't know how to describe it. Really hopeful for non-temporal solutions in this regard.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/09 22:24 ID: hc8kpw1

It should be because its easier to implement but worse quality-wise.

They are not really even comparable technologies

4 : Anonymous2021/09/09 19:57 ID: hc7zjgi

Well, the number of games is not everything, how important they are matters too. FSR games so far are rather low profile games, not a single AAA game other than Resident Evil.

Speaking of FSR I tried it for the first time today while playing The Medium and honestly DLSS felt way superior. Let's see how it develops though, I remember very well how bad DLSS was at launch lol

ID: hc810he

While AAA games are important. I think esports titles should implement FSR so that low budget gamers can play with better fps..

That can make a huge different for gamers during these hard times tbh.. Just imagine league with fsr to help APU users to get better and stable frame rates. I would love that.. Dota already got it, hopefully other esport titles does as well

ID: hc8eo0z

Esport gamers don't need it though. They are already playing at low settings and resolutions. DLSS is eyecandy and they don't care about that. They don't seem to mind playing with aliased graphics.

ID: hc81p1i

It should also help laptops with integrated gpu's I believe. And on those smaller screens the difference in quality won't be as noticeable either.

ID: hc855ra

DLSS is superior, but the whole point is that it's not an option to the vast majority of people out there (~20% of people have RTX cards according to Steam).

If DLSS is an option and you need the performance, use it. If DLSS is not an option but FSR is and you need the performance, use that. Simple. There is no competition.

ID: hc8batg

I want to get rtx card but they are insanely expensive I have a 1070 ti and these 3000s card are like triple the price when I bought 1070 ti

ID: hc81r66

Godfall isnt a AAA title...?

ID: hc8356c

Is it? The company who made it isn't very well known and hasn't released any major game, it just happened that the game was funded by Sony if I remember correctly.

ID: hc8cj0q

It is a AAA title imo. Too bad it's still really bad imo. I bought it when it finally went on sale and I got bored around level 25ish. So I got my money out of it I guess but not much more.

Also don't use/need FSR in it. At 3440 x 1440 I don't need it and it doesn't look very good anyways. Induces some blurriness for sure.

ID: hc8kmu8


5 : Anonymous2021/09/09 19:33 ID: hc7w0i6

Nothing surprising since FSR is more easy to implement and just post processing upscaling

6 : Anonymous2021/09/09 21:50 ID: hc8g2r5

Bless AMD for keeping my 1080ti alive for years to come 🙂

ID: hc8ovo4

Which game are you planning to play for years? Only like 2 games I have even heard of have it

7 : Anonymous2021/09/09 20:36 ID: hc8584v

I think maybe the reason for developers liking the FSR more is mostly because most of the AMD software is open source and also FSR can be use on any hardware as long as it can run direct x 11. Where as the dlss 2.0 is only compatible with rtx 2000 series.

ID: hc8p5gz

Forgetting the 3000 series there, bud

ID: hc8tlxt

It’s free sync vs g-sync all over again

8 : Anonymous2021/09/09 22:39 ID: hc8mp8j

Good. Let the competition keep going. Fact that it works on Nvidia and AMD cards = everyone wins.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/09 19:59 ID: hc7zs82

On Linux every game has FSR, so it's hardly a competition.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/09 21:21 ID: hc8bvhg

None of the bigger games I play have it, but it's pretty awesome in Godfall from my limited experience.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/09 19:55 ID: hc7z7l5

This was pretty expected tbh, with it being open source and very easy to implement + looks pretty good and gives good performance. Still a lot of people out there who say it's terrible, but it honestly feels as though some of the people who say it's bad are those who bought Nvidia just for dlss, and now realise that was a bad idea because everyone else is coming out with alternatives and dlss is no longer the brilliant catch all selling point it once was

ID: hc8hihz

I have a 6700XT and hardly am hyped for FSR, I'm in fact more interested in XeSS than FSR. Well it helps that 6700XT is overkill for 1080p so I don't even need upscaling but the problem is that I find simply lowering some settings less visually detrimental than using FSR.

ID: hc8hv87

I'd agree in a sense. I'd rather play at native, so fsr isn't a huge deal for me unless it's in conjunction with RT just to bring the frame rates back up. XESS could be really, really good if they manage to get similar to DLSS in terms of visuals and performance while not being hardware locked.

ID: hc8loo7

I will most likely NEVER use any upscaler unless i need more performance or for other things like ray tracing which very few games even support well

ID: hc81en0

Any Nvidia user can still use FSR if they want to. lol It's not a selling point for AMD.

ID: hc81yjl

Never said it was or wasn't a selling point for AMD. What I said was that some people shelled out for an Nvidia card based on the fact that they thought that's the only way to get a DLSS style feature. Those same people are now saying that Fsr is inferior in every way to DLSS, when in reality they both have their benefits, because they want to justify spending extra on their purchase as currently Nvidia cards are the more expensive card at any given performance range, presumably due to DLSS.

ID: hc8l3hr

DLSS is barely a selling point now is it?

12 : Anonymous2021/09/09 22:19 ID: hc8k1th

I said it the day FSR was open source and could work on ALL modern GPU's

It was going to be implemented in more games then DLSS its not rocket sci or anything simple fact. DLSS 1.0<FSR

Amd wants to add dynamic FSR too and according to their patents i see some AI stuff too

ID: hc8pq6u

But fsr is literally in no popular games, I guess Dota is popular but you can get 100 FPS with integrated gpu in that game...they need to push it in good games if they want it to do well

13 : Anonymous2021/09/09 21:12 ID: hc8amyf

AMD need to add it to their driver suite asap, it won't be as good as native game implementation but it'd be amazing without bringing third party tools in the mix.

ID: hc8ewir

Would such a shoddy implementation look better than the regular bilinear upscaling + CAS?

ID: hc8fca8

Miles better.

The third-party tools like magpie and lossless scaling are offering FSR and you can get even get good results at 1080p since you can control the resolution scale instead of some fixed presets that come in games.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/09 21:55 ID: hc8gnyq

Wish to have fsr on warzone


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