Lenovo’s first Windows 11 laptops run on Ryzen

1 : Anonymous2021/09/09 16:15 ID: pl0yf4
Lenovo's first Windows 11 laptops run on Ryzen
2 : Anonymous2021/09/09 22:00 ID: hc8hdiv

Oled on non-media oriented laptops is a terrible trend. So many things needed to stay static during workflows, it's going to cause huge rates of screen defect down the line, just about time the the warranty expires

ID: hc8she5

Set taskbar to auto hide.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/09 20:22 ID: hc8361c

Speaking of Windows 11, why the fuck do they not list the 3300X as supported on their website? It's literally an overclocked 3100

ID: hc8nkgc

Ccx configuration aswell

4 : Anonymous2021/09/09 16:27 ID: hc750g4

It boggles me how long Dell has stuck with dogshit Intel in their laptops for so long. They get HOT, they BURN BATTERIES, and DEGRADE COMPONENTS next to them (likely).

ID: hc7csen

It boggles me how long Dell has stuck with dogshit Intel in their laptops for so long.

Their whole business line (Latitude, Optiplex and Precision) are still Intel only.

Given that they were found guilty of accepting Intel bribes to do not carry AMD CPUs back in the day and observing how this BS continues today, I smell more bribes.

Worse part, at work, we are moving to Lenovo because we want Ryzen, yet our sales rep had the balls to tell us that Lenovo doesnt carry AMD laptops (we already have close to 100 from them) and wanted us to order Dells with Intels.

I wont be doing business with that do, even though the corporate policy is to order thru him and to only get Dell.

ID: hc7lcz4

Try HP too if you can, we are using the Elitebook G7 models with Ryzen Pro 4750 and they are incredible. The only problem is there are long lead times for large orders of AMD based products while they have the Intel products available for immediate purchase. The Intel versions of the Elitebook are nice too but you get double the cores and threads and less peak power draw/heat on the AMD versions. The AMD versions are also a couple hundred bucks cheaper for similar performance.

Our procurement department loves Dell but I have to constantly dissuade them. The amount of Dell Latitude laptop's we've had burst their chassis because of expanding batteries is out of control. I've seen bursting/failed batteries with every brand but it was absolutely endemic with Dell.

ID: hc7olxw

So your gonna ignore company policy? What if the intel ones let you do what you need to do for work?

ID: hc8gqf4

Their whole business line (Latitude, Optiplex and Precision) are still Intel only.

Well there was the Dell Latitude 5495 with Ryzen 2500U/2700U.
That you couldn't buy from the Dell website.
That would not be mentioned by the sales rep, unless you asked specifically for it.
And they would try to sell you like three other models first, and only give you a quote after you insist.
To the surprise of nobody, it didn't get a Ryzen 3000 update.

ID: hc8bba1

Yeah, they cap Ryzen to a certain point, but they're good machines.

I just picked up an Inspiron with a 5800u, 16gbDDR4, and 512gb NVME. It's a fucking beast, the thermals are great, and the battery life is insane. Wish they'd push Ryzen up the product stack.

ID: hc8nomt

Ryzen are simply newer architecture with smaller nanometers. Intel use outdated larger and more hot nanometer die.

ID: hc7bj88

Looks at Thinkpad T430 with 3rd gen i5. Bought it used on eBay for 210 a couple months ago. Does what I need it to do. Honestly, it's not the CPU/GPU or software. It's the design of the laptop. If you have crappy heat vents, your laptop/desktop/whatever will not last very long. And I've noticed that most laptop manufactures skimp out on heat vents on their laptops.

ID: hc7lqsi

More than the amount of heat vents, the size of the heatsink really makes a difference. We've used fujitsu models with heatsinks that look like a paper clip, with a tiny fan, and the thermal performance was terrible. CPU regularly hitting 105 C, and the fan gets so loud. We later changed to HP with the same model CPU but they used an actually reasonable sized heatsink and a larger fan. It made a huge difference.

ID: hc7b4ki

They have many Ryzen laptops.

ID: hc7ocs3

It must be a miracle how those laptops with intel cpus from 5-6 years ago are still alive right Since your claiming that they degrade components Do you want them to leave intel and only amd cpus?

5 : Anonymous2021/09/09 23:30 ID: hc8tdcy

This is great news. I can't believe how many top end laptops only use Intel and their cheaper versions surpass them in performance with Ryzen, just because of shitty deals Intel has. We're left choosing between features and performance.


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