What Is AMD FSR? FidelityFX Super Resolution Explained

1 : Anonymous2021/09/08 18:41 ID: pkghoy
What Is AMD FSR? FidelityFX Super Resolution Explained
2 : Anonymous2021/09/09 06:13 ID: hc5isf8

from what i've experienced so far and the comparisons i've seen its basically sharpening turned up 11, would be nice if you could adjust the level of sharpening in game otherwise its unusable to me, to my eyes FSR looks almost as bad as those super oversaturated reshade "mods" you'd find on nexusmods...

ID: hc8ldlj

Yes, the sharpening needs to be adjustable.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/08 21:07 ID: hc3tjwt

What ever happened to the idea of dividing the screen up into "tiles", and rendering the tiles in the center at native resolution and the ones on the edge of the screen at lower resolution?

Nvidia started the ball rolling on that circa 2014, but the lower resolution wasn't dynamic.

FSR with this concept seems like it could have been swell.

ID: hc3vb33

Variable rate shading?

ID: hc49c07

It looks like the "official" term for what I'm thinking of is "Multi-Res Shading". I'm kinda shocked that I remembered this from all that long ago.

BTW, does Variable Rate Shading work on all DX12/Vulkan compatible GPUs? Offhand I thought it was locked to only the RDNA era, and I'm almost afraid to look because I don't want to have another "cries in GCN" lol.

This "MRS" worked on Maxwell, so I imagine it would work on any GPU from that era or newer. There is tile-based rendering tech in Vulkan and as I recall, despite only/primarily making direct-rendering GPUs, AMD has some support for that Vulkan tiling tech.

ID: hc3uy54

You're talking about variable rate shading (VRS). Both Nvidia and AMD support it, but very few games do. Gears 5 is one of them.

ID: hc48r1a

Variable Rate Shading looks like a different technology, that does neat things like lowering the resolution of effects when they can't be seen (or when the devs think they won't be seen) by the gamer.

Nvidia seems to call their older idea "Multi-Res Shading". If we could get that back, but do it dynamically and use FSR to upscale the tiles that we drop down, it seems like we would really have something.

This idea of keeping the center of the screen high res but lowering the periphery as need be seems brilliant, is there some reason that it didn't take off?

ID: hc4m04x

That works well for VR, but not so much for monitors, you will notice the quality reduction right away since our focal view to the monitor & distance involved is longer than VR headset to eyeball.

It lives on in VRS, and I've tested it in some games and found that the quality loss is not worth the slight +perf gains.

ID: hc54t0g

I'd like to see it combined with FSR, since, at least in SW2, Nvidia did not provide a decent upscaling solution for the tiles, and the quality hit isn't dynamic 🙁

ID: hc4emc4

This sounds like Foveated rendering. The VR dream.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/08 20:14 ID: hc3ngh7

My experience with FSR in the only two games I wanted to use it in has been excellent so far.

The Medium and RE Village - both quality and ultra quality modes on a 1440p.

FSR has a bright future even as is, great to see it getting implemented into more and more titles.

ID: hc3qt0f

I know that logic and common sense doesnt apply anymore, but given the gigantic userbase thanks to how many GPU's are supported, I simply dont see how a developer would ignore FSR over DLSS.

Of course, we know that money talks and nvidia would and is throwing money to all of them, just to only use DLSS. As they have done before with GameWorks.

ID: hc3wehn

Remember that DLSS has been out quite a bit longer than FSR, which has only been out a couple of months. Many DLSS games coming out now were in development before FSR was released (thank goodness FSR did not have a DLSS 1.0 period). I do believe that because it is so much easier to implement on the developer's side of things that of those games which do not support both FSR and DLSS, FSR will be chosen much more often moving ahead. And, as FSR can support both nVidia and AMD GPUs, whereas DLSS does not, well, FSR would seem to have the distinct advantage moving ahead in terms of developer choice.

ID: hc3s6rg

If XeSS is pretty good, I expect DLSS to go away, replaced by XeSS, and to a lesser extent, FSR.

ID: hc3sumo

Because AMD only holds 13% of the desktop GPU market, and is pretty niche.

ID: hc4tgg9

Yea that’s it, dev like 4A who do the Metro series basically depend on nvidia money and support to make a profit out of their games. They will do whatever nvidia want them to.

ID: hc3sh5s

Money. Whenever you see future games supporting one and not the other, the answer is going to be money. AMD or Nvidia paying them off.

Ease of implementation is a wash as every major engine supports DLSS2 already and FSR is trivial to implement.

ID: hc5nbm0

Agrees. DLSS will limp on but there's no reason for devs to choose it over FSR1.0 (2.0), TSR, or XeSS :

5 : Anonymous2021/09/09 00:24 ID: hc4i8a3

You can run FSR on every title on Linux. I've been running Alien's Fireteam Elite on a 3840x1600 monitor. I getting 45fps at native and 120fps rendering @1080p with FSR on an old Vega 64. You can drop the resolution more for additional frame rate, but 1080p with FSR looks great. The visual loss vs the performance gain is unbelievable. You can leave the settings maxed out and not have to compromise on shadows, etc.

You can't get a new GPU at a respectable price, why are you coping with that terrible frame rate?

6 : Anonymous2021/09/09 11:18 ID: hc630o9

ok now that's an article i can get behind, especially the comparison picture to other spatial upscaling and native.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/09 02:47 ID: hc4zu4g

FSR is good but there are a plenty of devs who put FSR just for name sake and didn't optimize it. I'm looking at you Black Desert Online!

8 : Anonymous2021/09/09 05:56 ID: hc5hka2

Reads like an ad.

There is no actual algorithm analysis even though the source code is available, no mention of sharpening artifacts, no mention that it can not reconstruct details that are not in the low res source image.


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