[Hardware Unboxed] The Best Value CPU You Probably Can’t Buy, AMD Ryzen 3 5300G Review

1 : Anonymous2021/09/08 11:02 ID: pk8a0o
[Hardware Unboxed] The Best Value CPU You Probably Can't Buy, AMD Ryzen 3 5300G Review
2 : Anonymous2021/09/08 15:24 ID: hc2h91a

Has the world gone completely mad? I just looked at the prices of 2400g/3400g. 200€ for the first gen Ryzen APU and 300€ for Zen+ version. What the hell? This aren´t even made on 7nm and there should be plenty of these CPUs right now.

ID: hc2qm63

Here in the States I see used 3400G pretty regularly selling on eBay for $200 while a new 5600G can be had for $260. I'm considering putting my 3400G up for sale so I can upgrade for basically $60 + tax and shipping.

ID: hc2xyx5

I noticed the same, and am considering it with my 2400g. I can sell it for more than I paid new 3 years ago, that’s crazy.

ID: hc49j1p

The years in where we could get a cheap Ryzen APU and an RX 570 or 580 were the golden years of PC gaming when looking back at it, at least in recent times. Even if high end GPUs were still ridiculously overpriced, I'd be happy if people could at least get into PC gaming through the budget options, but that's no longer the case nowadays, even formerly cheap but capable components are now way too expensive.

ID: hc5g0xp

In 2019, I bought a new Ryzen 1600 for $85 and an Asrock B450m Pro4 board for $70, then got $30 off because it was a bundle deal through Microcenter. And $80 for a used RX 570 4GB.

Today an used Ryzen 1600 is still going for $85, the motherboard is maybe $10 less, and the GPU is easily double the price on eBay.

ID: hc3qi8t

I know right? Even though the 2nd hand market is filled with them. I just got a 3200g for 50$. Don't know who is actually buying those new for full price nowadays.

ID: hc2lpp8

They were always so expensive, mor eexpensive than 3600. That’s why i had couple my CPU with 10 dolar GPU (it’s single slot but wish it was half height as well)

ID: hc2t9e4

I think they were under the MSRP until about 2 years ago. I assume that AMD stopped making them in quantity and then they became more scarce and therefore more expensive.

ID: hc6ryv1

Has the world gone completely mad?

yes.. but it's not uncommon for 2-3 gen old CPUs to have inflated 2nd hand markups. been that way for a long time.

ID: hc57i9g

this show how desperate consumers are, due to chaotic market of GPU, people are more willing to buy APU at this point because we cannot just buy some air GPU/scalper price

we are slowly devolving, old staff are getting expensive, while new staff are basically "air"

3 : Anonymous2021/09/08 16:33 ID: hc2r71w

You can buy the 5300G from OEM parts sellers. However the cost is the same as a 5600G from retail.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/08 12:49 ID: hc1wppr

It's impressive that this APU with Vega 6 outperforms the 3400G with Vega 11.

ID: hc1zxdl

more CU do nothing when they can't be fed fast enough with data.

ID: hc24pga

More CUs do help with some games (iirc, RE2 really like more CUs). On the other hand- high clock on 5300G increases performance all over the iGPU, not just clock of CUs.

ID: hc213rv

Well tbf, the 3400G was 4c/8t and uses the older Zen+ cores.

ID: hc2n2ii

Biggest bottleneck is the igpu though. When I run games on my 3400g the igpu is always at 100% usage.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/08 21:44 ID: hc3y7t6

Seems to be a trait of human nature that people often want what they cannot have...;)

6 : Anonymous2021/09/09 00:27 ID: hc4ijie

I just spend 130€ for an i3 10100 to upgrade my parents PC and seriously feel ripped off...

The low end feels really terrible right now, hopefully it can recover.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/08 13:18 ID: hc201tu

So it's 40% faster than the 3400G, is that a huge improvement in just 3 generations?

ID: hc24nu6

It's pretty amazing how far performance advanced between Zen+ and Zen 3

ID: hc2xcth

Yeah I was already happy with Zen+ price/perf and then Zen 3 was a big bonus on top

ID: hc5g3z2

And then there's Zen 3+ as well.

I'll be looking forward to upgrading from a 14nm Ryzen 1600 all the way to Zen 3+ on the same B450 board. And I am still using the original Ryzen 1600's stock cooler.

ID: hc2eo46

3400G used to be the top APU and 5300G is the bottom, so yes, huge improvements.

That's like i3-10100 outperforming i9-9900K.

ID: hc2zo1o

except the 9900k probably will never be sold at 10100 price. while if 5300G ever go into retail, $150 is the cheapest i could imagine how much AMD would charge, wbjcb would be the same price as 3400G

ID: hc219wc

Well just think, a Ryzen 3 is outperforming a Ryzen 5.

ID: hc2h067

They're both 4c8t. The R3 vs R5 thing is just labels

ID: hc5olni


For existing software that didn't use new instructions, 4770K to 7700K is far less than 40%

ID: hc2qcij

The bottom die 5300g is that much faster than the top die 3400g

8 : Anonymous2021/09/08 17:18 ID: hc2xqzi

I have a 5600G ... And I am truly amazed by the level of performance, for the money. Being able to play RDR2 with some good settings, nearly on medium and 30fps, it is a massive blessing while GPU prices are soaring.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/08 15:50 ID: hc2kxv5

Great cpu for $99.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/08 13:13 ID: hc1zgeo

hmm why not just get a 11400 ? its better?

ID: hc24stt

iGPU is much weaker on it, by ~half.

ID: hc2diri

more than half

ID: hc215wg

if you don't have a gpu, then buying intel makes zero sense.

ID: hc2tkof

Like ever? Even if it’s just a office pc? And the i5 11400 is the same price as the 5300g and the i5 has more cores and more threads? Even then?

ID: hc2kl1h

please explain what you mean and why im not a fanboy in fact I dislike Intel

ID: hc24w01

I feel like these APUs are niche products designed for low-budget users who want to build a system that can run some 3D applications without a GPU but want to add a GPU later. The 11400 would be better once they add a GPU but the Ryzen APU would be better without the GPU so it depends on their plans for the system and budget, and low end GPU availability. And these are also used for NUC style miniature systems that cannot fit a GPU.

ID: hc2dt69

High-end are the niche products. Most of the market desires decent low-end products. APUs are useful for fanless systems, homes and classes and office rooms are often too noisy.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/08 13:39 ID: hc22qku

I quite like this little guy. Most likely the production process of Ryzen has been streamlined so much that they simply don't need to sell lower SKU models for retail.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/08 16:54 ID: hc2u7z7

But it still not available to root a phone or changing a GPU bios


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