Sony Twitter Seemingly Clarifying KOTOR Is ONLY Coming to PS5 And PC??

1 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:04 ID: pnodz6
Sony Twitter Seemingly Clarifying KOTOR Is ONLY Coming to PS5 And PC??
2 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:15 ID: hcqnr73

Hard to say.. Sony themselves are publishing it but Aspyr was recently bought out by Embracer Group AB but could mean that deals were already in place beforehand between Aspyr, Lucasfilms and Sony.

It's definitely coming to PS5 and PC anyhow but not sure about Xbox. Sony seems to have more involved with this than just publishing too with the statement of "working together with the talented teams at playstation studios and lucasfilms"... so who knows?

ID: hcqqx8g

Yeah, it's unknown how this will play out.

It's clear that Embracer has no part in the deal for this remake, but what about sequels? Will those be taken up by Embracer + Aspyr or will Sony want an active part in having an exclusive WRPG series for their console? If Sony wants that, how will the sequels be handled? Will Aspyr continue making them (but what part will Embracer have in that?) or will Sony pursue a new studio to handle it? Is Sony's part in this whole thing even that involved?

Like I said, a lot of unknowns and no party is exactly forthcoming about the details.

ID: hcqtxx4

I think it'll be like death stranding, launch on ps5 first then goes to pc.

ID: hcr0eev

More like Deathloop. First PC and Ps5, then maybe at some point Xbox.

ID: hcr0ek6

It’s confirmed it’s launching on both platforms same day

3 : Anonymous2021/09/13 22:09 ID: hcqv7uh

Console exclusive means exclusive to that console but also available on PC

In the PS Blog, they said console exclusive on PS5 at launch which implies it eventually won't be a console exclusive? Meaning PS5 and PC day 1 and Xbox later. Otherwise why include "at launch"?

But after this tweet they absolutely need to clarify it now because someone is giving bad info

ID: hcqw2uh

Look into FF7Rs announcement wording then revisit your comment.

ID: hcqysx8

Wasn't that sony extended the exclusivity contract with intergrade. It got leaked on the epic games store already.

ID: hcr1v1e

Sony extended the contract lol

4 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:41 ID: hcqrgyb

I can see KOTOR being the next FF7R with its PlayStation exclusivity getting extended over time. Only, Sony is heavily involved with KOTOR’s publishing. They might have even more leverage than they do in their Square Enix deal.

ID: hcqsi8s

This would seriously piss me off. I’d rather Sony just buys the studios outright. At least then there would be clear lines in the ground like the Bethesda situation. If you wanna fuck with the exclusivity of a game then you should have to have full ownership of it or it should be a situation where the game literally could not exist without it being timed exclusive.

Timed exclusives can die in a fire. Fuck Microsoft for doing it to STALKER 2 and fuck Sony for doing it to KOTOR.

ID: hcqxo1d

But what if they are partnering with this studio to make one game to see how it goes and THEN buy them like they did with Insomniac and Housemarque

ID: hcqy56e

I'd much prefer a timed exclusive to total exclusive for games that are usually multiplatform. Though would prefer neither for that situation. We seem to be beyond the veil there though since the Microsoft purchases.

ID: hcr5g3v

Honestly I’d prefer Timed exclusive over buying publisher like what happened with MS and Bethesda. At least people can get to play the game after a certain time.

ID: hcqxeni

and fuck you

ID: hcr0hwh

The lines still aren’t perfectly clear from Microsoft either, as they some SOME Bethesda games will be considered for other platforms

5 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:57 ID: hcqtnmi

That’s a vague enough statement to be correct either way.

It will indeed be exclusive to PS5 to PC, for some amount of time.

Permanently? Maybe, maybe not. But they didn’t say permanently or not.

We’ll know when/if Microsoft or Apple or Nintendo announces a date that it’s coming to their systems.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:57 ID: hcqtnmx

Twitter comments for gaming related tweets are worse than stepping in dog shit and tracking it into the house.

All and all, if this is true, I'm not surprised, and this is far from the end. Once Microsoft bought Bethesda they brought comparing dicks to a completely new level.

I'm just glad I hold no allegiance and will hopefully have both someday

ID: hcqupsl

Sports twitter is way worse

ID: hcr5qcx

Man you haven’t seen political tweets. It’s bad enough to give you mental health issues.

ID: hcqvqnj

Same I own the ps5 and Xbox one.... I won't buy the series x til after infinite.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/13 22:14 ID: hcqvxv7

"Ironic.....they could keep others exclusive, except for themselves..."

8 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:07 ID: hcqmlst

exclusively to ps5. pc is going to get it later. xbox never.

ID: hcqoi6w

I have a feeling Sony is helping funding it and maybe publishing it so yeah probably never lol

ID: hcr1ils

The “remade for PS5” at the end of the trailer gives methose vibes

ID: hcqoc8r


ID: hcqttj7

Yep ironic seeing the origional game was exclusive to Xbox.. yet people seem to forget about that.

ID: hcqts15

Its on pc on launch. Thats already confirmed.

ID: hcqx4tn

uh nope. its been confirmed to come out on pc, didnt specify when but not launch.

ID: hcqs64h

You literally don't know that

ID: hcr0pa1

It’s confirmed to launch on pc the same day:

ID: hcr13za

Doesn’t say anything in the press release about PC at launch.

ID: hcr2l29

Jeff Grubb also misread the initial statement and tried to say it’s a timed exclusive like most people seemed to do.

ID: hcqom24

Xbox maybe if Microsoft releases Elder Scrolls.

ID: hcqqeoq

nah, they can keep elder scrolls. rofl. we will take the starwars franchise.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/13 22:35 ID: hcqynyp

Imo it just mean its not coming to PS4...

ID: hcr33w1

Yeah, no

10 : Anonymous2021/09/13 22:34 ID: hcqyi5m

I wouldn't put much thought into this tweet. Its just the wording they used it the trailer.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/13 23:26 ID: hcr596q

I could care less.

I own a PS5 and I'll be playing it there. If it inevitably goes to Xbox I'll be long done with it by then.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/13 23:28 ID: hcr5h62

So they get Indiana Jones and PlayStation gets star wars. So it is written, so it shall be done.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:13 ID: hcqngvb

Sony needs to be more clear with it being timed exclusive or not. So is this is a console exclusive forever(wouldn't be surprised if Sony helps fund it) or is it timed.

ID: hcqt5v4

They can, with complete accuracy, say that it is Exclusive until the very day that it is no longer exclusive.

ID: hcqpuv9

It'd be nice, but they absolutely don't need to. In fact it's more in their favor to be ambiguous, as a business you don't want to take away from your own launch sales if you're planning on releasing on other platforms later, stinks but just makes sense.

ID: hcqrwxy

i learned this the hard way. Back when gaming was new to me, i bought a vita to play a game that's "only on playstation". Now the game is on every main platform, even pc.

ID: hcqrhy4

That’s against their interests. Sony wants you to not know so you’ll just assume it’s not on Xbox. But yes, the right thing would be to be clear about it.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:13 ID: hcqngre

It’s probably a mistake.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:10 ID: hcqn3fl

They did the same bullshit with Demons Souls when it was first announced and then back tracked saying PS5 only.

ID: hcqnqwt

Sony never said Demon's Souls was going to PC. It was just an error in editing putting the wrong still image after a trailer. They immediately explained the mistake.

ID: hcqnrit

I think it's to gauge interest, people go from "heh I don't want that dogshit game anyway" to " LOL it's coming to Xbox Sony ponies!!"

So probably the same deal. It's funny how quick people go from loving a game to hating a game if they can't have it.


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