Hermen Hulst teasing Bend Studio’s new project

1 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:14 ID: pnm8l0
Hermen Hulst teasing Bend Studio's new project
2 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:22 ID: hcqoq5w

When he was introducing himself during the PS Event, the closed captioning in YouTube said "Hello, I'm Human Host". I chuckled.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:26 ID: hcq7jgv

I really hope it goes well for Bend

Although Days Gone lacked in some areas of the story, the characters were really well done and the game had heart.

Just needed a more robust/interesting narrative.

ID: hcq8leh

Yup. Like 1/4 of the game could have been cut. It was weird how you still went go starting areas later in the game but had zero interaction with those characters.

ID: hcqbg2e

I felt that some parts had holes to it

Like that one scene where Boozer and Deacon figure out that the leader of the rippers was someone that they knew.

This scene was supposed to be very big, but because the audience didn’t even know who he was, they couldn’t share the same shock value as the characters.

It’s stuff like this that hindered the game in my opinion. Also, yeah the story did take very unnecessary turns

ID: hcqa4mi

Days Gone might be the most surprisingly good game I’ve ever played. I generally hate zombie stuff but there was just something about the gameplay and environment that kept me hooked.

I actually liked the story too, even if it strained disbelief at times. Still holding out a tiny glimmer hope for a sequel in the distant future.

ID: hcqcnw7

This was my exact experience. I’m not into bikers and that turned me off on wanting to play it, but after I tried it, and finally got into it, I think it’s absolutely amazing. Not the best story certainly, but the voice acting and gameplay were great.

The graphics are also amazing. I played on PS5 at 60FPS, which helps.

ID: hcr1bn5

Same here, let’s hope that we get a sequel in the near future.

ID: hcqd7na

i couldn’t connect to the characters, and i found the voice acting choices/directions were wildly inconsistent

runs well on ps5 though

4 : Anonymous2021/09/13 20:06 ID: hcqdi9a

I'd have preferred a non-zombified (sorry, freakers) world for Days Gone and still have the biker gang, where it's still dysfunctional dystopia. Where society fell and people try to survive and people went insane. Mad Max with biker gangs type of thing.

"For the new game": Making the enemies only humans and wild animals would make the dev team found ways to challenge the players through intelligence and tacticality with hardcore survival feel, any wrong foot and you're dead. We would still have Iron Mike type communities formed and do missions for them.

I'd want this from Bend studio, they have the know-how to create great emergent gameplay for an open world dystopia and can develop better interactions with the world and have a diverse crafting with much much more resources. As long as their world is ultra-realistic and hardcore and the open world is dangerous to move around, I'll buy their game, no questions asked. 🙂

ID: hcqwmq0

They would need to really work on their human AI for this to work, because it was awful in Days Gone.

ID: hcqz5cw

Iirc sony has an AI division which is now working with playstation studios... Or something along those lines

ID: hcr2m5h

The hordes of zombies were the most stand out part of the game. Other wise it was just Mad Max.

I really enjoyed my time with the game, and would love a sequel with more zombies, and types of zombies in the hordes. The rest of it was perfectly mind numbing entertainment.

I’m not against tougher human camps, maybe they could even have defense traps with zombies.

Biggest mistake would be no sequel.

ID: hcr5ike

I understand 🙂 I'm not saying it could be better the way I said, I just voiced my preference if it was made a certain way that I'd enjoyed much more, that's all. A different version than the usual zombie scenario. And I was talking about their new game they are developing, trying to give some ideas.

I just want video game studios to bring their A-game into the hardcore tactical genre with survival elements: lesser but smarter design is something I've been craving for the longest time. Right now all I see is they keep the numbers up and the volume of the enemies reach to the max and give the player nearly unlimited ammo to just keep shooting and kill all, whereas the real fun I believe is when you are in a very dangerous world (open world or linear doesn't matter) and you have to outsmart the very smart enemy AI (that tries to survive just like you) and you have to kill them tactically, you try to run n' gun then you immediately die. That's where I get more fun, and I strongly believe that once people taste it, they'd never go back to this "casual" constant shooting game that's been there for many years.

Not implying that Days Gone is that way BTW, it blends the tacticality with a huge volume of enemies (hordes) in a great way but it's still feels like a run n gun and constant shooting. 🙂

Last of Us 2's combat gameplay is a perfect example (strictly talking about the gameplay here) and a great starting point for what can be achieved in realistic tactical experience, it could pave into a great new type of experience. But that's just me I guess, I don't know if anyone feels that way... 🙂

5 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:24 ID: hcqp15n

It would be nice to know what everyone is working on. I hate silence but Sony is doing better. I wish these studios could reveal their projects. I don’t really care when they come out, I just love having games to look forward too.

Honestly, Wolverine is 2 or more years away, but it’s nice to know it’s coming.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/13 21:53 ID: hcqt3h7

Since a lott talk is about Days Gone, it's clear a lot of clusterfuck happened behind the scenes, which became evident in the final product.

First off, the game was originally envisioned to have a multi-path story and even endings. Bend once spoke about this and you can see the remnants of that design in the final game as some things that happen give off the impression that there was some choice supposed to be involved. Second, the beginning part of the game - not just the intro but the opening hours - was something different, and when talking to Game Informer a year before release, Bend stated they had to redo the opening hours completely. Why, we don't know but to do such a major revision that late in development would have impacted the rest of the development (notably optimisation, which we saw at release).

Then there's also the detail about how the World War Z devs approached Sony and Bend to do a co-op campaign for Days Gone but was turned down (and so they made it themselves by licensing the WWZ IP). The reason given was not enough time and funds (on Bend's end). If Days Gone development had gone more smoothly, such a mode might have been viable and as such the critical and commercial success of the final game more positive.

Not to mention that it took two to three years for Bend to finally get a project greenlit (with Days Gone). People think the game was in full production for six or seven years but full production only started in 2015. The two or three years before that Bend was trying to get pitches greenlit but to no avail. One was an Infamous Vita game and another was a steampunk themed game for Vita where the protagonist had rocket boots.

Add all that together and you begin to understand why Sony wasn't exactly keen to greenlight another Days Gone.

Hopefully by starting anew and more focused, Bend can ship their next game with little problems.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:43 ID: hcqa3ku

Unpopular opinion alert. I liked Days gone more then ghosts and I love samurai....

Days gone had the best open world design of amy game.

ID: hcqbpkk

I found that Days Gone’s characters had more personality than the ones in Ghost of Tsushima.

Also, the animations/cinematics were a lot better than I expected, and certainly better than how it was done in Ghost of Tsushima.

ID: hcqcyz1

I agree. Days Gone is honestly great. I would love a sequel. The ending was awesome with the cliffhanger!! That world could grow!!

Also the graphics were amazing…those lakes with the moss under the water……and the moss on trees.

ID: hcqcv6x

Days gone had the best open world design of amy game.

you must be brand new to gaming

ID: hcqkb1r

You must not understand what opinions are. Not sure how that's possible.

ID: hcqp825

Days Gone was definitely my GotY the year it released and it’s one of the highlights of the PS4 gen for me.

ID: hcqbmab

I concur.

Personally i found the story more interesting. Really dissapointed there is a no chance of a sequel now.

ID: hcqaiv0


ID: hcqbxf4

It's almost as if its his opinion on the game that the studio that is mentioned in the post worked on !

ID: hcqkf4n

How dare you discuss video games on a video game forum!! Especially the one that this post is specifically mentioning!!!111!!

8 : Anonymous2021/09/13 20:35 ID: hcqhvab

If it’s not days gone 2 I don’t want it.

ID: hcqt93m

I want DG2 as much as many others including yourself, but after the first I don't mind new franchises that are equally good either.

ID: hcr4ccw

You don't know that tho lol

ID: hcr4fbf

Lol true. Just sucks from what we know it’s shelved/not happening

9 : Anonymous2021/09/13 19:35 ID: hcq8vdp

For the year 2025?

ID: hcqfq7h

It was rumored that they were using some features from Days Gone for their next game, so they can have some sort of "head start" in that regard. But definitely a 2024 project at the earliest.

ID: hcqie43

Nice I want to see what they are going to deliverus


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